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  1. Hey crew. Some upsetting family news has really derailed my challenge this six weeks -- my dad was diagnosed with cancer this week and it's having a huge impact on my emotional well being. I am presently going to focus on self care and stress-levels rather than continuing my designated challenge goals. New goals: 1. Sleep -- be in bed by eleven every day and aim for at minimum seven hours of sleep. 2. Eat at least one proper meal per day, no booze. I tend to restrict food when I'm stressed & alone and I don't want to drink on an empty stomach. 3. Continue running plan to some degree, but only if I've eaten enough that day to allow for intense physical activity. There are two weeks left in the challenge and if I can manage these three things to the best of my ability I will give myself one point per remaining week for mindfulness.
  2. Hiya crew!! I have definitely fallen off the map this challenge -- I am in the middle of 70 straight days of work and it's eating my life. I'm still working on my challenge but I've had to make some adjustments, like giving up on the life quest and breaking up my weight workouts into separate days for free weights and body weight. I'm actually so exhausted right now that I'm contemplating giving up part of the challenge entirely (weights I think, since I've already signed up for my half marathon) just because I'm not sure the dedication to fitness is working when I can't focus on proper nutrition and sleep. WE'LL SEE. 6.5 mile run today and it's misty/rainy outside. I wonder if this will be the breaking point...
  3. It look like you had a blast -- I want to climb inflatable obstacles!!
  4. I'm really impressed by your regular Spanish study -- I'm having major issues keeping up with my 30 minute reading only twice a week! Great work!
  5. I'm still hard at work over here, though I've pretty much given up on my bonus!lifequest already... Either way I stumbled across this gorgeous old church on my run this afternoon and thought it was lovely enough to share!
  6. I... actually COMPLETELY MISSED THIS MINI. Thanks a lot, JOB. I didn't even notice it had gone up until riiight now... many, many apologies to all my hard-working, troll-slaying gryffinbuddies!!
  7. We are almost to the end of week one team!! I see lots of awesome improvement in our spreadsheet, so keep up the good work!
  8. I managed half a weight lifting workout last night before work jumped out and ate my "free" evening ... I'll have to make up the slack this afternoon with the second half of my bodyweight workout. I keep trying to read before bed according to my life quest goal -- and keep falling asleep while doing it. I think I'm going to count that towards my half hour a day, just because...well, frankly, I need the sleep and it's got to be just as healthy for me. Next challenge I'm definitely making this element of the challenge work related. x_x
  9. I'm really excited to find out I have access to two squat racks while traveling... gonna make my bent leg inverted rows a lot easier. But I am really regretting my choice of wall sit. OUCH. ;__;
  10. It took me a long time to figure out how to enjoy running... and I recently learned that I enjoy it a lot more when I have some arbitrary race in the future to run, rather than just running for fitness. I don't really get into the zone until three or four miles in, and only sometimes. (No one said I was a consistent runner!) XD
  11. I did my first "long" run today -- I sometimes hit four miles in my normal runs, but it was still nice to get out and do it. No side stitches either, which is something I struggle with. Hit the gym after and knocked out everything but my inverted rows as someone was camping the squat rack... I'm gonna try that again tomorrow morning and hope for better luck. I'm feeling much less discouraged than I was last night!
  12. \o/ I really would like to go back and re-read some of these books... maybe someday, when free time is once again a thing... XD
  13. This is JUST what I needed to see today!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!
  14. After a lifetime of refusing to consume fig newtons, it's very weird to learn I actually enjoy plain old figs.

    1. doc_apoo


      Figs are tombs for wasps. Nature is freaky.

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