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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. 2% milk = 2% fat? Not something I can remember seeing at the market, will have to keep an eye out next time. I was in the habit of 50-100g of almonds/macadamias as a snack awhile ago, is that worth picking up again? (Plus, tasty). Energy levels have been fine, only been going for 30-60 minute walks with the dog after work, had my first actual workout of the year yesterday and felt alright since. Progress is pretty alright, down 3kg in 10-ish days (mostly water, I'm assuming). If that rate keeps up, or if I start stalling exercises regularly in the workouts, I'll re-assess how things are going.
  2. Hey guys, Used to be primal, but it was too hard to maintain when my partner really wasn't too interested. Making a commitment to eating healthier and moving more. For the last week and a half, the weekday diet has consisted of: Breakfast: Oats with skim milk, a banana and 2 coffees (on skim milk) Lunch (post workout): Steamfresh carrots, broccoli and cauliflower (double serve) with smoked Atlantic salmon or smoked Tasmanian ocean trout (120-150g) Mid-afternoon snack: Can of tuna or a mango, coffee on skim milk Dinner: Bigass salad, grilled meat of the day (worked through steak, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, kangaroo, eel and veal so far). I'm around 175cm, 100kg (I know, I know), averaging 1500-1600 calories, 150g protein per day. Trying to lose fat. Thoughts? Too much? Too little?
  3. 5/12/2011: Horizontal Pulls: 30, 20, 15 (PB, aiming for 3x30) Flat Bent Leg Raises: 23, 18, 13 Time: 35 minutes Feeling: Exercise is going well, diet sucks balls. Need to focus or I'm just wasting my time =(
  4. 1/12/2011: Kneeling Pushups: 30,30,20 (PB, aiming for 3x30) Uneven Squats: 2x10 per side (met intermediate, next goal 2x20) Time: 40 minutes RT Feeling: Pretty good.
  5. 28/11/2011: Had a terrible, terrible weekend, ate far too much junk, spend all of it on the couch in front of the aircon recovering from a party on Sat night. Was extra motivated today, despite it being a million degrees here (ok, it's only 30 degrees, but there's no cloud cover and muggy as hell) Horrizontal Pulls: 26, 19, 14 (PB, aiming for 3x30) Flat Bent Leg Raises: 21, 17, 12 (PB, aiming for 3x30) Head Bridges: 2x16 (PB, aiming for 3x25) Time: 35 minute RT Feeling: Happy that I improved (slightly) in every exercise, totally smashed though, feeling sick. Stupid junkfood.
  6. Hey, I'm in Bris, thus the name =p Depending on where in the CBD you're based, I find the run around Victoria Park (near Spring Hill) a good one.
  7. 24/11/2011: Kneeling Pushups: 30,20,14 (aiming for 3x30) Uneven Squats: 5 (each side, met beginner, next target 2x10) Time: 40 minutes RT Feeling: Less hot, but incredibly uncoordinated on the uneven squats. Does anyone know of any other progressions to pistols?
  8. 22/11/2011: Horizontal Pulls: 32, 18, 13 (tied PB, aiming for 3x30) Flat Bent Knee Raises: 20, 16, 10 (PB, aiming for 3x30) Head Bridges: 2x15 (met intermediate, next goal 3x25) Time: 40 minute RT Feeling: Buggered, felt like spewing on the second set of head bridges....
  9. Welcome to the rebellion xxnu! It sounds like you're making some pretty good progress already, have you actually hit a plateau already or you're just anticipating one in the future? Good to know I'm not the only Brisbanite on the site anymore =)
  10. 21/11/2011: Kneeling Pushups: 30, 16, 10 (aiming for 3x30) Uneven Squats: L 5, 5, R 0, 2 (aiming for 1x5 of each) Time: 30 minute round trip Feeling: Hot. Uneven pushups are freakin' weird, I need to find some videos that demonstrate correct form 'coz I'm sure I'm doing it very wrong...
  11. 16/11/2011: Horizontal Pulls: 20, 16, 11 (aiming for 3x30) Flat Bent Leg Raises: 2x15 (met intermediate, next goal is 3x30) Head Bridges: 2x10 (next goal 2x15) Time: 40 minute round trip. Feeling: Hotter. Pulls felt really good, just couldn't keep them up.
  12. 14/11/2011: Had a week in Tokyo where I did nothing but eat delicious Japanese food and drink gigantic delicious Japanese beers. Then a week of training in Melbourne, where my hotel had a built in Krispe-Kreme. Epicfoodfail!! Kneeling Pushups: 20,20,15 (met intermediate, aiming for 3x30) Close Squats: 2x20 (met progression, need to buy a cheapie basketball) Time: 30 minute round trip Feeling: Bloody hot, it became summer while I was away. 32 degrees + no cloud cover + no shade = hot.
  13. 5/11/2011: Been in Tokyo for a week, no workouts. Going to Melbourne tomorrow, PROBABLY no workouts. Going back to square 1 (or in some cases, 2) the week after next, but will be looking to get back to my (laughable) peak pretty quickly after that!
  14. Back from my week in Tokyo, I reckon I've put on a bunch of weight - Japanese food is the second-best thing on earth. (The best, of course, is Japanese beer). Would be launching into my focused, make-up-for-lost-time 5 week challenge today, except I've been called down to Melbourne for a week to deliver some training. So that's another week of hotels, late nights and no routine. Super-ultra-focused 4 week challenge awaits me on my return!
  15. 27/10/2011: Pullup Negatives: 2x5 (real issues with the muscles in my upper arms, just under the shoulder, where they attach to my back. No idea wtf is going on there, but they just wouldn't do ANYTHING. Will try to find why later) Flat Bent Leg Raises: 2x15 (met intermediate, next goal 3x30) Head Bridges: 2x10 (PB, aiming for 2x15) Time: 15 minutes Feeling: Happy enough with everything except the pullup muscle question. Combination of flat bent leg raises and head bridges = feels like a punch to the gut =p
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