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  1. Evening Nerds! Could do with some advice here. I just startet my first job out of uni the 1/3 (woop woop conquering that adult life!).BUT I am struggling when it comes to food. At work we barely go two hours without eating (not kidding, start work @8 morning coffee with bread and cheese @10, lunch @ 12 and afternoon snack @14). I can visibily see myself putting on weight now and this is not wht I wanted for myself. There are two things that re my "issue" 1) I sit behind a desk most of the day, so I have tried to lower my food intake by skipping breakfast/morning coffee, which
  2. Ajaxus: If you would like anymore of my stats, please let me know, as I may have calculated my macros incorrectly. I sleep at least 8 hours a night, some nights even more (last saturday for ex I slept over 10 hours, but only 4 hours the following night :/ ). Atm I doing 128g protein, 186g carbs and 56g fat
  3. My aim atm is 1760 calories, but I am always slightly above. Thanks! Will try that
  4. Hi guys I am currently in my fourth year of uni and I am struggling to find the energy for both my workouts and my learning. My goal is to loose a bit of weight (currently 73/74kg, would like to get under 70kg) and tighten up a few areas. Atm I am going to uni in the mornings and hitting the gym in the afternoon/evening (3x a week) and I am loosely tracking my macros. The past couple of gym session though I have experienced feeling "flat" around half way through my workout or being so tired when I get home that I take around a long nap, neither of which are good considering the amount of
  5. Hi guys First time post here (eek!). I have been working out seriously for around 6 months now (mostly weightlifting with some cardio) and although I can see results (my arms are getting toned, my thighs are getting more soild aso) I still have a bit of belly that will not budge, despite my stomach muscle having improved alot. My goal with my workouts are to strengthen my core and to tone up (and I have a secret mission to do a pull up bt don't tell anyone ). I used to have really bad postue and back problems, which where my main reasons for starting to workout in the first place. So my
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