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  1. Hey all, question for those of you who have some experience lifting heavy. I've been running Stronglifts since the spring, and am very happy with my progress - planning to keep doing it until I can no further with the program. Recently the weight has become what I would call quite heavy. For example, the past couple weeks I've felt like I may actually fail a squat rep (haven't yet though). Along the same timelines, I've noticed that I'm experiencing a lot of additional DOMS. Like most people, I was pretty sore after the first few workouts but it got better pretty quickly. Now that
  2. The Slight Edge is a little known book that - for me anyways - was absolutely paradigm shifting. I also enjoy reading Stoicism, even though it's a bit faddy these days - A Guide to the Good Life is what's on my bedside table right now, and it is a very practical intro to the practice of stoicism.
  3. One of my favourite fitness people is Ben Greenfield. I dug up an old podcast where he addressed this question. I'd urge you to review the entire answer, but in particular I want to highlight a specific passage: Ben: So let’s tie all these together – what all these comes down to is that if your goal is to burn fat and build muscle at the same time: a.) you need to be in a calorie deficit and it looks like that calorie deficit should fall somewhere between 500 and 1,000 calories more than what you’re actually eating, okay? So if you find out that your total body’s daily needs are 3
  4. Depending on your macros, you can also carb cycle. I.e. Do 100% of your carbs on workout days. Non workout days would be 0 carb, which isn't actually bad for you and gets easier the more you do it. I think most supplements would be good money after bad, but creatine may be a worthwhile investment.
  5. You should be super proud, good work man.
  6. Breakfast foods are my favourite foods! If you're looking for a good paleo option, you can't beat bacon and eggs. I always add in copious amounts of vegetables like kale, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and green peppers to make it more filling. Personally I practice intermittent fasting, so I don't eat until about noon. If you're looking to lose weight, I'd highly recommend giving it a try. SInce I love breakfast foods so much, I'll often have breakfast for dinner.
  7. Has anyone here ever noticed a link between what they eat and their mental health? For a longtime I've suffered from a mild-to-moderate form of depression. It's not debilitating - rather it comes and goes in waves. It's not that I'm bipolar, but my mood goes from low to 'normal' (I define normal for myself as rationally optimistic) about once a week. There are periods of time where this is more pronounced than others. On Sunday I fell into one of the deepest bouts of depression I've ever experienced. I just felt absolutely hopeless and profoundly sad. Today I'm feeling much better. Not 10
  8. A little summary of the challenge: First of all, I'm going to arbitrarily give my self a B. I wanted to weigh 198lbs. I ended up at 201lbs. I wanted to run 5KM in 30 minutes. I didn't achieve this, and what's most disappointing is that I could have if I was more disciplined in dragging my butt to the gym. My best time was 32:15. I failed at going to the gym five days a week. In retrospect, this was too ambitious because if I missed one day, it basically threw off my week and I didn't feel motivated to go. I was very successful t intermittent fasting. I was relatively successful
  9. Thanks for asking Tanktimus! Things got busy last week so I didn't update everyday, but here is a summary: Week in review: -im not sure what my weight is today. At one point this week it was down to 202lbs but it's probably gone up a bit. I'll check in the morning. -Very poor week for exercise. In fact, I didn't go to the gym once. I'm starting a new job tomorrow and my plan is to make half hour in the gym before work part of the routine. Shooting for 5/5 and 5KM in 30 mins this week! -IF 5/5. This has become fairly routine. -Paleo 3/5. No excuses. -Three goals each day 7/7. My productivit
  10. Update from yesterday: Diet: -Paleo: no. (2/5) -IF: Yes. (3/5) Exercise: -No. (0/5). Lifestyle: -yes. (4/7)
  11. Update from yesterday: Diet: -Paleo: Yes. (2/5) -IF: Yes. (2/5) Exercise: -No. (0/5). Note that I now need to exercise every day this week to hit my target this week. Lifestyle: -Was a productive day. (2/7)
  12. Update from yesterday: Diet: -Paleo: Yes. (1/5) -IF: Yes. (1/5) Exercise: -No. (0/5) Lifestyle: -Was a productive day. (1/7)
  13. Update from yesterday: Diet: -Paleo: No. I was fasting all day yesterday, and everything went great until about 9PM. I was at the movies and ate quite a bit of popcorn before remembering that I was fasting and that popcorn isn't paleo lol. Oh well. (4/5) -IF: Yes. (7/5) Exercise: -Yes. I ran 5KM on the TM at 5.8 in 32:15. (4/5) Lifestyle: -Yes. (5/7) Week in review: -Unchanged. Still at 205. I was down to 204 at one point. This is a bit discouraging because I want to weigh 198 by the end of the challenge. -From running 5K in 32:45 to running 5K in 32:15. I can do better. -IF 7/5. Thi
  14. Update from yesterday: Diet: -Paleo: No. My goal is to be paleo five times a week, and yesterday was a planned divergence. I had a beer and quite a lot of pizza- and man did I feel it in my gut. Although I didn't like what I saw on the scale yesterday, I'm kind of glad I indulged like I did because it was a poignant reminder of how what we put in our bodies affects how we feel. Back on the paleo wagon today, and I'm planning a 24 hour fast. (4/5) -IF: Yes. (6/5) Exercise: -No. I'm starting a new job in a week, and I *hope* I can make going to the gym each morning part of my routine. Normal
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