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  1. Hi B_ex, since we are accountabilibuddies now I just started to follow your challenge. I like your goals, especially that you keep them realistic (e.g. saying that you know you would not run). I'm experimenting with intermittent fasting myself, trying to fit a 5:2 fasting and your kind of intermittent fasting in my workout plan, so that I keep a good energy level and have always enough protein (and stuff) to let my muscles recover. I like yoga, but stopped for now, until I get used to my bodyweight workouts and then try to fit a yoga class into my schedule. Good luck with your goals. So far it seems you are on a good way to achieve everything you planned.
  2. Thanks a lot! And welcome! ...to you all really. We are 4 so far and I'm really looking forward holding you all accountable ...or to put it differrently: I'm looking forward to supporting you and have a little support myself. [Edit:] I also changed the first post so everyone has an overview how to get to the others challenge threads
  3. Cool. I am in a boss battle in HabitRPG right now, so I don't think I can invite you to a party right now. But I will come back to that offer. My user ID for HabitRPG is 600aeac3-4d74-4f16-9746-f9afd3331cbd, so when you look for someone in the future just try if I'm available.
  4. Well that sounds good. Wish I had done the same earlier.
  5. Iceburner

    Campus Tours

    Finished up my sig last week and created the accountabilibuddies group Aspiring Assassin Apprentice Accountabilibuddies... (with a typo ). So all dyslexic or non-dyslexic future assassins were free to join... I'm happy to say that we are now 10 members in our group and I started to follow all of them. Mission accomplished!!
  6. Welcome to the Aspiring Assassin Apprentice Accountabilibuddies ~ Heroes with a Typo ~ If you are looking to become an assassin, please go for the official thread of the Assassins Guild Ambassadors: >>>Assassin Initiates<<< This is just a small group of Accountabilibuddies to support each other. We were aiming for a group of 7 people. And then continued counting. But now were definitively done recruiting...well,...maybe. Pretty sure though. Basically everyone was allowed to join who thought about joining the assassin guild, or thought about thinking it. Or who is interested in bodyweight workout, or did not find any other group... or was quick enough to do say she/he wanted to join and still be under the first 7, or 9...ehm...11 I just hope we're better in keeping our challenge goals than in counting and spelling... So, hey, I joined as #1. Members (and their quests): Iceburner The way is the goalB_ex B_Ex: First ChallengeLadygazza So Life gave me lemons... we all know it doesn't mean limonade! Roar!Achillessehne Achillessehnebookwormdee Bookwormdee challenge: Start!Swatches Newbie here, but yay, first 6 week challenge!rabeck rabeck's journey to prove she's not insane...MaybeAFirst MaybeAFirst? Better study for it!MthrofDragons no more looking like my sofa...doughboy Doughboy's quest to become less plumpAJBelcher-Schemery The Quest for Things and Stuff Rules: There are no rules, really. But I hope everybody gives support to the other members of this group over the next 5 weeks. Just have a look in each others challenges once in a while and give an encouraging comment. Additionally you can use this thread for whatever smalltalk you like.
  7. Very structured plan and good execution. I think it's valid to adjust your first goal from 8 to 6 hours per day, since you set it that high in the beginning just to meet the pressing exam deadline. But don't compromise any further otherwise the goal setting becomes meaningless. Good to hear that you felt great about running again, keep at it Concerning your diet I hope you eat healthier than me when I was a student. My diet then was mostly carbs, thus my gain in weight. Today I cut out alot of carbs and eat a lot of vegetables instead. And the kilos drop. How about you?
  8. That's cool! Could be part of your next challenge to be awesome in aerial silks
  9. Iceburner

    Campus Tours

    Hi, since we are in the second week of our challenge, does anyone know when the second mini quest will be posted? And will it be something like in the last challenge?
  10. Iceburner

    I am Pegasus

    Wow, I hope the horses can keep up with your workout plan . But seriously, respect for your ambitious goals. I really hope you can keep your commitments. How do you track your food? Do you use apps like MyFitnessPal or Lifesum? Or do you do it with the more traditional pen and paper? How did picking up an instrument 5 times a week work for you? ood luck with your challenge.
  11. Hello and welcome. Wow, you got pretty ambitous goals for this 6-weeks-challenge. 10k runs would be way too much for me, so for that alone you have my respect. So you have figured out your workout plan, very good. I hope everything works well so far? What about your food? Any specific plans on that? Does your current diet need change or does it already support your stressful workout plan? (stressful in the sense that it puts alot of stress on your body, which is ok, no negative meaning intended) Hope you could enjoy your relax day. Good luck with your goals!
  12. Hi everyone. After a successful week one of the 6-weeks-challenge I thought it would be time to drop in and say hello. Right now I really enjoy the bodyweight workouts. Parcour always looked awesome, and I'd like to try, but I doubt that my back can take the shock of all the jumps. But I will try anyway as soon as I have some reasonable core strength that can support my back. Some of my favorite assassins have been mentioned here already (Ezio Auditore, Jason Bourne, Jaqan H'ghar). But to bring some more diversity into it, I will go with this guy: Jubei Kibagami from Ninja Scroll
  13. Thanks. I'm using HabitRPG too. It's a cool tool.
  14. @starsapart: Thanks stars, I already looked into the links you sent me and I'm looking forward to joining the assassins guild. @MadMoxxie: Thanks Moxxie, that's a good tip. I already forgot more things that I wanted to put on the webpage than I like. I hope that when I have put up my first page it will get easier to update information. So yes, noting ideas is a good thing. general report for week 1: Mini Challenge: Since I put a lot of time into defining my goals I could directly put a check on the first mini challenge. Mission 1: I already worked on the level-up of my diet for a few weeks, so I was already able to level up to NF diet level 6. I have swapped out grains completely at breakfast for a high protein breakfast for two weeks straight. I consume a vegetable with every lunch and every dinner for 10 total days in a 2 week period, and I go one week without eating pasta. I have gone 12 out of 14 days without eating bread OR pasta, and 12 out of 14 days with a vegetable in every meal I eat. Tadaaa! Mission 2: I continued with my workout as planned and scheduled all workouts for the next 5 weeks. So overall I've done 2 of 17 workouts (and will do one today). Mission 3: This is my first update, as planned, so... check! Life Quest: not done anything so far...
  15. Iceburner

    Tabula Rasa

    Yes a fresh start and a good plan with a good structure. In case you log your food with an app that also shows you the kcal that it cointains, it will also help you to control your alcohol consumption at a moderate level. One thing I noticed was the 16 pole classes. Do you plan to do them all during the 6 weeks? That would be 2-3 classes per week additionally to your running. Not saying that is bad, on the contrary. A good and ambitious goal, go for it! Just wanted to make sure I understood your goals right. Good luck with your quest. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  16. Hooray for the metric system!...ehm...anyway... Hi naybayhay, seems like you have already a pretty good diet and workout plan going, so I'm sure you with your discipline you can fulfill your missions easily and hopefully reach your main quest goal! I think to get rid of the belly fat you have to be very restrictive in your diet, but here seems to be the right place to get the necessary information for how to achieve that exactly. I am new myself and actually more the specialist in "how to get more belly fat". But I might be able to help you with a race. I found this post with a character generator that will help you find your race: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/18235-nf-character-generator-find-your-guild/ Anyway good luck and stay excited!
  17. Hi MadMoxxi, Your quest goals look good and you will definitively take big steps towards your main quest goal and let you reach it if you keep at them. One suggestion/question regarding your Quest 3. Is it ok for you if you eat carbs like rice and potatoes once a day, or do you remove all carbs? Do you even want to cut down on the carbs of certain vegetables (which I think is not necessary at all)? How far do you want to go on the Paleo lifestyle? ...ok, turned out to be 3 questions. And ohh, the temptations of Netflix and video games, I know them well. For me those are always big risks, when I work from home. After an hour of working concentrated I just take a "small" break at the PC and BAAAAM. 2 hours later I realize that there is still much work to do, but oh, I have to have lunch now anyway, accompanied by a nice episode on Netflix, which turns into 3...arrghh If you are familiar with this problem, then maybe disconnecting the XBOX for the time you want to work might be a good idea. Eating somewhere else than in front of the TV can also help. But maybe it's just me and i am preaching to the choir here? If you want, we can motivate and check on each other, to get things done. Anyway, good luck!
  18. Iceburner

    Campus Tours

    Hi, nice to finally share with the community. I report: Miniquest #1 completed successfully:http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/64050-challenge-1-iceburner-is-following-the-path/#entry1455043
  19. Hi, I'm Iceburner, well actually Thomas. I joined NerdFitness Academy about 2 weeks ago and so far I have a blast! I read tons of articles on diet/training/health/otherStuff and now watch my diet, log all my food and have scheduled and started my workouts. I already feel that I have more energy during the day and I am really excited and ready to start my first 6-weeks challenge. So here it goes, my noob Recruit Lv. 0 (trying to follow the Assassins path): Main Quest: "The way is the goal..." Goal: Continue to follow the path to a healthy lifestyle following the advice of the ones who did this before Description: While initially I planned to define the goal of my first challenge over weight loss, I came too the conclusion that it is much more important for my first challenge to follow through with what I started. One of the risks that I face is that after all the excitement of this new experience that I still feel after this 2 first weeks I might loose interest after a while. So it is most important for me right now to just continue to level-up my diet and my workouts that lead me to a healthier lifestyle for the next 6 weeks. After those weeks I can really start to call my diet and workout my habits. This Quest is fulfilled if all three main missions have been successful. The Life Quest is a bonus. Reward: The Armor/Helmet/Talisman of Enlightenment (Some nice NerdFitness Merchandise) Mission 1: "No Hunger Games" Goal: Level up on the NF Diet to LV. 6 Description: Since I wasn't eating completely unhealthy I could maintain my weight below 100 kg for several years. I had cut out sodas and sugar/milk in my coffee nearly completely for years and I had already reduced the pasta for dinner. So I started with NerdFitness at NF Diet Lv. 3. and leaving out bread for breakfast felt utterly wrong (more about that later). But it turned out to be not that hard and I am progressing well to another nutrition level-up. Right now I think Lv. 6 is the Level that I want to stay on in the long run. I will stay there for a while and see what feels right for me. Reward: The Blade Of 1000 Slices (A new good kitchen knife) or The Shield of Burning (new awesome frying pan) Attributes: +3 CON, +2 WIS mission 1 progress 100%100% Bonus Side Quest: Avoid the temptations created by my room mate (exotic Persian candies and cookies) or her boyfriend (good Persian food containing mostly tons of rice). Resist 5 times to take 1 time. Bonus Reward: Enjoy the cookies and candies in moderate amount when you take them. When refusing do it in the good feeling that you will reach your goal more easily. Mission 2: "The Dirty Dozen (and a half or so)" Goal: Continue with 2-3 scheduled workout per week (total 17) and reach Lv. 3 of the Bodyweight Brigade path Description: I think I found a good rhythm in my workout Schedule which means I train 2-3 times per week (this week 2, next week 3 times). Already I get used to the stress put on my body by the exercises, except for push-ups and inverted rows, where I have to choose easier variants. But the important thing is that I already see progress, which motivates me and makes me confident that I can reach Lv. 3. Reward: Potion of Stamina/Regeneration (like BCAA, I want to wait with that until I see that I have not quit on the workout and the exercises get harder) Attributes: +2 STR, +2 STA, +1 DEX mission 2 progress 100%100% Bonus Side Quest: 1 Pull-Up, never in my life I was able to do a clean pull-up Bonus Reward: Feel Awesome, because being able to do pull-ups is awesome Mission 3: "13 Assassins" Goal: Write a weekly update of the progress during the 6-weeks challenge Description: Since the community makes us strong and from what I see so far you are very encouraging I want to share with you my progress, motivate others and myself. There do not need to be exactly 13 people reading this or commenting, I just needed a mission title. Reward: Get some personal trainer lessons Attributes: +3 CHA mission 3 progress 100%100% Bonus Side Quest: Post at least 1 additional post per week in the forum to get closer to the community. Bonus Reward: This warm feeling... Life Quest: "Project Iceburner" Goal: Publish the Iceburner Webpage. Description: 3 years ago I reserved a domain for me with the intent to do a webpage...it's still empty, what's more to say. Reward: Lifesum Gold Membership Attributes: +2 WIS life quest progress 100%100% Bonus Side Quest 1: Write a workout app for Android Bonus Reward: An app that supports my workout At last I want to share what I initially had planned as a goal: <invalid> Main Quest: "Beat the 90s Curse" Goal: Loose weight until the scale shows 89,9 kg (198.4 lbs). Description: For years my weight increased slowly but steady towards the magic 100kg mark (Not so magic 220 lbs). The last 2 years or so I kept it a stable 98-99 kg. Last year my doctor told me to lose 10kg. Start of this year I crossed the 100kg line. So now the time for a change has come. My current weight last Monday, 13th of April, was 96,8 kg (213.4 lbs). That's 6,8 kg (15 lbs) that I have to assassinate. Reward: The Armor/Helmet/Talisman of Enlightenment (Some nice NerdFitness Merchandise) Bonus Side Quest: Put together a good playlist with music from the 90s that you can hear during workouts. Bonus Reward: A playlist with good nostalgic music that I can hear during workouts. </invalid> So that's it. You might have noticed, that I prefer to use the metric system and that I promised some more information about why I thought it would be so hard to cut out bread from my diet. Both is related to my Nationality. But since I wrote a lot of stuff here I decided to tell that story another time. Updates: Weekly Report: week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6 and overall summary Mini Challenges: week 1: mission accomplished +1 WIS week 2: mission accomplished +1 CHA week 3: mission accomplished +1 CON week 4: mission accomplished week 5: mission accomplished +1 CON week 6: mission accomplished Level 1 UP!: "No Hunger Games": completed, therefore maximum attribute points CON:+ 3 ~ WIS:+ 2 "The Dirty Dozen (and a half or so)": Good progress on the workout mission, improved attributes equally STR: +1 ~ DEX: +1 ~STA: +1 "13 Assassins": Found a great group with whom I have regular contact CHA: +2 "Project Iceburner": No progress on the life quest so far, therefore WIS +0
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