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  1. You can enter minutes for every skill. And all skills will level up. But how fast skills will level up depends on you class. I chose fighter, so I just need 30 minutes of weight training to level up STRENGTH, but I would need to write down things in my journal for 240 minutes to level up ANALYZE. At least that's how I understood it. EDIT: Arggghhh, double post, sorry. Somehow used the 'quote' functionality wrong... Ok, so to make amends here's a gif:
  2. You can enter minutes for every skill. And all skills will level up. But how fast skills will level up depends on you class. I chose fighter, so I just need 30 minutes of weight training to level up STRENGTH, but I would need to write down things in my journal for 240 minutes to level up ANALYZE. At least that's how I understood it.
  3. Seconded! (Sometimes) I have the memory of a housefly.
  4. Oh those bad habits, I could tell stories... which would be boring, so I don't. Just keep them in check and good luck with you challenge.
  5. Welcome, good luck and beef up! Last year I did a bit of sewing... well actually most of it was just band patches on my metal vest and the occasional button, so I really don't want to compare my sewing with yours. But it felt relaxing while doing it and afterwards I felt good and proud of the outcome (the vest, not the buttons). Since the sewing of your dresses plays in a whole other league it must be even more rewarding. Anyway, just do it. Can't wait to see a picture of the result and the tank
  6. Looking forward to your posts. Good luck.
  7. Coming back from an injury can be hard, but it looks like you made a good plan to get your workout going anyway. Just rock this challenge! Good luck!
  8. Like the theme of your challenge! Goals look good, so go get that shirt shield maiden!
  9. The beginning of a challenge is the hardest. To force yourself to start... Then of course there's the middle part, where you want to give up... also hard. But in the end... kind of... hard... again. One might wonder what my point is... errr... Don't give up! Get right back to it! Check in! We get you over the hard part! Where- and whenever that might be! So hope to hear more of you. And by the way... love your Terry Pratchett quote. So make being CJ the Mighty your Destiny
  10. Hello my fellow respawner. Since you mentioned it I can assume you are married now? If so congratulations! Also congratulations on your decision to come back and respawn here. I too have experienced that it is much harder alone. Your goals look reasonable. As for the rewards. Here's how I figured out my rewards: - As I started to train with free weights I will reward me with a barbell (maybe I change that to kettlebells). - Since I'm logging my food with the Lifesum app (which is in its basic form for free) I will reward me with the 'premium' subscription. - Since I started to train Wing Chun regularly again (or will train regularly again) my reward will be some books about martial arts. I figured the investment into something like that can just be justified if I prove to myself over the duration of this challenge that I really use it/them. Also I hope that investing in additional 'material' make me keep my habits. The massage is a good idea though. After a busy week of working out that seems to be the right way to relax. I should treat myself to one of those Good luck with your goals.
  11. Hi everyone. Haven't visited the Assassins Den for more than a year. Now I respawned but decided to join the Rebels thread for that, since my training is barely focused bodyweight and more on weights and martial arts. Nonetheless I just wanted to swing by and say hi. So... hi. And good luck everyone!
  12. Like your goals and that you put some improvement steps in each of them, especially a kind of cycle into the first one : plan -> execute -> review -> plan again etc. Reading 'Challenge 2: Run to the hills' immediately got that song stuck in my head. Thanks for that. Now I have to play something even harder loud on my headphones to get rid of that... ... or maybe I enjoy it a little while longer... RUN FOAR YO-HUR LI-HIIIVE! ...BA-DA-BA-DAM...BA-DA... Regarding breakfast. Sometimes I cut up some vegetables or use some dinner leftovers (that are too small to be a full meal) and mix it with some eggs and make an omelette for breakfast. Pretty filling and yummy. My wife likes to make smoothies in the morning so I have enough fruits (and again vegetables). That made it easy for me to stop eating bread... until my wife started to bake her own bread with nuts and seeds and... and I'm hungry again. Enough of that. Regarding books: - I listened to the audiobook version of 'the 4 hour work week' and the man had some good points and advice. Didn't and never will follow all of them, but it was interesting. - Different but also inspiring is the book 'Rich dad, poor dad'. Listening to this and the other (audio)books by the author I came to the conclusion that he made a lot of money by selling milllion of copies of the same book telling the same things over and over again. But again, there are some really interesting things in it. And since you are a fellow German: Viel Erfolg bei deinem Respawn!
  13. Good luck to you too! Take those Bambi steps and get inspired by others peoples challenges. I know I do. Don't forget to post your progress. I'll follow this thread.
  14. How cool is that?! If you suddenly do a workout just for the fun of it Animal walk, another exercise that should go on my things to do during one of the next challenges. Man, I really have to start writing things down. I get so inspired reading through the forum...
  15. So far it is. This week will be a bit of a challenge, since I will travel (Friday) and attend a wedding (Saturday). Then there is the wedding party and of course the day after (Sunday) So I planned my schedule accordingly: - My Wing Chun training has to be done by Thursday - Friday I will manage a regular workout in the morning - Saturday I will do a legs workout in the hotel, since I won't necessarily need weights for that - Sunday will be my rest day... resting day... the day I rest on... - Food logging during the wedding party will be fun. From the top of my head I predict a calorie intake on that day of 4600 kcal. And just half of it will be food I also realized, that making up meal plans for the week is not my thing and really not necessary. I'm good at buying healthy food and no superfluous stuff. So meal plans are just additional overhead and will constantly rendered useless due to spontaneous events or my wife buying food. So I'll remove meal plans from the challenge.
  16. Hi, nice goals. Also I like that you put some thought into the loot (and extra loot ). The wedding in Quest 3 is yours I assume? Congratulations!
  17. 1. 2. 3. FIREFLY BOARDGAME!!!! I would be totally in! 4. *GrandmaEmoticon*
  18. 1. Yes, makes sense. Just tell us, if anyone doesn't want to read what you wrote, he/she is free not to read it 2. Sounds like quality lunch time with your daughter, nice 3. what nerdy, nerdy games are those? 4. Why do I suddenly want to crochet on my couch and watch golden girls?
  19. Ok, my pleasure to present my progress -so-far report: Subquest 1 (beasty): Managed 3 wokouts so far this week. Tuesday I took a scheduled break. Unfortunately in order to be able to complete my Subquest 3 this week I had to skip workout yesterday. But today and tommorrow I can still finish workout 5 and 6 so that's good. I realize this Subquest is veeery ambitious, but that was the point from the beginning. Subquest 2 (versed): Logging food works perfectly again. I have to estimate the sizes (and sometimes ingredients) of food at restaurants, but that works pretty well and most of the time I cook my own food anyway and bring it to work. Subquest 3: (punchy) Attended 2 Wing Chun classes this week as planned. Due to work I had to move the Thursday session to Friday which messed with my training schedule for Subquest 1 (as mentioned before). Life Goal (1up): Managed quite some items from my todo list so I leveled up my habitica character already to lvl. 78. But now there are some toDos on my list that I postponed for quite a while, so wish me luck that I do not start procrastinating. All in all I am very happy with the weeks progress so far. I will have to keep up the effort for all my subquests though. I hope all of you can help me with that.
  20. Iceburner

    BASF J3nn

    Yes good luck. Like your quick view table. So organized
  21. Whatever, this challenge has dogs in it so... yay! Good luck with your goals, they're reasonable and have dogs in it, so you can do it! One question. What is KPA? Something dog training related I assume?
  22. I hope you didn't take my comment the wrong way Shy, since I just wanted to lighten the mood. Luckily I only had 2 panic attacks in my whole life, but I know it's neither fun nor funny when it happens. But now that this stressful part is over my way to cope with it is humor. Just felt that I needed to clarify that I feel for you ... ...so... ...back to housework! Since I agree with Wobbbegong that if done properly (thoroughly) it definitely qualifies as workout! And my appartement could use a good cleaning (I should have made this part of my challenge!)
  23. Happy 12th anniversary! Amazing, 12 challenges in a row. Yep, if things slip and you realize that it becomes to much, focusing on less is a good thing to do. And in terms of accountability I will keep an eye on this thread to see if you really check in
  24. I like your goals. It not just has the mix of food, workout and life goals, but mixes up the workouts as well. And when I read kimchi you had me! For you I hope you can keep the goal of intermittent fasting, for me I hope I will be able to read more about snacking delicious snacks
  25. Good luck with your goals. Nice that you put a lot of effort into the life goals as well. Seems pretty ambitious... or maybe it seems this like this only to me, because it would take me forever to write 250 words.
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