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  1. Hi all Sorry about the absence, work has been pretty bad and I've not been well mentally or physically. Week 2 and 3 have both been pretty similar, three workouts completed, 2 skipping sessions, all food logged and I've read everyday. Challenge is going well. I'm definitely feeling stronger, some of the kettle bell moves are getting easier I shall try and be a little more regular.
  2. Apologies for being awol, I've had a load to deal with over the last week including something that will hopefully improve my working life but we shall have to see. Summary for week 1 as follows: Managed 3 bodyweight workouts, jumped rope twice, read everyday and logged food everyday. I'm a happy man I've also started randomly doing flex hangs and one set of pull ups when I get up in the morning. I'm not great at this so hoping this will help me improve
  3. Hey man, good to see you Skipping rope isn't going too badly at all. I'm getting better which is the important thing! Typical day looks a little like this: Breakfast: Tin or sardines, bowl of greek yoghurt with honey and blueberry Lunch: Whole chicken breast with salad and sweet potoato Snacks: Various unsalted nuts and fruit Dinner: Whatever my wife has cooked! She's an awesome cook so she does the bulk of the cooking. It's normally pretty healthy to be honest. I'm currently reading Get Change by Chris Moore which can be found here. Really enjoying it so far
  4. Day 2 and 3 report as follows Got a skipping session in Tuesday, very tiring but I am at least getting better. Been sticking to the basics so far but my try some different stuff next week. Food has been logged both days and I've read at least once a day so all happy!
  5. I ended up watching that episode after talking about Box Breathing, it's good stuff
  6. Wow, you're a monster my friend. Those workouts look awesome, awesome start I'll second the music when running, it's the only form of exercise I tend to rely on music for to be honest.
  7. I've just had my lunch and that picture is still making me hungry! Nice work, looks like you've started well.
  8. Right day one over. Managed to get a workout in, given Eastigirl's input and a couple of tester session last week some stuff has changed. Workout was as follows: - 3 x 15 Diamond Pushups - 3 x 40 seconds crow stand - much more consistent with this now which is awesome. - 3 x 10 Kettlebell clean (20 kg bell, 10 reps each arm) - 3 x 45 seconds two handed kettlebell swing (20 kg) - 3 x 5 Kettlebell Push Press (20 kg, 5 reps each arm) - 3 x 10 Feet Together Bodyweight squats - these feel really good so will probably up the reps next week Logged all food and got some reading in (currently re
  9. Yeah 20kg is about 45lbs which is a nice fun weight 53lbs of kettle bell sounds monstrous! Unbeatable Mind sounds awesome, I'll check it out, thanks for the recommendation
  10. That's definitely a good tip, thanks for that Luckily there are two 12 kgs a the martial arts dojo I teach at so I've been practicing some more advanced stuff quickly before classes, mainly snatches but I was looking at the jerk as well.
  11. Thanks for dropping in. I've got a 20kg bell coming in the post this week. I'm hoping to grab another next month when I can afford it. I was working on a 16kg bell before so I think the 20 should challenge me and give me room to grow
  12. Really interested in your challenge as I'm just getting back into kettlebells. Competition sounds amazing, looking forward to hearing how it goes
  13. Challenge looks awesome, I'll be following along Been reading alot about box breathing of late, you'll have to let me know how you find it.
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