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  1. Sweating like a pig. Great workout!

  2. It's always hot and humid in Kansas in the summers, but this year we have gotten a lot of extra rain so the humidity has just sky rocketed. I can almost walk out of the house and start sweating, its pretty miserable.
  3. Finished last week strong. Did everything I was supposed to do except run... It is hard to get motivated to run when its between 90 and 100 and about 80% humidity outside... This week I will do better though. Gotta keep this post short as I need to go to bed so I can wake up at 4:30 to workout in the morning. Good luck to everyone on their last week of this challenge!
  4. I have started just marinating chicken in a salad dressing for a few days then grilling it. I use a mango chipotle vinegeret, and it is tasty. Goes great on salad too.
  5. So this post is a little late. I just got back from visiting my dad in Florida and helping him out after his surgery. I did a terrible job working out, I didn't do any of my workout routine while I was there. So this week I need to ramp it up to make up for lost time. No excuses. Same as working out I didnt run either. So I need to get back into that. I ate really well though, since my dad also has cancer he is on a strict diet so I was too for the week. Lots of vegies, fruit, fish and shrimp. And boy can my dad cook, it was great. He has inspired me to cook more, and try more things.
  6. You should invest in a George Foreman Grill. They are one of the greatest things ever invented. Same results as a conventional grill, with out all the hassle. My roommates have one, and I use it all the time. I love it.
  7. Last week didn't do so good. I only cooked myself a good meal once, but I did get all my salads and fruits in. I got all my workouts in, but I didnt make either of my runs... I dont know what it is but for some reason, I have just been mentaly and physically drained this past week and a half. I half think it is stressed related as I was doing fine before i found out my dad's cancer came back... I missed my workout today, but I am going to try to get it in before I go to bed tonight, I still have several hours. I need to fit it in between packing and laundry. I am going down to Florida tomorrow
  8. To add more sets or more reps, that is the question...

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    2. El Exorcisto

      El Exorcisto

      Or... more weight?

    3. Hyperion


      I did 5x15 for two months. Now i work on 5x12 range.

    4. MikeD0227


      I decided to add reps to start off with, and it is kicking my butt. It feels good to be sore after a workout again.

  9. This week was a little rough, but I kept up with my goals. I got both of my runs in, I was planning on going a 3rd time but I was exhausted and not feeling well. So I didn't make the 3rd one. Got all of my workouts in, and am keeping them all about 10 minutes a set which is better than the 15-20 I was taking. I got all 3 of my healthy meals in this week, so better than last week! The drinking almost got me, I got some incredibly bad news on Thursday and I almost went to the beer store and bought some. I managed to restrain myself and I didn't drink at all last week, so I am back on sch
  10. I did, and I am better off for it. I feel a lot better than I used to, mentally and physically. The 5k is gonna be a challenge, but I am looking forward to it. Thank you for the encouragement! Gonna keep on keepin on!
  11. Well the week went pretty well over all. I got my both of my runs in, and I did really well. I ran a mile both times, and didn't have to stop once. I even did it in pretty good time, just over 8 minutes. Today I ran again but I was a little slower, about 9 minutes but not bad. I'll take it considering I haven't ran much since last year. My buddy asked me to run a 5k with him on the 4th of July, so I think I am going to try and do that. I'll need to step up my game pretty quickly though if I'm going to be able finish in good time. The body weight workouts are going very well. I have been ab
  12. Pandora started my work out with B.O.B.'s Airplanes part I, and ended with B.O.B.’s Airplanes part II... I think it's a sign.

  13. How did ants get into my sealed trail mix bags? This is frustrating...

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    2. Helix "The Peasant"

      Helix "The Peasant"

      Like "JK, they ANT getting in there"

    3. MikeD0227


      Nope no pun.... They got into my trail mix... I am still going to eat it though. There weren't that many, and I think I got them all out. Like Eleanoresbee said, extra protein!

    4. Jett
  14. For the last 6 week challenge I started working out and eating better. Doing a body weight workout every other day for the work out, and cutting out soda, fast food, and limiting myself to having grains once a day. Also to eat at least one salad and a piece of fruit a day, and cut down my alcohol consumption to once a week. During the last challenge I didn't miss a workout, although I had to cut a couple short due to time constraints, but the drinking once a week was more difficult, and I didn't make it most weeks.... So for this challenge I am going to continue doing my body weight workouts
  15. So for my first challenge, I accidently read stuff wrong and skipped the recruits and went right for the adventurers.... But I have wanted to be in the rangers since I first found the site.... So here I am! I did the last 6 week challenge and I loved it. I have carried over my challenge and created habits, I have never been able to do that when I tried in the past. But I digress, I passed my last challenge with only 3 or 4 stumbles. My challenges were as follows: 1.Work out every other day. 2.Cut back on drinking beer to once a week max. 3.No more soda. 4.Eat a salad every day. 5.Eat at leas
  16. How did your challenge end up? Any luck on the sweets?
  17. My 6 weeks are done. Overall I would say it was a success. I am working out every other day and I am seeing improvement in my strength and body already. I am excited to see how much I more I can change. I haven't had a soda in about 2 months and it is a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning and I don't have the crashes during the day which is also nice. I didn't quite make the one night of drinks a week, but I did cut back from 4 or 5 to a max of 3 but usually only 2, so there is a little improvement. On those nights I do drink, I am not drinking between 6 and 8 beers anymore, I am down
  18. I know today is the last day of the challenge, but I started late... So I will continue this challenge until Thursday as that will be my 6 weeks. Hope y'all can bear with me!
  19. Can't believe its been 5 weeks already! This week has been a struggle due to working overnights at work. I managed to get up and do my workout but it was a struggle to get myself out of bed to do them. Also Sunday was my little brothers graduation so I didn't get my full workout in but I got 2 out of 3 sets. Something is better than nothing right? This week I didn't manage to keep my beer drinking down. I drank 3 nights Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.... I kicked myself for doing it too. They aren't excuses I know full well that I could have just had water, but Friday my dad came to visit up
  20. Working overnights this week... struggling to get my workout motivation...

    1. Raincloak


      motivation is overrated. Your next-week self will be so happy if you do it. Doooo iiiiiit.

    2. SomeGuyFromScotland
    3. MikeD0227


      I'm getting it done, it's just a struggle... But seems like most good things in life are, and it makes them so worth going after!

  21. Thanks for the advice, I will have to try that once I can do 3 sets of how it is now with out struggling in set 3.
  22. I've been doing some form of it for about 2 months, as it is now for about 2 weeks. It is still tough for me to get through all 3 sets, but I can imagine it wont be too long before it becomes easy and I want to add to it again though.
  23. I missed my update yesterday! Everything is still going well, nothing too much to report. Missed my workout this morning, but I have already made plans to do it as soon as I get home from work. A little disappointed that I didn't get out of bed in time, but I will make up for it. Other than that all good things, so here is to 4 weeks down!
  24. I am trying to gain strength and bulk up a little.
  25. Just wondering what y'all think about it. I stated with the routine from this NF then added to it. I have a powertower and decided to incorporate it. It is probably one of the best $100 I have ever spent. I do 3 sets of each. Warm up stretches, and jogging in place. 20 body weight squats 10 push ups 20 walking lunges 10 dumbbell rows (10 each arm) Also I use a 15lb bowling ball as I don't have any dumbbells 15 second plank 5 chin ups 30 jumping jacks 5 pull ups 5 leg lifts 5 dips 20 steps (10 leading with each foot) and a to fail Handstand. (I start with a headstand and push my way up) C
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