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  1. one day i'll figure out how to multi quote on mobile but today is not that day. mediation yesterday went well! i ended up doing a slightly longer 7 minute session and it was nice. i really notice a big difference in my emotional state from meditating regularly. i'm thinking about moving my meditation session to right after i wake up but i'll leave that for another challenge. this is just about getting into practice again. i've had a personal writing project with a pretty close deadline so that been pretty much filling my nights at the moment. things should be a bit less crazy after that.
  2. yeah i think i'm on the right path and while i would like to start exercising again, it was easy for me to get too obsessive about it, but i'll leave exploring that for a future challenge. thanks! tbh even when it's only a couple minutes a day i still feel like it makes s big difference for my mood
  3. thank you! and yeah i absolutely remember you, it's good to see you back here too! and thank you [emoji177]
  4. thank you! so glad to be back [emoji2]
  5. [zen intensifies] heidi! just seeing your post made me feel more relaxed. and thank you! i'm so glad to be back and it feels so good to finally have graduated. excited to check out your challenge and see what you're up to! [emoji177]
  6. thank you snarky [emoji177] it's been tough but we've been finding our way through it. trying to get everything in order took a while and then we moved again, but i like the new place. a lot. i hope so too! i'd like to be getting on here more frequently and checking out other people's threads but this week has been super busy so i've just been keeping up with my own. soon though!
  7. glad to be back! [emoji177]
  8. thank you! i was able to beat the writing block, now it's just about better managing my stress in general
  9. HEY EVERYONE. wow it's been a busy couple of days, i'm gonna pop back in tomorrow for individual replies, but i'm about to fall asleep :/ but its so nice to see all of you and i'm hoping to have time this week to take a look at other people's challenges. i know i tend to overcommit to online presence sometimes so i'm trying to be mindful of that. very brief reflection on the last week: -feel good about joining the challenge again! -mediation has been happening daily, including today. i have two 10 min breaks at work and i find a quiet room for one of them sp
  10. bit of a weird mood tonight, stressed but it's just ambient stress and self judgement. which means writers block. meeting up with a friend tomorrow for coffee and a writing session, hopefully that helps. going to do a bit of meditation before bed and also before coffee tomorrow. my jaw is super tense, so i can feel that i've been holding on to a lot of stress.
  11. thank you! i'm excited to be back. and if i learned anything about myself it's that small, achievable, is definitely the way forward
  12. hello friends, it's me, back again, hanging out over here: https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/113087-spooky-figures-shit-out/
  13. hello!!!! i won't be participating in the doodlies challenge but i did set up a challenge thread, to try and get things sorted
  14. just popping in for a quick hello! [emoji3590]
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