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  1. Thank you! Wormwood is a great name for a cat! Bean is my kitty (or my Waddles) but there are two other kitties in the house. They're family pets, so they're like 1/4 mine haha. One of them is a black cat who we found in out back yard ~13 years ago and who we (not so) originally named Lucky. He's a sweetheart and you can tell he's grateful to have a home. Black cats ftw! The other is a little booger named Cosmo who we adopted last August. We got him as a companion for Lucky and they are so cute together it melts my heart and Lucky is more active than ever. Cosmo is a smile incarnated. Animals give you so love much back. I cannot wait till Gravity Falls and Adventure Time come back from hiatus. They have the weirdest (or worst) airing schedules. I'll just keep watching this video: Also I'm seriously considering taking the walk to Mordor.
  2. Hi LittleTurtle! I'm new and I've been browsing around threads and such to get motivation. I have to say I've read all of your challenges and you've inspired me to try and start running! Also I agree that broccoli stumps are the worst. Your progress has been amazing, keep up the great work!
  3. Hello rebels! I did things a little backwards and posted in the challenge section because I was so excited to participate. Then I realized I never even introduced myself, D'oh! But better late than never. I stared at the empty box to type for a while till I could calm the tidal wave of anxiety and now here I am posting again! I'm Syd, 22 years old, female. I get self conscious very easily, (even when posting on the internet!) so one of my major goals is to work on my self confidence.Seriously I took voice lessons for 8+ years and still have never sung for my parents (lol but also ) I'm not happy with the way I'm living my life. I want to be a proactive rather than a reactive person. This site and community seems like a great way to get there! I'm a college student interuptus, I've been on medical leave for two years sorting out my emotional biz and I only have my senior year left. Currently working on the paper work to return in the fall (ugh paper work). Living at home made it easy to pack on pounds. I went from my lowest weight (105lbs) to my highest (138 lbs) in like....4-6 months. Too much Talenti gelato. I'm the opposite of most college students, I actually lose weight when I go to school because I walk everywhere. I really need to focus on cleaning up my diet. I can barely go a day without chocolate...haha. But true. I've been doing a little yoga + meditation and I'd really like to get into that more. I've found mindfulness extremely helpful for dealing with depression+ anxiety + ADD and want to continue to learn. I isolate myself from others because I feel worthless so I hope the friendly vibe here will help. I have a sizable collection of vintage dresses/clothing that I want to fit into again. I love reading. My room has books piled on every surface. One of my long term goals for this site is to start running. ALL THE GOALS. But really I know (from experience) that one small change at a time works best, even if it's had to convince my inner enthusiasm that's the case. I started my fitness journey last year when my mom got certified in weight training and pilates. I'm lucky that she trains me for free (2x pilates, 1x weights per week). I went from completely sedentary (and proud of it) to exercising 3x per week. But I want to work on self-guided working out so I can keep it up at school/the rest of my life. Wow that got long. So final notes: any Adventure Time/Steven Universe/Gravity Falls fans hit me up (those are my current 3 favorite shows) and also here is a picture of my adorable kitty because kitties are the best ice-breaker. My username comes from the funny little sideways hops she (Nico aka"Bean") makes when she wants to play. I call them her spooky feet. -Syd
  4. spooky

    First Steps

    I struggle with severe depression and anxiety. My primary goal always is to make sure that neither prevents me from living my life. Mostly because I frequently feel worthless. Exercising has helped (along with medication and weekly cognitive-behavioral therapy), but I'm still working on overcoming some mental blocks. Okay so.... goal time: main quest: to take care of myself: mind, body, and spirit. goal 1: exercise 30 minutes 3x per week -escalated running c25K grading: A= 3/3, B=2/3, C=1/3 F=0/3 goal 2: meditation, 10 minutes 5x per week grading : A= 5/5, B= 4/5, C= 3/5, D=2/5 F=0/5 goal 3: 2L of water a day grading: A= 2L, B= 1.5L, C= 1L, D=.5L, F=0L other stuff: Weekly schedule template Monday: Pilates Tuesday:C25K Wednesday: Pilates Thursday: C25K (and Therapy) Friday: yoga + walking Saturday: C25K Sunday: weight training Life quest: creative writing 3x per week (any amount even a sentence, progress is still progress) grading: grading: A= 3/3, B=2/3, C=1/3 F=0/3 Be mindful, be grateful, be present.
  5. damn it it put it in the last challenge instead of the upcoming one. Oops.
  6. Hi to anyone who is reading this! I'm so happy I found this forum, just from browsing it there's so much support for everyone and their goals! With a challenge coming up it seems like the perfect time to challenge myself for the upcoming six weeks and make my life better, one small change at a time. Small changes work best for me, so my monkey mind isn't able to talk be out of it. I have always been on the slender side but over the past year I've reached my highest weight, around 138-140lbs. Currently 131 through exercise but I need to make some major dietary changes. I already exercise at least 3 days a week because I am lucky enough to have a mother who is certified in weight training and Pilates. This means I do Pilates twice a week and weight training once a week already. I was sedentary for a long time and took pride in not having to work to be slim. But depression and emotional eating took its toll. I slowly built up my exercise, from once a week to (almost) every day. I still remember my first session where I could't even do 20 minutes and even getting my body into the correct posture for Pilates was very difficult. I have a treadmill at home that I make sure to go on for at least 10 minutes a day, usually in the morning. I struggle with severe depression and anxiety but exercising has definitely helped (along with medication and weekly cognitive-behavioral therapy). I'm really working on overcoming quite a few mental blocks and I think this challenge is a great way to do that. Okay so.... goal time: main quest: lose 20 lbs, which would put me at 111lbs, a weight I have been at and been happy with (I'm 5' 5.5") goal 1: exercise 10 min on my own 3x per week grading: A= 3/3, B=2/3, C=1/3 F=0/3 goal 2: mindful eating 1 fruit, 1 veggie every day grading : A= both fruit + veg, B= 1 fruit or 1 veg, F= no fruit/no veg goal 3: 2L of water a day grading: A= 2L, B= 1.5L, C= 1L, D=.5L, F=0L Life quest: creative writing 3x per week (any amount even a sentence, progress is still progress) grading: grading: A= 3/3, B=2/3, C=1/3 F=0/3 I excited to become the best me I can be!
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