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  1. also drinking water this afternoon, and thinking about how yes, i need to know how i'm spending my time, but that also having the mental/emotional/physical energy to do the things i want to is something to keep in mind
  2. re-reading @Heidi's old challenges from the beginning is big time motivating time well spent!
  3. THANK YOU FOR TAGGING PPL!! idk i was thinking like...maybe make this a challenge centering around unity, what that means in your life? but again i am a druid so those are the kinds of things i think about open to suggestions!
  4. happy saturday!!! i ended up napping again yesterday AND this morning. i'm thinking energy levels are a clear concern, though maybe i'm still recovering from my shot? basically napping and genshin and playing with cats with the rest of my yesterday. more genshin, napping this morning. gonna feed my cats their lunch, they're getting rowdy lol. We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -Joseph Campbell
  5. tallies: -genshin: 6 hours -course: 1 hour -work: 2 hours -nap: 3 hours my energy is really low, so pinpointing the causes of that once i've tracked my time for a few more days will be a good next step. gotta write how long i'm spending on things here without judging myself (very difficult) but i'm trying to just be as honest as i can, because this isn't about looking good, it's about getting good.
  6. <33333 SO HAPPY YOU'RE HERE!! yeah i'm still having difficultly focusing, rip, but at least i've done something! we can do this!
  7. Did some of my course ~1 hour Played more genshin ~1 hour more time for work now. tallies: -genshin: 3 hours -course: 1 hour
  8. *hides ashamed face* DON'T LOOK AT ME thanks snarky!!! it's so good to see you're still here
  9. HELLO HELLO!!!! great minds think alike and YES thank you for adding him!
  10. super tired yesterday so i went to sleep early (like 9) and woke up at 4am to my cat meowing at me and then couldn't get back to sleep so i played genshin impact...for almost two hours...i love the game but is that the energy i want to start my day with? is that my true north? i don't think so. i think the goal is to cut back, not to stop, so right now just being aware of how much time i've already spent on there by 6am, but no judgement on time already gone. this has to be non judgemental observation of how i spend my time so today's tallies will go here: genshin: 4-6am
  11. Thank you, Heidi!! Def!! It's great to be back, and it's so inspiring to see just how many challenges you've done
  12. exactly what it says on the tin. i miss my waffle (and yes, pancakes :P) friends. i searched and saw def did one of these groups back in february, so i guess i'm trying to get the band back together @Shello @Terah @SomeGuyFromScotland @ninjakitten @Snarkyfishguts @Björn Járnhamar @jcsimmons @deftona @Rab397 @Tolsimir @Ensi
  13. thank you!!! oh i see!
  14. respawn time once again!

    1. DrFeelgood


      Welcome back!  I recently returned after a year and half away.

    2. NeverThatBored
    3. Luciana Valerosa Culming

      Luciana Valerosa Culming

      Welcome back. I'm respawning this month. =)

  15. challenge details are up, but this challenge is about finding my way so it'll be a little flexible
  16. wait also is the accountabilibuddies section gone???
  17. it's been a while, friends! here's the brainstorming for this challenge, based on an ACT therapy tool about living into your values. BUT HOW YOU MAY ASK??? well. by tracking my time. i have been playing one particular game a lot lately (genshin impact) and it's taking up too much of my time during the day. there are other things i need to do, i need to make the time. but i need to know where i stand, first. so this might be a stages challenge? what is my next step after tracking my time? finding the ways i want to be spending my time: - meditation - chinese - insurance certification for work -VARIOUS OTHER THINGS i also used to do daily inspirational quotes so i think resuming that is a good way to get me jump started for the day. i haven't been sleeping well and had my second covid shot tuesday so i'm not feeling the best, but i sat down in the shower this morning and just felt like i needed something new. or something old that's new again. so that's why i'm here! looking forward to going around to all the other threads and saying hi to old friends.....i miss the doodlies! here's today's inspiration: Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. -Walt Whitman
  18. one day i'll figure out how to multi quote on mobile but today is not that day. mediation yesterday went well! i ended up doing a slightly longer 7 minute session and it was nice. i really notice a big difference in my emotional state from meditating regularly. i'm thinking about moving my meditation session to right after i wake up but i'll leave that for another challenge. this is just about getting into practice again. i've had a personal writing project with a pretty close deadline so that been pretty much filling my nights at the moment. things should be a bit less crazy after that.
  19. yeah i think i'm on the right path and while i would like to start exercising again, it was easy for me to get too obsessive about it, but i'll leave exploring that for a future challenge. thanks! tbh even when it's only a couple minutes a day i still feel like it makes s big difference for my mood
  20. thank you! and yeah i absolutely remember you, it's good to see you back here too! and thank you [emoji177]
  21. thank you! so glad to be back [emoji2]
  22. [zen intensifies] heidi! just seeing your post made me feel more relaxed. and thank you! i'm so glad to be back and it feels so good to finally have graduated. excited to check out your challenge and see what you're up to! [emoji177]
  23. thank you snarky [emoji177] it's been tough but we've been finding our way through it. trying to get everything in order took a while and then we moved again, but i like the new place. a lot. i hope so too! i'd like to be getting on here more frequently and checking out other people's threads but this week has been super busy so i've just been keeping up with my own. soon though!
  24. glad to be back! [emoji177]
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