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  1. one can hope it would help lol. but maaayyybe.... add some arm strength in, yeah probably not. just wishful thinking, really mostly the core strength will help with hanging off the bike. Squats will also probably be my go to.
  2. There is a book called Deceptively delicious by Jessica seinfeld I'm not sure how much it would really help you but it's worth a look at for some ideas. I'm with the others about you can't force him, but I understand your frustration. Maybe you could use a few of these recipes and show him things aren't as bad as he assumes. Don't hide it that you are feeding it to him, but maybe trade him something for giving it a chance, like a backup or something. Don't argue about it. Things are a lot less frustrating when you finally come to the realization to just live with it. My husband i
  3. Thanks. It's my baby. I drop it alot. Lol. I'm pretty short, so it's just gonna happen.
  4. Hi everyone! ive been lurking here for awhile, but its time for me to get serious and hold my self accountable. My names Diana, im 31 years old, originally from North Carolina. 8 years ago i met the love of my life playing video games, and a year later i moved almost 800 miles away, just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan to be with him. New city, not really knowing many people, and i just kind of became a home body. We both work from home and i didnt really leave our house much because i didnt really have any reason to go anywhere. winter, cold and 2 or 3 feet of snow o
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