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  1. March hike and community service at the local Boy Scout camp. Challenge Roundup (past 6 weeks): Eating: Log food in MFP. Fruits and veggies get logged on paper and are "free" in MFP. YES. Did this every day with one small modification. The paper was redundant, so I stopped logging food on paper. Bedtime stretch and strength 6 nights a week. Just do this. Log on my updated paper form. Shoot for the usual routine plus 3 "other" strength exercises throughout the week. SOMETIMES. Averaged 4 nights a week with the usual routine. "Other" strength exer
  2. Tweaking my goals for the next challenge period Eating: Log food in MFP. Fruits and veggies get logged on paper and are "free" in MFP. Bedtime stretch and strength 6 nights a week. Just do this. Log on my updated paper form. Shoot for the usual routine plus 3 "other" strength exercises throughout the week. Step goal: 10k a day 5 times a week. This is my normal goal but more accountability than the "do your best" vagueness of the past. Cardio goal: 10 minutes a day 3 times a week: Use fitbit to determine "cardio" minutes. Get them with a fast walk or on the elliptical
  3. Your rainbow veggie chart is awesome!
  4. CHEESE! I love cheese. Like you said...on everything! You have a great way of breaking foods down into the automatic vs variety categories. It makes it easier to see patterns and find ways to tweak what you eat.
  5. Snowy February hike in a new park with an unexpected mossy waterfall at the end. Challenge wrap up. Yeah, these challenge dates are pretty fluid for me. But, I had a great week-and-a-half to make up for the last crummy week. Eat fruits/veggies and log meals. 12/12 for the food journal. Veggies are a good habit. Bonus: I started logging food again in MFP. Bedtime stretch/strength. 12/12. 10k steps or other big daily effort. 12/12. Cardio twice a week. Elliptical 5 days. I've been using this to hit my 10K steps because the weather has been
  6. Pretty bleak week for me. Happy surprise to realize we are on five week challenges these days. I have another week to make up for this last one! Dug out the last of the beets from my garden to make Roasted Beet & Fennel With Orange Vinaigrette Leftovers were amazing the next day eaten cold like a salad. Still need to make Roasted Turnips with Brown Miso Butter. All the fixings are in the fridge.
  7. Your outdoor adventures look amazing. Look at you doing what you said you’d do! (I stole that from one of your updates and I love the way you said it.). Have a great week!
  8. I have been out for the past few weekends for some good outdoor movement. Yesterday was fun because it was just me, flat paths, and a letterboxing adventure. Here's a photo of one of the creeks, but it doesn't give justice the beauty of the space. Weekly checkin: Eat fruits/veggies and log meals. 6/7. Felt pretty good about eating this week. Bedtime stretch/strength. 6/7 this week. Again, made me feel pretty good. 10k steps or other big daily effort. 5/7 for the week. Funny how that seemed dismal last week, but ok this time. Cardio twice a w
  9. One of the things I like about these forums is that we talk about both ups and downs. So many places online or IRL we only hear about the good that everyone else is doing all the time. No wonder we never measure up! So, when we hear "people" saying that exercise makes them feel better, I think that's just a small part of the story.
  10. Hmmm. I have experience with knee pain, but not with TENS. Thanks for the heads up. I will ask my doctor about it the next time my arthritis flares up enough to land me at the doctor's office. Hope it continued to help you!
  11. Weekly check in. Not feeling great about the week, but some good things happened. I may have bitten off one too many things when I signed up for the mini challenge. I miss my story time kids since covid, and I could not resist Sesame Street! Eat fruits/veggies and log meals. 5/7 for the food journal. Ate the fruits/veggies most days...but rebelled a couple days. I blame the stress of being addicted to the news, but that's just an excuse, not a reason. Much room for improvement! Bedtime stretch/strength. 4/7 this week. This is pretty terrible because I THOUGHT this was
  12. It sure was pretty! The sun came out at the perfect part of the day. Hello back at you! The outdoors has been a real refuge for me during this whole covid mess. I'm glad you have a park down the block to give you a taste of fresh air while you hunker down for a bit. Welcome to the Ranger den for your first challenge!
  13. Nice smart goals. I love the idea of ballet workouts and horse riding.
  14. Hope you are getting better sleep by now. I don’t know if what you described is “normal” but I’ve noticed various sleeping pains as I age. Not fun!
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