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  1. suzyQlou

    Suzy Q Rangers On

    Thanks for the nudge, @Xena I may give a real live challenge a go. Good thing it’s still week zero. I have some time together some thoughts about new goals.
  2. suzyQlou

    Suzy Q Rangers On

    Well, it took a while to finally get that scout hike in, but here are the wild turkeys I saw on the trail. It took two hikes to plan this outing, and one hike with the scouts to make it all worthwhile. I love hiking with enthusiastic kids!
  3. suzyQlou

    Suzy Q Rangers On

    Sooooooo, my challenges have slowly lost steam over the past few months. I'm online a heck of a lot less thanks mostly to work being a whole lot more demanding. And yet I yearn to be here, and wear my NF hoodie with pride! So, a battle log it is. I need to be here when I can. And say things like: 1. My kid accused me of being a wimpy ranger when asked to help with the extension ladder. So, I pulled the darn thing off the wall and carried it over my shoulder. Fifteen minutes later, a tree swing was swinging high. 2. I ran an easy 5k around the neighborhood by accident - I remembered the wrong route, and thought I was running far less. 3. I took and ACED the cub scout camp swim test after many years of avoiding the plunge. 4. I tore up my hands on the playground yesterday. Hot monkey bars are no joke. So I'm back here in the battle logs to have a base to Ranger On and catch up with amazing rebels as inspiration and time permits.