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  1. suzyQlou

    Suzy Q Rangers On

    Best news first. My son’s parkour teacher opened his new gym today. Being in it makes me remember and want fitness again. Taking an adult class is still on my epic quest, so this summer is a real opportunity. Now the mediocre news. Week one is kinda chugging along. Good feels for daily meditation, hiking last Friday, and split squats. Photo log was supposed to give me a moment pause before eating off plan. That hasn’t happened. But I still feel like there IS a pause before I eat snacks. There was only one day where the emotional eating really took over. I’ve gone back to the scale, and eating feels more under control than the IE way. I think incorporating some IE ideas of checking in with hunger, identifying emotions, and being gentle with my mistakes has helped me stick to my non-IE eating plan better.
  2. suzyQlou

    Suzy Q Rangers On

    Sooooooo, my challenges have slowly lost steam over the past few months. I'm online a heck of a lot less thanks mostly to work being a whole lot more demanding. And yet I yearn to be here, and wear my NF hoodie with pride! So, a battle log it is. I need to be here when I can. And say things like: 1. My kid accused me of being a wimpy ranger when asked to help with the extension ladder. So, I pulled the darn thing off the wall and carried it over my shoulder. Fifteen minutes later, a tree swing was swinging high. 2. I ran an easy 5k around the neighborhood by accident - I remembered the wrong route, and thought I was running far less. 3. I took and ACED the cub scout camp swim test after many years of avoiding the plunge. 4. I tore up my hands on the playground yesterday. Hot monkey bars are no joke. So I'm back here in the battle logs to have a base to Ranger On and catch up with amazing rebels as inspiration and time permits.