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  1. Your outdoor adventures look amazing. Look at you doing what you said you’d do! (I stole that from one of your updates and I love the way you said it.). Have a great week!
  2. I have been out for the past few weekends for some good outdoor movement. Yesterday was fun because it was just me, flat paths, and a letterboxing adventure. Here's a photo of one of the creeks, but it doesn't give justice the beauty of the space. Weekly checkin: Eat fruits/veggies and log meals. 6/7. Felt pretty good about eating this week. Bedtime stretch/strength. 6/7 this week. Again, made me feel pretty good. 10k steps or other big daily effort. 5/7 for the week. Funny how that seemed dismal last week, but ok this time. Cardio twice a w
  3. One of the things I like about these forums is that we talk about both ups and downs. So many places online or IRL we only hear about the good that everyone else is doing all the time. No wonder we never measure up! So, when we hear "people" saying that exercise makes them feel better, I think that's just a small part of the story.
  4. Hmmm. I have experience with knee pain, but not with TENS. Thanks for the heads up. I will ask my doctor about it the next time my arthritis flares up enough to land me at the doctor's office. Hope it continued to help you!
  5. Weekly check in. Not feeling great about the week, but some good things happened. I may have bitten off one too many things when I signed up for the mini challenge. I miss my story time kids since covid, and I could not resist Sesame Street! Eat fruits/veggies and log meals. 5/7 for the food journal. Ate the fruits/veggies most days...but rebelled a couple days. I blame the stress of being addicted to the news, but that's just an excuse, not a reason. Much room for improvement! Bedtime stretch/strength. 4/7 this week. This is pretty terrible because I THOUGHT this was
  6. It sure was pretty! The sun came out at the perfect part of the day. Hello back at you! The outdoors has been a real refuge for me during this whole covid mess. I'm glad you have a park down the block to give you a taste of fresh air while you hunker down for a bit. Welcome to the Ranger den for your first challenge!
  7. Nice smart goals. I love the idea of ballet workouts and horse riding.
  8. Hope you are getting better sleep by now. I don’t know if what you described is “normal” but I’ve noticed various sleeping pains as I age. Not fun!
  9. Rangerly deed of the day: January hike with an icy rock scramble at the top! Hawk Rock Eagle’s Edge Overlook
  10. Ah, yes. The holidays happened. There was some joy. There was some celebrating. Rather than looking back, I'm looking forward into the fresh new year by expanding my goals a little at a time. My new focus is a meme that was floating around recently about how life isn't easy but we choose our hard. The line that strikes me most is "Obesity is hard. Being fit is hard. Choose your hard." So yeah. The emotional burden and sluggishness of obesity IS hard. I may as well give fitness a try again...even though it is hard. Even with lofty ideas, my GOALS are still smal
  11. I have a stretching routine from a physical therapist that I do. It helped me recover from knee surgery a couple years ago, and I still find it helpful. I also do NF yoga a few times a month. The videos are familiar and predictable. Maybe I’ll look into getting the NF app Elastigirl mentioned. I will probably like that, too.
  12. Oops. Somehow it’s Wednesday, and I haven’t looked back on the week. Hard to say, but it might be because of all the slacking. We’ll start with the good news. I did make it back on the elliptical once this week. The rest, not so much. Aching muscles from the snow shoveling gave me excuses to skip strength workouts, and I didn’t even bother with the stretching routine even though that would have HELPED. Eating was a bit of a free for all because of all the homemade cookies. It seemed pointless to focus on fruits and veggies throughout the day while I was also ea
  13. It’s exciting to see a new year roll around, but I’m sticking with boring goals moving forward. Thanks for the ideas for some online options. Mobility is something I used to overlook, but it has become super important to me in the last few years.
  14. Pizza is good news and bad news. I ate too much, so that’s the bad news. But is was delicious, saved me an hour of time that made cookie decorating with my family possible, and saved me from eating too many cookies. I guess self control would have been better, but at least overeating has a silver lining this time.
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