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  1. I love some cereal too, so I give myself calorie space to fit it in and choose low sugar type. I have it with a banana and chocolate milk before workout, so it satisfies my choco craving
  2. Changed my workout again today to help my shoulder recover. Good news is that the pain is going away Played futsal for 60mins 3 sets of 15 leg raises 3 sets of 15 box jumps 3 sets bw squats 3 sets OA rows 40kg - 6,6,5 2 sets of DB flyes 15kg - 10,10 < tried pressing shoulder hurt, flyes seem ok but not 100% MyFP yesterday Totals Cal 1,980 - C 336 - F 28 - P 94 < damn a lot of carbs today, can't resist my missus pasta carbonara with tuna
  3. By strengthening do you mean endurance? or becoming stronger? BW Squats are fine for building strength, but once you pass a certain level it would be better to add weight, or change to a more challenging exercise like, hindu squats, split squats, shrimp squats, and pistol squats. If strength for endurance is what you are after, then challenging your self to complete a certain amount per week, or month, might be a good challenge. You could then complete 100 on certain days, 50 on others, 200 on extra long workouts etc Indian wrestlers used to do hundreds of hindu squats a day (baithak) t
  4. Yesterday my shoulder was still hurting, I used dumbbells at 10kg to do some different movements and find out which hurt, farmers walks are ok, rows are ok, bench press hurts damn.... Basically anything where the dumbell is pressed hurts, and holding in front for goblet sqauts hurts too. So I did a light workout of dumbbells step ups, farmers walks and some heavier rows. It went ok and I took it slow. I think I need to reset my weights and go slow for a while until my shoulder is healed. So i'm changing my workouts for the moment, hopefully in a few weeks I will get back to benching. MyFP
  5. Today is rest day. My shoulder is still very sore inside, hoping things will be better tomorrow. If not I will stick to bodyweight stuff again. MyFP today Totals Cal 2,018 - C 201 - F 74 - P 116
  6. Cohen

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    1. Goal allocation: MQ: Bodyweight bench press using dumbbells = 4 Str Q1: Workout 4 times a week = 3 STA Q2: Record and hit target calories everyday = 1 CHA 2 CON 2. Mid Challenge Summary: MQ: I hit my main goal on week three, I honestly thought it would take longer. = A (100%) Q1: I missed one workout due to a holiday = 11/12 (92%) Q2: I missed 3 days calories counts due to a holiday = 18/21 (85%) 3. Challenge allocation: I'm rouding. MQ: (100%) = 4 STR Q1: 11/12 (92%) = 3 STA Q2: 18/21 (85%) = 1 CHA & 2 CON 4. Signature: Added Mini Challenges
  7. Hit a pothole riding home on my motorbike today, didn't fall off so my bike is fine, but there was a strange crunching noise in my left shoulder - and now it's sore inside, guessing some rotator cuff issue. So workout today was just some bodyweight squats, box step ups, and a big of jogging around the estate. MyFP today Totals Cal 2,357 - C 238 - F 83 - P 137
  8. Today is workout A and i'm working at level 12 - 30kg for bench, bent over rows, and farmers walks. BW WG Pullups - 2 sets 5, 5 Bench - 3 sets 9, 5, 5 < hit my main goal again today BO Rows - 2 sets 10, 10 Farmers - 2 sets 45m, 45m MyFP today Totals Cal 2,074 - C 252 - F 46 - P 124
  9. After a weekend away i'm back to normal eating, tracking, and ready to hit the gym this afternoon.
  10. The down and back mantra can lead to impingement. Shoulder packing for overhead movement is a little different to how it has been simplified. A more natural motion is needed, not completely loose and definitely not shoulders pulled tightly down and back. Allowing your shoulders to move naturally while keeping control at all times, is safer and much easier. People tend to have problems when they try to follow strict form rules and stop their shoulders from moving. A few interesting articles. http://bretcontreras.com/guest-blog-shoulder-packing-by-joe-sansalone/ http://bretcontreras.com/
  11. Ori and the Blind Forest. I usually don't go for platformers but this is awesome.
  12. Missed workout and tracking on Friday. I'm away with my wife and daughter for May day holiday
  13. Manflu still in effect, but I got plenty of rest last night and had a relaxed morning. Today is workout A and i'm working at level 12 - 30kg for bench, bent over rows, and farmers walks. I had a nice strong black coffee before my workout to help with my manflu symptoms BW CG Chins - 2 sets 10,7 BW WG Pullups - 2 sets 5, 5 Bench - 3 sets 9, 6, 6, BO Rows - 2 sets 12, 12 Farmers - 2 sets 45m, 45m That's the end of benching for this week, so my main quest of a body weight dumbbell bench press (I'm using exrx to calculate my 1 rm) Finished bench this week at 64kg for 9 reps = 1
  14. There is really a lot going on in your workouts which is fine in the beginning, but you may find that as you progress, and start getting more intense, you maybe can't keep doing everything. Possible change: Choose one weighted lower body exercise. Choose one weighted push exercise. Choose one weighted pull exercise. Example: Squat Press Row Do these every workout and try to progress in weight over time. For example if you enjoy working at higher reps and are getting 15 reps easy, then increase the weight a little and keep working until you hit 15 again, then repeat. This will do more
  15. I use myfitnesspal and input my own custom goals. At the moment they are 50% carbs 25% protein and 25% fat. I don't hit it exact everyday, but it serves as a good guideline and I get somewhere near. This has been working well for me this year at maintaining my weight and steadily getting stronger. I have tried a higher protein amount for about 3 months and didn't notice any difference so I dropped it back down. I'm not lifting huge weight, so this might change as I get stronger. I have tried lower carbs and didn't feel great during the day. But it is worth trying out different things and l
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