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  1. Hey fellow Rangers, I am still here. I didn't post a challenge at the start of this one, but I have my goals list on my phone where it's easy to keep track of. I'm still aggravated with tapatalk for not working as it once did. Thus I'm now typing away on my phone. 'Tis life. Things are largely the same, yet moving in the same direction: Building a new life for the kids and myself after hubby moved out in June. We are still cordial, and most days are way good. Sometimes it's still hard though. Don't get me wrong, he and I, we are so much better off than we were, but it is still weird and odd in places. Growing up in an ugly breakup myself, being now a separated parent was my worst nightmare: turns out when you're not my parents, it's not that bad. Still life is bumpy sometimes. We're happier, the hubs and I. The kids, I don't know, I am trying to build a good life for them. When that urge hit me, like it does almost every year in Feb, to dig and plant, I struggled then corona hit, and I gave into the urge to lease a place, so now we have this beautiful (diamond in the rough) garden, which isn't that far away, really, and we moved the compost into the beds, which took many hands and almost two weeks to do, but it is done now. And the seedlings are in their places, and I can't wait for them to grow... there's piles of things to do, but it's okay. BigBoy is finishing school :so proud: and BabyBoy will return to school this week (once a week they have school) so lot's of exciting things happening. I have late shift coming up Wed, Sat, Sun, early shift Mon, and appointments Tue, Wed, Fri a.m. and Thu p.m. so, yeah, a lot, like always. But doable, I think. Today we sort out the school bag, get some school work done, BabyBoy and I both, then probably homemade pizza on bought dough, because tired. I foresee us sitting in the garden doing our homework. The asparagus seeds have not sprouted yet, neither have the brassicas I seeded for 김치 but that's okay, I only sewn them the other day. My weight is doing all kinds of things that I disapprove of, but with the garden and everything else I just don't have the patience to care properly for my nutrition. Which is regrettable but it is what it is. I plan to eat more plant-based as the year goes on. No, plant-based is not a garant for lower calories or healthier in general, but compared to what I've been up to lately it sure will be an improvement. Not quite sure what my food intake will look like in the future, but I am hoping for some delicious foods from our own garden... if things actually decide to grow... who knows, they might not... I have no clue. No gym, as corona still is a thing. And I am still struggling with doing my PT exercises at home, even though they are low-equipment and no-equipment exersises. It's hard for me not to hate on myself for that. Work is stressful but relatively low key, as I have worked a number of shifts for sick colleagues and thus accumulated some extra days off. I am almost done with a 7 days off block, followed by 4 work days in 6 days and followed in turn by 10 days off start of june... plus my 3 weeks vacation time start of july... It's so bizzar. Time to get the kids back on track. My portion sizes too, and yeah, overall work on the whole not burning myself out by piling too much on... I have a knack for that, it's not healthy. Hope you are all well, stay safe. Katrin a.k.a. Morag PS finished week 2, but too lazy to take new screenshot, wholeheartedly involved in week 3 now. There is so much school stuff, BabyBoy's and my own. Le Sigh. Off to get my weekly weight in done and wake the kid. Let's hit the deck running. Ohhhh, PPS if you are in need of a thoroughly enjoyable KDrama: The Korean Odyssey (화유기) it's a spin-off off the classical journey to the west, and as spin-offs tend to do, it's out there. But it actually is one of THE best KDramas I've watched, subjectively. I've now seen it three times, enjoyed it immensely, and at 20 Episodes 1+h per episode that says something, doesn't it? 이승기, who plays 손오공, is actually the same actor who plays the male lead in vagabond, so that explains why I enjoyed that show so much... anyway. I recently, not so recently actually, got hung up on how I revisit stories (books, movies or shows) that I enjoyed, instead of going and watching new stuff. I ripped into myself quite a bit over this, calling myself coward, lazy and stuck in my comfort zone. But not that long ago I realised something else: it's my lifetime. I get to decide what I spend my time on earth with, and if it is watching a show that nurtures something inside me, some part of me that was hurt recently through our breakup or long ago when my parents broke up, or just simply through life and if there is some comfort in watching relatively innocent love grow in a story with beautifully depicted side characters and a gorgeous story... IT IS MY CHOICE to watch that a third time in its entirety and cry at the appropriate places, or not. My Choice. And it is better than watching something superficially that may not actually be nurturing on an emotional level. So there. I am coming to a place where I can consciously revisit stories I know and enjoy them again, for a deeper understanding, and not beat myself up over it as much. That happened.