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  1. Placeholder.Tank summoned in FB. I heard the call. So I'm here. No clue yet. Will write something up.
  2. Heya folks, what a year, innit? So I am cleaning up my act: Adulting... More adulting... Followed by some habit practices, a.k.a. doing the things that I know work: eat better, start where you are, don't beat yourself up about where you think you should be, knock those things off my desk one after the other, keep breathing, don't overexert, keep those batteries charged and recharging. I have too much on my plate figuratively as well as literally. I need a proper List of All Teh Tinkz followed by some fancy footwork and some accurate urgency/importance priority determination. I'll keep you posted. There will be food porn, plant porn, amateur interior designer snippets, Korean Language studies enthusiasm and potentially even garden things... there will also most likely be SingleMomOfATeenageBoyRants... amoung other things. Stay tuned.