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  1. Morag

    Thom coaches himself

    I will have to look into this word magic you speak of. Curious indeed. Glad you are here and doing the thing. As always, with my pompoms and my broomstick. Katrin send from my new phone, bear with me.
  2. Morag

    Ye Ranger Guilde Halle in the North [General Chat]

    Morag comes through the door, hangs her flowing black cloak on the peg on the wall. Slips off her warm, beautifully warm boots, with a small gesture magicks her slippers back onto her feet where they belong. She walks through the room with a proud curve to her back greeting those wonderful people with real warmth in her face. She walks up to the bar, pulls her offering/gift to the host out of a bag too small, what gift she gives the man is between him and her. She grabs her own pint of sweet mead and delicious plate of food as the inkeeper places them before her and ventures over to Thom to have a sit and a meal and a chat wonder who besides the two of them will show up this fine day. She waves a red-wooded wand and a draft from the fireplace hits just so, and the warmth of the fireplace hits her feet just right. And for the first time these last few days she is finally, thankfully, blessedly warm from the toes up. After a quiet chomping down on delicious meats and cheeses and freshly baked bread with olive oil and a Pile of delicious (grilled) veggies she sighs contentedly and a quiet conversation starts up. How are you, how is life, look what I found, what that is - spell ingredients - of course, no I know, full moon was beautiful yesterday, yes I went, have been readying potions ingredients, just waiting for the plants to be ready to be harvested, how's your rune studies coming along, what is new? Good to see you, dear friend! send from my new phone, bear with me.
  3. Morag

    Morag swishes and flicks - and ennunciates

    Was out for a spontaneous, sunset/moonrise trip to the beach of my childhood last night. So worth it! I went alone, and I thought I'd packed the matches but didn't, but here, have a look see. It was so very beautiful. I complied with all my fasting shennanigans, though I wasn't sure that I would be able to (30h fast is a beast). But I did it and I am stronger for it. Gotta work this afternoon/evening, but it will be ok. Thought hubby and I were close to done with each other. He disagrees. Vehemently. Hope. Funny thing, hope. So far so good. Sat work till 6:30p.m. Then off until Tue 9a.m. looking forward to "going back to normal" (whatever that may mean) next week when school resumes. Can't find my meditation pillow or the one book of starhawk I really want to find. Basement? Inlaws? Harumpf. Anyway, here have some April full moon sunset moonrise pictures. send from my new phone, bear with me.
  4. Morag

    Terra creates Activation Energy!!!

    About the book club: i know just too well how aggravatin people with selective amnesia can be. Do be kind to yourself there, it's not good if you always swallow your anger. Stand up for my friend at least some of the time, ok friend? We got your back! send from my new phone, bear with me.
  5. Morag

    Morag swishes and flicks - and ennunciates

    Truly lovely to have you along for the ride, guys. What a week! (Yes, it is only thursday. Le sigh.) send from my new phone, bear with me.
  6. Well... It's that time again: time for a new challenge! The Hype is real. So I have been going to school - by train - for a couple of weeks. Now I am interning and writing applications. Soon I will go back to school for another two weeks. It's not quite platform 9 3/4, but close enough, don't you think? I have a heaping lot on my plate (don't we all???): * I am getting certified to be a non-medical care person for elderly homes. * I have want to find a place to work. * I have want to write and hand in my paper on time. * I have want to present the content of my paper well in front of my classmates. * I am getting therapy for my neurasthenie (sp). * My hubby and I struggle with our marriage. * My weight is going in the wrong direction (up vs down). To keep the stress-related kitchen raids in check I currently play with an intermittent fasting app. The black&white nature of fasting (now you can eat, now you can't helps me preserve willpower, because I don't have to watch and moderate my actions all the time. Some of the time it's a solid "no, wait till later". This week is rather all over plan wise, but I am still complying, although I had to move fasting intervals a few times to make them work with life. * I had a "don't buy bullshit food" thing, at the end of last challenge, but not doing so well with that. This needs refining. No one is born a potions master, I just need additional tutoring... I do - just have to find the time. Talking about time: no cheating! So for my current curriculum: * Write application(s?) - find a place of employment for myself * Write term paper * Study and work hard * Smile * Schedule and execute breaks and me-time segments at least two per week. I get a bonus thingy for the third. (Knitting while watching Sabrina, or rewatching any of the HarryPotter/NewtScamander movies counts. Non-magical movies/shows count too.) * Smile some more * Get to bed before 22h (unless fasting all day, then you can stay up until end of fast and have a Light meal before bed). (This needs fixing. I know varying the fasting time keeps my body on its toes and all that, but my eating should serve me, I shouldn't serve my fasting schedule. Especially with going out of the house for interning, school and -hopefully soon- work.) (Will adjust when I have had time for a good thinking-through) Everyday things that are always on my list: * parent my boys (and myself, admittedly), * be present with hubby - aim to think possitive things - don't imagine the worst, * breathe Hubby saw a plushy the other day... aint he cute? (No, we didn't bring him home.) send from my new phone, bear with me.
  7. Morag

    [Morag] there and back again

    You are a Gem, Terra, thank you! Tuesday morning, break week. I am UTTERLY in the mood for a Wizarding-World-themed challenge (Harry Potter meets Newt Scamander meets Sabrina Spellman). So I will be headed to work late this afternoon, meaning I stayed up Way Too Late last night. I don't even know why I do that, staying up late. Really silly, it screws up my entire next day, if not more. So end status: I have no idea. I am heavier than I think I should be, but I am entirely not sure if it went up or down or moved at all throughout the last 4 weeks. I think a bujo thingy to tick off goal complience and a habit to note things in the bujo are my main goal for next challenge... plus some school and magic, obviously. Let's migrate sooner rather than later. send from my new phone, bear with me.
  8. Morag

    Terra creates Activation Energy!!!

    Oh, yeah! I'm along for this one! send from my new phone, bear with me.
  9. Morag

    [Morag] there and back again

    Thank you, Terra! Can you give me a screenshot or something off of that page? It's not available from Germany. send from my new phone, bear with me.
  10. Morag

    [Morag] there and back again

    So it is end of March. I have so much to tell you, yet my attention span is abhorrent. We shall see how rambly things turn out today, k? K! I have a new bujo. I need to sort my thoughts out, my current-almost-full bujo has been hiding from me for almost two weeks now, my current-more-a-calendar-really I have been gifted for christmas is with it. If they are not off to make little booklets and notepads, I will be upset. Anyway. I have a new one, it's yellow and pretty and of course I will share pics. Eventually. I wrote down a calendar overview of this and the next months, actually up to the end of the year, and no, I can't see or plan that far in advance, I am a MESS. Hubby and I are on the outs, no I will not talk about that much at all, but it is THE existential stressor right now. I am currently getting qualified to be a Betreuungskraft (non-medical nursing home care person (sorry, I am translating this on the fly)). I have had 2 weeks of classes so far, I will have 1 1/2 more, then interning for 80h, then 2 more weeks of classes after that, incl. practical exams and all that jive. At the end of (24th) May I will be done. If I get a job offer through my internship, I could start working as early as June 1st. That would be awesome. I am currently gaining unwanted weight and am struggling to change the direction. Adding fresh veggies where I can, prepping stuff to lower thresholds, but overall really not happy with my tummy and my chin and that, my physical and emotional wellbeing, has to be a priority, and I am fighting with myself about it all. For now I am eating fresh/non-barcode stuff where ever possible and fasting at 16/8. My therapy is ongoing, though my therapist is on vacation for another week. I have knocked a gazillion things off of my desk, a few things remain, but spawn-rate has decreased visibly, it's a solid, definite win. So far for now, more soon. send from my new phone, bear with me.