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  1. So today os Friday, still out of the grinder, BUT there may be a silver lining visible now. I spoke with someone, and I think I got one of the threasholds between me am me fixing my situation out of the way, kinda. Difficult to explain without going too much into detail. I spoke to someone fessed up to my burnout/neurasthenia/depression/whateverIamgoingthroughrightnow and how that lead to my paperwork not being done on time. It feels like I am moving again at least. And I have a flyer and a letter headed my way to get me access to a single session or a few sessions with a counselor free of cha
  2. Week 1 was not bad, but I am still in the grinder until noonish Wednesday this week, once I've breathed after that I can report back properly. Hope you are all doing ok. Speak soon.
  3. Hey Ellis, nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by! I wouldn't be able to get up at 4:45 for early shift if I didn't have the lamp going from 4:00 or 4:30, it's SO BLASTED HARD to get up before the light, I'm sure glad I found light to be the best alarm for me. Today I have paperwork to fill out and get ready to send out. Existential fears in high gear. Yesterday's dinner experiment looked a bit like a sad, deflated, stranded blob, two portions eaten last night (first born and I) but it tastes fine, so I had some leftovers for breakfast, did not go for seconds, and am putting
  4. In went for a walk yesterday. I did go by my garden allotment today after work, that's two habit-building compliances. I created a rewards jar and drew only blanks so far ( ) I did cook a new recipe BigBoy and I agree on some improvement possibilities, BabyBoy tasted a fork tine's worth of it and cried and dry heaved and was overall the brat that he usual is. What did I cook (Spinatstrudel, the recipe calls it, a roll of spinach-parmesan-almond flour-and seasoning covered dough, baked up in the oven with tomato sauce Napolitana out of a jar.) So far that's no
  5. Hey Terra, I finally found my way around the forums, looking up people's threads, loitering for a bit, but I decided Enough Of This Go Say Hi. So here I am saying hi. Let's get back on our feet. You got this!
  6. You are right of course, but at 54° N and two weeks after winter solstice... there is not a lot of sunlight to be had. Not here not with our weather not with our location... but if I work on the other goal (going outside every day) I will, eventually, get access to more natural sunlight. Good to see you, Elastigirl, how have you been? How are you doing? Happy New Year ☆!
  7. Hi, my name is Katrin, I go by Morag on the internet. I'm 37yo, single mum of a 17 yo and a 10 yo boy from the north of Germany. I'm a gazillion kg overweight, I started my journey April 6th, 2015, I came straight here, and even during that first newbie challenge I joined the Rangers and have been a ranger ever since, though admittedly in 2019 and 2020 I've been more offsite than on. Even though I have been flailing about lately... I've had a hell of a ride so far: ran a very slow but steady 6km mudrun with friends from Aus and NL, got licensed to be trainer for fitness classes in
  8. Thanks everyone for the tapatalk feedback. I think Imma migrate to the new forums, feels like a good place to cut off 2020 and go start thinking about 2021...
  9. Glad I spot another familiar name in the forest of new threads. Hope you are well. Do take good care of yourself. Bestest wishes! Let's see how long I can keep up with your thread! Morag aka Katrin
  10. So far I think and feel that I have had a good xmas break/xmas challenge. I had a certain appointment on the 15th, and since then I did feel stuffed from eating once, christmas eve, the Grünkohl and assorted meats and fried potatoes were soooo goood, but otherwise I have started getting the hang of noticing how I feel, and eating when hungry and not when not, better and better these last almost two weeks. I am debating researching scales at some point, mine is... 20+ years old, and starting to act up, and I was wondering if there is one, which sends measures directly to app, so that I don't ha
  11. I reinstalled tapatalk, still get "get_config" network error. Their forums say it's the website plugin, thats outdated, I wonder if an admin could do something about this, or if anyone knows someone hogh up in the website hierarchy who could... tapatalk was a joy to use, I kept up with people's threads and spent hours onnthe forum each week... browser... not so much. Phone keyboard and browser just so iffy... imma flag this post, maybe someone can help.
  12. Merry Christmas, people, when you get there. Lot's of love and happy vibes from me to you.
  13. Hey, if you ever wanna voice call or video call, let me know. I'm working again tomorrow, and Monday the spawn turns 17,but otherwise I am mostly free almost all the time... (ok, I'm not but I am flexible about when I do what.) So I'd happily hang out for a bit, if you were so inclined. Is cool of not too, no pressure.
  14. Edited. I think it's okay now. On my way to work. Thought I check in here, I'll gratitude log here, since it's not that long a bus ride to read and comment on any of your threads. So gratitude: My son, the little teenmonster... he's turning 17 this coming monday. And he's grown so responsible in the last year and a bit. Sure he's still barely ever showering and no he is not writing applications to find a place to learn a trade. But he's made HUGE strides about cohabiting with his brother and me. He barely grumbles now when I send him shopping two days in a row
  15. Hey Terra, I'm here, sorry for being absent for so long. Don't hesitate to reach out. Happy to talk any day, here or over on fb, I don't mind. Happy to hang out any time. What I had to learn as someone who cares for people but rarely gets sick myself: tell them what you need. Don't expect them to know what you need, tell them. The same way you're not used to being the weak patient, they have not a lot of experience being the carer... dual patience may be needed. Happy to send good vibes all day. Focus on getting better, work can wait. Lots
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