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  1. RPGs (mostly pen&paper, but not exclusively) have been a massive part of my life for two decades. I mean I did marry my Shadowrun GM just over 18 years ago and we are raising children together. Sure we broke up a little while back, but thats just us coping with each of us changing. He's not a bad person. He really isn't. So. I'm to pick up the mantle of GM this week. I am working through Easter Weekend and after that I have most of the month of April off work, because I am lucky and blessed. Vacation-time for the win. The garden is calling me, or is that me jonsing after s
  2. Morag slinks in, looks around, eyes going wide for just moment, sighs just enough to alleviate some of the chaos-induced stress. "Hey Everyone", she greets the room at large. Then wanders around the room a bit until she finds one of those comfortable chairs she's sat in for years when she when she had taken a breather between or during her adventures in months past. Hey guys, been a while. "Barkeep, a round, it's been too long. Don't forget to pick a drink yourself as well."
  3. I'd like to get into this. Mental conditioning is just the thing.
  4. Hugs! Hope you feel better soon. I so get the annoyance with that fragility, hugs and more hugs!
  5. Hey fellow rebels, so I typed in "r" into the tag list while thinking about which tags do apply and it gave me the option to add druid, and I went straight to "naaaahhhh I'm not a druid!" but then I kept thinking about it, and maybe that knee-jerk reaction is old info? I have been a Ranger from the very first challenge way back years and years ago. I added the barbarian when I followed my crush and did meet the barbell for the first time and it was love at first sight. But in the last... year - year and a half - my life changed so very much. And I have gotten a garden allotment and
  6. So today os Friday, still out of the grinder, BUT there may be a silver lining visible now. I spoke with someone, and I think I got one of the threasholds between me am me fixing my situation out of the way, kinda. Difficult to explain without going too much into detail. I spoke to someone fessed up to my burnout/neurasthenia/depression/whateverIamgoingthroughrightnow and how that lead to my paperwork not being done on time. It feels like I am moving again at least. And I have a flyer and a letter headed my way to get me access to a single session or a few sessions with a counselor free of cha
  7. Week 1 was not bad, but I am still in the grinder until noonish Wednesday this week, once I've breathed after that I can report back properly. Hope you are all doing ok. Speak soon.
  8. Hey Ellis, nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by! I wouldn't be able to get up at 4:45 for early shift if I didn't have the lamp going from 4:00 or 4:30, it's SO BLASTED HARD to get up before the light, I'm sure glad I found light to be the best alarm for me. Today I have paperwork to fill out and get ready to send out. Existential fears in high gear. Yesterday's dinner experiment looked a bit like a sad, deflated, stranded blob, two portions eaten last night (first born and I) but it tastes fine, so I had some leftovers for breakfast, did not go for seconds, and am putting
  9. In went for a walk yesterday. I did go by my garden allotment today after work, that's two habit-building compliances. I created a rewards jar and drew only blanks so far ( ) I did cook a new recipe BigBoy and I agree on some improvement possibilities, BabyBoy tasted a fork tine's worth of it and cried and dry heaved and was overall the brat that he usual is. What did I cook (Spinatstrudel, the recipe calls it, a roll of spinach-parmesan-almond flour-and seasoning covered dough, baked up in the oven with tomato sauce Napolitana out of a jar.) So far that's no
  10. Hey Terra, I finally found my way around the forums, looking up people's threads, loitering for a bit, but I decided Enough Of This Go Say Hi. So here I am saying hi. Let's get back on our feet. You got this!
  11. You are right of course, but at 54° N and two weeks after winter solstice... there is not a lot of sunlight to be had. Not here not with our weather not with our location... but if I work on the other goal (going outside every day) I will, eventually, get access to more natural sunlight. Good to see you, Elastigirl, how have you been? How are you doing? Happy New Year ☆!
  12. Hi, my name is Katrin, I go by Morag on the internet. I'm 37yo, single mum of a 17 yo and a 10 yo boy from the north of Germany. I'm a gazillion kg overweight, I started my journey April 6th, 2015, I came straight here, and even during that first newbie challenge I joined the Rangers and have been a ranger ever since, though admittedly in 2019 and 2020 I've been more offsite than on. Even though I have been flailing about lately... I've had a hell of a ride so far: ran a very slow but steady 6km mudrun with friends from Aus and NL, got licensed to be trainer for fitness classes in
  13. Thanks everyone for the tapatalk feedback. I think Imma migrate to the new forums, feels like a good place to cut off 2020 and go start thinking about 2021...
  14. Glad I spot another familiar name in the forest of new threads. Hope you are well. Do take good care of yourself. Bestest wishes! Let's see how long I can keep up with your thread! Morag aka Katrin
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