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  1. Hi. Here, oooooooobviously
  2. I still put a sticker over the camera on my work laptop. Just in case...
  3. Dates are my preworkout food! Plus medicinal. Because, well, poop.
  4. Well that just went to the top of my list of things to Google...
  5. That's a lot of plates. Congratulations!!!
  6. Hi! I lift at home, usually by myself. I agree with all of the above. Overhead press needs no spot - if you 'fail' the lift, you just can't lift it up (past your forehead if you are like me), and it settles back down to starting position. I guess it's possible to fail it catastrophically, but even then, you would just drop it and make a loud noise. :-) Squats need no spot if done in the power rack with the adjustable safety bars put in place. If you fail a squat, that just means you squat down and can't get back up. So you squat down even more and the bar itself rests on the safeties, you climb out from under. No harm, no foul. The bars on the sides that look like they can be pulled out are the safeties. This lady is squatting (I'm not going to critique her form here). - notice how she has the safeties at a height which allows her to squat down, but that if she fails, she can set the bar down and get out. I have failed several times - only thing hurt was my pride. ;-) Bench, though...bench is a bit trickier, because if you fail a bench, the bar could be resting on YOU, which is bad news. So we either drag the bench into the power rack and use those same safeties (second choice, cuz boobs) or get a spot. Noworries, your girls can totally spot you - they will only lift a few pounds, even when you fail, you will still push as much of the weight up as you can, they are just there to help a bit! A spotter should not be taking the weight from you, but should give you a teeny tiny bit of an assist. I say train your girls to spot you! They will be lifting less than the weight of a gallon of milk when they give you an assist. Big burly stranger spots are also acceptable - I have never had a guy say that he wouldn't spot me - they are sometimes too helpful, though and assist before I need it. /Shrug
  7. Nope. Never heard of it.
  8. What does IG stand for?
  9. This is what I picture happens at CrossFit: A bunch of hotties checking each other for jackness. All jokes aside, I have a feeling that this will be really good for you. Yay!!!
  10. I tried for a clever gif or pithy saying, but since I am unfamiliar with your theme it didn't work. But following, anyway!!!
  11. Following!