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  1. RedStone Plays The Long Game

  2. Emerald_Dragonfly puts on her big girl bloomers and challenges

    So far the extent of big girl bloomer challenge has been typing out the challenge. Except the side eyes part. I'm doing GREAT with that part.
  3. Taddea Zhaan Hikes to the Battlefield

    Nope Nope Nope
  4. Grumbles Gets Better

  5. Taddea Zhaan Hikes to the Battlefield

    So much this.
  6. Grumbles Gets Better

    QFT X2
  7. Mike Wazowski does stuff daily

    Also, I remembered this. And then couldn't NOT share...
  8. Br0din prepares for Ragnarok, part Åtte

    I think the kama sutra actually has a name for that one...
  9. Laghail: Dungeons Dungeons and More Dungeons

    That seems just the tiniest bit excessive.
  10. So...I was going to skip this challenge...but then I realized that since beginning with you Nerds, I haven't skipped a single one. So I am challenging. Not messing up a perfect game. I'm playing on expert mode this go 'round, so my goals are super simple: 1. Remember that I like to lift, so when things get tough, lifting helps. Log it when I do, don't beat myself up if I don't. My coach is a b e a s t and the most supportive of supportives, so no worries, there... 2. Don't use life crap as an excuse to eat like an a-hole. Pack lunches, drink water, etc... 3. The world can handle my side eyes. No need to fake the pollyanna sunshine. Side eye gifs are not required on a daily basis, but acceptable. That's all I got. Get off my lawn. (Or stay on it. Whichever.)