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  1. Emerald_Dragonfly

    [Jǫrð] The one in which Taddea becomes Jǫrð, the earth

    Question - does the foot pedal attach with a cord on your new one? If so, can you engineer rig arrange it so that you only hang it halfway, lean or clip it to something, or create a wooden 90 degree thing to hang down from the table to knee height and still press with your knee instead of your foot? Reminder, I know nothing about sewing, so that may be a stupid idea...but I come from a proud tradition of redneck innovation... (as a child I actually witnessed a family member doing one of the above...you are free to guess which)
  2. Emerald_Dragonfly

    Laghail Writes Shit Down

    I feel like this has turned into an old Taddea Zhaan @Jord thread. Oh wait... There's a cross-thread contamination joke in there somewhere, but I just can't find it. (Fecal transplant? Too much?)
  3. Emerald_Dragonfly

    RedStone Can

    Me: Wait...the ride hasn't even really started??????
  4. Emerald_Dragonfly

    Brovatar Korra Has Time Enough At Last

    SO glad that you are here! Congratulations on finishing the residency - that sounds intense! x2 for getting full time job - whoo-hoo! Following...OBVIOUSLY.
  5. Emerald_Dragonfly

    Emerald_Dragonfly slinks back in

    Yesssssssssssss....I wanted to click "Like" a BAJILLION TIMES. For realz.
  6. Emerald_Dragonfly

    Emerald_Dragonfly slinks back in

    Well, it's on the way, sooooooooooooo...I can only say so much about it until I actually start it... Plus: the following showed up in my search...not sure how it met the search criteria, but it made me giggle, so here ya go: (mildly nsfw if your work has a strict "no pastry that doesn't look like pastry" policy)
  7. Emerald_Dragonfly

    Emerald_Dragonfly slinks back in

    I'm here! New program on the way, I am SUPER EXCITED about this. Also...I did a thing. Like a, "you can do something to better your mind" kind of thing. A thing that I have wanted to do for a while, but haven't. I have been walking and lifting and eating (mostly) like I have sense.
  8. Emerald_Dragonfly

    Emerald_Dragonfly slinks back in

    Hi. Three Goals: 1. Do. The. Thing. 2. Tell you guys about it. 3. Be a good nerd friend. Gifs are - as always - encouraged but optional. My challenge, in gif form, for your viewing pleasure: I realize that none of this follows the rules for a challenge, but I am okay with that. I will be lifting, walking, Duolingoing, eating sensibly, and vacationing for a week off the grid in July. So....Hi.