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  1. Emerald_Dragonfly posts a gif

    It was a struggle to start that early... but here is the proof of his family's dedication...and Irish coffee *is* a coffee drink. Totally acceptable for 8 o'clock in the morning.
  2. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    Following! What are you studying?
  3. Harbard tries not to lose his mind

    NEW HOUSE! That's super exciting!
  4. Blocky does whatever he wants...

    Butt doms are both the best and the worst at the same time. It hurts so bad good awful great much. Looking forward to vacay pics!
  5. Emerald_Dragonfly posts a gif

    A good gif can say so much... If only... It didn't take you long to catch on to my wily ways... Hahaha... What if I had been more specific with my units... A gif per hour? A gif per word (can you imagine?!) A gif per goal per post? We'll stick with "a gif per whenever I feel like it", lol
  6. Emerald_Dragonfly posts a gif

    Saturday calories: 1803
  7. Gemma is ISO much of her muchiness

    Random responses: Alanis Morissette ruined us all. Smart to look into being of a certain age. Menopause is a T H I N G. You got this. We are here for you!!! Hugs.
  8. Mike Wazowski: Week by Week

    All. The. Books. All of them.
  9. AriatikStarr does the same challenge as always, but differently.

    my motto for challenges? If the goals are still applicable...
  10. JustCallMeAmber is going goaling

  11. courtniemarie's bills bills bills challenge

  12. Emerald_Dragonfly posts a gif

    update: Wednesday: jogged, 1474 calories Thursday: Lifted, 1827 calories P O U N D S Squat 2 x 5 at 45 5 x 5 at 80 OHP 2 x 5 at 45 5 x 5 at 60 DL 3 x 5 at 65 Friday (today), will be 1741 calories Jogged.
  13. Emerald_Dragonfly posts a gif

    No theme, just gifs. I'm not going no words (although that one was fun)...just whatever gifs I feel like including. I do not promise that they will all make sense. Goals: 1. Lift 3x per week (still at rehab weights - allllllllllmost healed, though) 2. Zombies Run! 2x or more per week (walk/jog/run quick, there are ZOMBIES!) 3. Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut. 1780 calories or below. 4. Sneak in some yoga. Unrelated to my goals, but I want to brag: