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  1. @Elastigirl: Thank you, and as for this week, was a bit of a bumpy ride haha! I went to the parkour gym for the first time this Wednesday! It was AMAZING! We trained some basic vaults and plus some upper body workouts, but my legs were not used to all the jumping and running around, so, as expected, my thigh muscle hurt for the next few days, which resulted in me not being able complete the Beginner Body Weight Workout, doing it only on Monday. Hopefully this week I'll be able to keep it up and do it twice. Drank soda only once this week, almost fell into temptation on a second day, but mana
  2. Hello There! Good to find a fellow Brazillian here! Keep hanging in there, I'm sure you'll achieve your goals!
  3. Hello there and Welcome to the Rebelion, I'm new here as well =D These are some awesome goals, and I find it amazing how the "Zombies, Run!" App helped you realizing run could be fun! The Neila Rey website is pretty cool as well, I might take a look into it for my next challenge! Good luck on your Goals, yo can do it! ^^
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    First Mini Challenge Completed!
  5. @Amdhiel: Thank you for the information, I'll surely drop by the Chats! Challenge Update: Did the Beginner Body Weight Workout for the second time, starting to get the hang of the exercises, but the Body Weight Squats are still very challenging Last day of the first week, and I'm happy to say I didn't drink not even one sip of soda for the entire week \o/ First Mini Challenge: Let's Get SMART 1- Yes, I believe it is both achievable and reasonable. 2- The first two focus directly on the main quest, and the third influences it indirectly, as I need a healthy body in order to complete my
  6. Hey there! Awesome goals, looks like you're following them quite well so far, keep it up =D And the cleaning the room side goal is something I definitelly need to incorporate, great idea!
  7. @Little Owl: Thank you for the support! @Blaidd: Haha, yeah, the weather is finally starting to get warm again, I'm very proud to say I managed to survive the winter! It was my first time seeing snow. Thank you for explaining the tagging ^^ First Challenge Update: Did the Beginner Body Weight Workout for the first time! I was happy to notice I was able to increase the Dumbell Rows to 20 and the Plank to 30 seconds. The Body Weight Squats turned out to be more challenging than I thought though, my muscles are definitelly feeling it! Haha. I'll be editting the Challenge Post to keep track
  8. Hello Everyone! New Recruit here, aspiring Assassin. I'm from Brazil but have been living in Canada for the past few months. When I arrived here I wanted to do loads of stuff, one of them was start training Parkour in a Parkour Gym in the city. Needless to say, without proper motivation, this plan faded into the background, but no more! Main Quest: -Learn the basic parkour movements by the end of this challenge. Tasks: -Do the Beginner Body Weight Workout twice a week, hopefully increase to 3 times by the end of the challenge. -Join the Parkour Gym and take lessons once a week. (Sadly I'
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