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  1. been a while, longg updates due to super busyness, i've got full mobility in bending, but about 20% only in twisting Food has improved a lot of panera, thankfully next month i have an apartment again. Yay college town homelessness.
  2. none that I know of, my biggest problem is right now i'm eating so much more than i used too. Crap weekend on my excersizes though, they changed em up and i forgot too do some of them over the weekend.
  3. Pretty well so far, done everything I can, still haven't been excelling on my food, more panera less pizza, but i've been drinking more Soda. I'm actually kind of sick of it, but i have no where to keep other things and rely on delivery later in the day. because my car is far enough it hurts my back to walk frequently. but during the actual day it's mostly healthy food.
  4. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/69482-shadowfire-and-the-busted-up-back/ set up and rolling, haven't updated sig yet though.
  5. recovery is improving, still eating like a gorramn horse, but not i can get through half of my work day without crying, a lot. so that's a dramatic improvement.
  6. Been eating better, more panera and milio's less wendy's etc. Missed 1 more, up to two, and a few have been incomplete. so that's been rough. I've not had the facilities for some of them.
  7. 1 is going pretty well, since monday i've only missed one. 2 however, not as pretty, I've eaten 3 burgers half a pizza and a panera bread bowl today. I can't cook since I don't really have access to a kitchen right now. So I'm trying to figure out how to eat well on the go. i'm gonna do some archive digging
  8. Couple days late, i know but I've been moving and catching up at work. and really I only have 2 challenges. 1) LISTEN TO YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPIST!. look, I know, your stubborn, but this dude knows what he is talking about, follow the workout plan he gives you, don't overdo it, don't overextend yourself, seriously you can barely lift 10 lbs right now. STOP. if you actually do your excersizes 75% of the time, at least, +2 wis, +1 dex +1 str. 2) Stop eating like trash. you were doing good. no really you were. than you got busted, and this medicine makes you hungry. while at least eat decent food if you are gonna eat SOOOO much. +1 Wis +1 Sta This is my corpse run, let's see how much of my loot I can get back.
  9. Well, I have a story here. I'm at a trampoline park, and some 4 year old kid, who is by no stretch of the imagination being chaperoned jumps a hair in front of me. well, i have 2 options, jump backwards or jump through her. Now i'm no ghost, so i go backwards, land on the small of my back on a metal bar. and my doctor can't see me for WEEKS. well i'm just starting recovery, and my muscle relaxants double my appetite, so long story short, i haven't worked out in ages, still really can't and gained 10 pounds from eating. square 1 i suppose. Let's rush it.
  10. I know I haven't been very active during this challenge, due to an injury sidelining me, but I wanted to thank you all for your advice, I saw a doctor, a physical therapist, and found out what was wrong, I'm going to be in PT for the next 6 weeks, at least, my spinal joints are all rather nastily inflamed, however I will say this makes setting up my next challenge, SUPER easy.
  11. Yeah I have that tendency. I've been slapped for it before.
  12. Still sidelined. Work has even got me sitting down so I don't hurt myself. I can do light walks but mostly waiting on a doctors appointment right now. Still keeping up with my food part though so there is that. On a better note if I keep improving I should be able too start working out again soon. It feels bass ackwards that laying on my bed is one of the better things for me.
  13. Setting up a doctors appointment this weekend.
  14. Regrettably you are probably right, I tried to do a biking session just after I posted that and layed up for a day. looks like i'm relegated to the shallow end this challenge. But i'm gonna do what I can.
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