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  1. No offense taken I'm glad you were able to sort out what you want out of life! That's a big step
  2. I feel like it's turned into all the other talent shows where you need a moving background story in order to be selected.
  3. I'm obsessed with mud runs. Is there any website you frequent that tracks which ones are coming up?
  4. I'm Heather Lenero if you want to shoot me a message on fb sometime for rangerly things!
  5. Are you in the Rangers fb group?
  6. Hey there! There's a small business by me that makes healthy meals (already cooked) AND protein bites, so I would definitely suggest looking around your area for a business like that because while I'm certain both of us know how to eat right and how to cook, it's not always feasible given life circumstances. As for getting stronger, is lifting what you love? I don't actually love lifting so it's hard for me to motivate myself to do it. I prefer kickboxing. Maybe there's something else out there you'd prefer more that would be easier to find the motivation to do?
  7. I'm just going to resurrect all the Nebraska threads. Anyone still active?
  8. No updates here for a few years. Anyone still active? I just moved to Bellevue
  9. Aaaand I have moved away from St. Louis. I'm only about 6.5 hours away though, which isn't a terribly long distance in my mind.
  10. Thinking about doing an escape room around Christmas since none of us are travelling to see our families this time around. There is a groupon for it if anyone is interested. Hit me up on facebook - Heather Lenero
  11. Welcome to the forum! How wonderful that you started a school to help others with their life changes!
  12. Welcome back! We're glad to see you and please let us know if you need anything
  13. Have you tried nuking it with a cup of water in there with it? For future reference, slapping it on a skillet actually makes it taste pretty great for day old pizza.
  14. Have you considered fitness modeling? There are quite a few companies looking for brand ambassadors that I've seen recently, so I imagine the need is out there if you wish to pursue it.
  15. I "jump rope" without a rope because I often see people in my gym use the rope as an excuse to not jump as much. "Ooh, it caught my feet again. Better stop and regroup." It kills a lot of time. I still do the exact same motions, just without the rope.
  16. I'm also allergic and I used to cover my belt buckles with clear nail polish.
  17. I am subscribed to Pop Fit for leggings with pockets, so I have SO many. I wear t-shirts a lot, but I also have moisture wicking shirts that I buy on clearance from JC Penney, TJ Maxx, bjj clothing websites and boxing websites. Always clearance. I also found that the Academy brand running shorts are pretty cheap, so I bought a pile of those recently. I started buying compression shorts like IAB brand when there's a really good deal, but I haven't worked up the nerve to wear them except for at mud runs. I have compression sleeves for both elbows and both knees and I got a bunch of bras from JC Penney and Pop Fit. I prefer bras that zip up the front, but the Pop Fit ones are just so comfy...I tend to grab them first. I really like the under armor style underwear where it's a regular shape but really thin, so I buy that style now when I find a good sale. I haven't spoiled myself with socks yet, save one compression pair for mud runs. I should get some moisture wicking ones!
  18. I'm an American with Scottish ancestry (surname Harper>clan Buchanan) that I started nerding out over after attending the Scottish Highland Games near me. I won't be in Scotland any time soon, but I'm not ruling it out entirely!
  19. I used to track my workouts with Fitocracy, but they completed overloaded the app and it's a huge pain to use now. I like writing it down when I'm at the gym, with the added bonus that people don't think I'm just sitting there playing with my phone taking up space.
  20. Also, either of the indoor rock climbing gyms would make good meet up spots.
  21. That looks like a neat app! I haven't looked at your posts specifically but I can see that you have posted quite a bit so I'm glad you made yourself at home.
  22. Hey there, I'm a ranger/gamer too! Welcome to the forums
  23. Hey there! I box too, but not at a professional gym. It's boxing for fitness. I know it's not as cool lol I kinda have to stay away from things where I might get hit in the face due to all the hardware that's just inside my skin. I'm fragile.
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