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  1. Hey folks, So I've just written all of this on my new blog BECAUSE, that's how I feel I want to be accountable this go around. Check it out http://paleoemotion.blogspot.ca/2016/01/day-1-new-year-new-me.html Here's the synopsis of my goals..... back and holding my Druid friends accountable. Attainable Goals for January 4-31: - Eat only Paleo - Alcohol free - Go to the gym to run the C210K program three times per week. If I am unable to make one, I must walk for 30 minutes outside - Will keep a detailed food and exercise log book If anyone has blog tips or tricks, please share - if this is how I'm going to be accountable I also want to be the best at it. Cheers S
  2. Naturopath is trying to fix me. Although I'm not happy with the dietary changes she's requested (and the price of appt/supplements) I am starting to feel better. *shakes fist at healthy choices giving positive outcomes*

  3. I can relate more than I want to be able to. I find that working out actually makes me feel better. Something about the endorphins making you forget about the hormones. Push yourself to get out there and then snack if you still want to. As for Netflix, who doesn't love that shit - put it on while you're working out if possible. Bang, you get everything in one quick sitting. Good luck!
  4. So I ordered a juicer today - no detoxing planned in the near future but a juice a day. What are the real benefits?

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    2. Dusk


      Some people prefer blenders, because then they still get the benefits of the fruit and vegetable pulp.

    3. shaylahart


      I have a ninja blender as well and I've heard it can juice but didn't understand how when the pulp didn't go anywhere - what do you do with it?!

    4. shaylahart


      Also - the vegetable juice was my main intention. My boyfriend has kidney stones so I was looking to have something on hand to make him lime/lemon juice quickly instead of having to drink it after it's been sitting in water. I feel like the properties breaking up the oxalate would be better directly from 100% juice, am I wrong? This is all new to me :|

  5. NSFW Meditation - https://youtu.be/sCY-JDyGL1c

    1. Aena


      Haha, I saw this on Buzzfeed. Man, this made me smile. :)

    2. Raincloak


      I know a few people who need to listen to this now.

  6. "Success does not come in dramatic twirls and grand flourishes; it is born of daily, determined application. Even creative success. Genius is less about ‘a-ha’ breakthrough moments, and more a willingness to persevere, to put on the shoes and get out into the cold, or to sit before the keyboard and start pounding something out." -Haruki Murakami LOVE THIS - http://www.sunwords.com/2011/08/21/success-comes-from-daily-habits-not-natural-talent/
  7. You've got your head on straight this time, lady. You go for it and if you fall, get back up again. There are a ton of people on here in your situation - myself included. You know what? We're still here and we're still trying. Screw the man if they judge - you're the only person who can judge yourself and that judgement cannot be influenced by what you believe others think of you.
  8. So hungry, where is my satiation?

  9. Hi Folks- I know you're all wondering how my vacation went --- well, fantastic. I didn't make good eating decisions but I walked that off. I gained 2lbs on a 10 day vacation where I'm fairly sure I didn't go more than 25 minutes without eating. To celebrate - enjoy this video that I found and think is more motivating than any other video I've watched recently - #THISGIRLCAN https://youtu.be/aN7lt0CYwHg Love you NF famjam
  10. Well, I haven't taken on the physical meditation portion of the task BUT my friend is a yoga instructor and has been writing an e-book for yoga and weight loss, including sections on meditation and self-love and I've been proofing it for him. I think that's a win, educating myself about meditation. Yeah, I know, I need to step up and actually try it, but it hasn't happened. I did download Headspace, so that's another step - now just the JUMP! I'm down 2-4lbs so far - I'm waivering between 193-195. I head on vacation tomorrow so it will be a challenge to eat as well as I should, but it's all about moderation and wise choices. Thanks for following up spookyfoot, I love that you and other NF members remind me (Gently) to come back and be accountable <3 NF love.
  11. Asked to run a 1km portion of a 100km run for cancer yesterday by my work. Sure, I say, I can do that! Thanks to NF I'm feeling fit and ready to go after week 1 of my 2nd six week challenge. Now, maybe this will kick start my 10k training again :)

    1. Elliott907


      Woohoo! Good for you!

  12. Day three kicked my ass! I was craving sweets so I tried to make a better option with nutella, rice cakes, and banana. When I got home, I had a few beers - a few being five Those five beers exactly put me over my calories for the day. Alright, not horrible, but it's DAY THREE. Getting back on the horse this morning.
  13. Thanks folks! Do either of you have any meditation tips?
  14. You guys are so awesome to me! THIS PICTURE IS AMAZING... I'm a redhead, as you can see from my pic, so I love the redhead power I've yet to figure out how to add pics in my comments, it says I have to do it from my media but those pics are online somewhere.... I WANT TO HAVE PIC FUN lol
  15. Hello my fellow Druids The first challenge came and went (how did that happen so fast?!) and I was somewhat happy with my results. I lost 7 of the 10lbs in my goal (although 2lbs may have trailed back on) and I met some great people that have been more than encouraging and supportive. In six weeks, for someone who isn't typically clumsy, I have had a lot of accidents/things happening to discourage me. Concussion, hormone treatments starting back up, mood swings, shame eating. You know what though? STICK IT (this GoDaddy.com commercial has really empowered me to stand up for myself, as corny as it sounds - https://youtu.be/VIBfctISM9M).I have had supportive family telling me that I can do this. I have had people on NF telling me that it's only a minor set back and to get back up and try again. You forget that the world isn't out to get you all of the time until you start trusting again. So, this challenge, I'm not going to go CRAZY with unrealistic goals because I'm already challenged and fighting other issues. If I set up to fail, I will. I would like to lose 10lbs again on this challenge by continuing to eat properly and adding workouts back in now that I've been cleared to do so with the concussion. I would like to begin training for the 10km race that I wanted to complete in June but couldn't because of the concussion (and other reasons that were just all really excuses). With the new house, I have been able to find so many excuses as to not take care of myself. Oh, the fence needs washed; the garden needs done; I need to put some more grass seed down. All of that to me was "exercise", and yes, in a way it is but it isn't going to get my ass in gear the way that I need it to. I would like to start meditating again. This is going to sound really weird and probably turn some of you off, but if you feel judged here, what is the purpose of being here and being honest? When I was younger, I had a lot of instances where I would sense things or see things. For those who want to chat through it at a deeper level, reach out - for now I will make it high level for all of those non-believers. Anyway, I went to see a psychic when I was 17, before heading to University, and she told me that if I wanted to encourage the visions and welcome the spirits/sensory experience that I needed to start slowing down, being alone and meditating. I did it for awhile and the visions/dreams started getting too powerful and I was scared. I mean, come on, I was 17 seeing things that happened weeks later while sleeping. Totally sidetracking, but that's actually how my boyfriend and I became so close 11 years ago when we first started dating. When we lost track and went our separate ways, I would dream every bad thing that he experienced. Not necessarily seeing the negative experience, but always feeling his pain. I kept in contact that way with him. Emailing him, understanding that we weren't' together, but that I wanted to make sure he was okay. He wasn't a believer either, until then. He truly believes that we are kindred spirits and 11 years later, on our third attempt, we have been happily together for almost two years. So, long winded reasoning, but that is why I started to want to meditate during this challenge. The secondary reason? Life is moving too fast. I get into my head too much and I can't get out. When I'm in there, I lock myself in a negative space. If I can learn to be within me, with silence, maybe I can learn to listen better and improve the other parts of my life. Side mission? I'm still not quite certain what I want to do with this. I know that I need to smarten the eff up and listen to my body, mind, and soul. I can do this. I can be beautiful. I can be powerful. I can be loved. LOVED - there, that's it. Man, I love writing here sometimes, I just spill my heart out and come to realizations that my subconscious hides away. I truly believe a lot of the time that I don't deserve to be cherished, loved, and honoured. How can I make that a side mission though? What can I do to make me feel better, make me feel at peace? I welcome any suggestions. Druids, this time around, I want to immerse myself in you. I want to feel your love, hope, and positivity around me. Round 2, here goes nothing. XO
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