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  1. Miniquest #2 = completed!! Part 1: I kind of like the simple signature. I don't think I really want to add anything else. Maybe later. Part 3: I've done this already too I'm following three people right now, but if anybody likes what they see here, or has help for me, I'll follow your challenges too So far I'm following Assassin Kitten on board (marina_na_kapina) and Participation without Perfection (ABlessing) So there's that
  2. I love your challenge name! You've got this! Also, cosplaying is a motivation for me too. I hate eating healthy but I should. I want to do yoga too! Keep going. Never give up. All that jazz!
  3. Update: Last night I did something a little bit different. I went over to my campus workout room and hopped on the bike and elliptical. I'm frantically studying for finals, so I was studying while pedaling. So, that was nice. Haha I've been eating fairly good. Not great, but better than I have for a while I'm trying to finish whatever is in my dorm before I have to move but I bought a bunch of fruit/veggies. So yay There's that. Oh, also, to prepare myself to start parkour I've been jumping down the last 2/3 stairs as I walk to/from classes. Haha a lot of people have been looking at me str
  4. Hey no biggie Perfect score next time, right? Plus you can't control getting sick. Don't worry! Keep trying, and just don't quit!
  5. This is great! It's like you're doing all the digging and planning for me I'm gonna hang out on your topic a lot and try to follow you! hope you don't mind
  6. hey thanks! That website is perfect! I've been trying to find something like that thanks again!! I'm going to use that for today.
  7. Hey guys! I think I might belong with this group Great challenge! Hope it's going well Let's do this!!
  8. Way to go! Sounds like an intense challenge. But you can do it!! Good luck!
  9. Cool! Thanks guys so much You guys are all great update: I did ok last week. Nothing great. I didn't quite hit any of my goals, but I came close! This is harder than I thought! New week though, and new time to try!! It's so inspiring to read everyone's challenges and see how they're doing Keep it up everyone!! I'll update more tomorrow (or maybe tonight. Who knows)
  10. Update: So I spent at least an hour at the climbing gym on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It wasn't very productive on Wednesday cuz I pushed way hard on Tuesday and kinda hurt my arm Nothing major, I don't think, it's just really sore and is opposed to being used. Both Wednesday and Thursday I ate much better than normally! I spend some time preparing a whole bunch of foods so I can just throw them together. Granted, they are mostly rice and microwavable veggies, but while I finish up my semester in my dorm I'm pretty limited. Lol. Soda did happen yesterday, but only because I got a mig
  11. NIce! I love your life quest. I may have to adopt that Smart idea!
  12. I feel ya there! It should be so easy, but it's just not!!
  13. Ok so update so far. Yesterday I went to the Rock Haus, the climbing gym near my house, and climbed for 1.5 hours. I totally pretended like I was a ninja and was hopping around working hard! It totally worked I bouldered a new 300 r (I've only done one before) on my first try! I then top-roped a little bit more and attempted a pull up It didn't work, but I gotta start somewhere!! I didn't get my two square meals... I got 1 in and the other.. not so much I did the mini-quest 1! So that's completed!! Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)? Is it reason
  14. Been there with the injury! (though not as bad. I'm just lazy lol). You got this! Great cat pics p.s. Very inspiring!
  15. Way to go!! Awesome goals Good luck! We're here to support you!
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