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  1. Suzaqu

    Suzaqu explores and solidifies

    Days 4-7 Thursday and Friday, all I did was meditate. It was a few hard days at work and I just didn't want to move when I got home. So because I got behind schedule, i had to hustle this weekend. Saturday was the final session of GMB and a round of S&S. I kept the weights to my lower numbers, and worked on dialing in the form. I think I wasn't driving the snap with my glutes as much as I should have. Sunday was another round of S&S, where I really focused on my form and it definitely felt better. I think I am still going to film next week so I can keep working on it. Overall I met all my goals this week, though the rush to finish them at the end of the week was a bit messy. But I am really proud that I did manage to fit in S&S with a completely different workout program. I also met my meditation goal, but again, it was a bit messy. I had to push to get some done right before I went to sleep. So I want to focus on getting them done in the morning and spreading out my workouts. I'm not sure what my movement goal will be for this week, I need to do some research this evening.
  2. Suzaqu

    Suzaqu explores and solidifies

    I lost my overachieverness , so I'm going to film next week to check form. I hate watching myself on film, but it will be good for me.
  3. Suzaqu

    Longterm Goals/ Find The Fantastic Beasts-

    Nice week! Good luck with the books next week, I like how you want to have a bookshelf full of books you love!
  4. Suzaqu

    Longterm Goals/ Find The Fantastic Beasts-

    Checking in on goal 2! I researched 3 different album sites and it wasn't hard Breaking it down into steps is definitely helping. It even ended up as a crossover goal, I created a collection in my bullet journal for my notes. Next week I want to research 3 more and make a final choice, so I guess that's 2 actions. Week 1 complete!
  5. Suzaqu

    Longterm Goals/ Find The Fantastic Beasts-

    Checking in on my bullet journal goal! I got started over the weekend and ordered a notebook. I ended up going with a Rhodia because they apparently have very thick paper which works well for fountain pens, and I've always wanted to be a fountain pen-using person. So I ordered a fountain pen too with some leftover on a gift card, and some fun lettering plans because i have a stationary problem I also took the bullet journal book out from our library. So I can call this goal accomplished for the week! I started my bullet journal this week, it's going okay, but I'm still getting used to it. I think my goal for the second week will be to fully commit to using the journal and following the process for the week.
  6. Suzaqu

    Suzaqu explores and solidifies

    Days 2-3 I did take advantage of the late start to meditate and get S&S done. I think that I'm taking a bit of my swings into my low back, so I'm going to back off on the weight to sort out where my technique is off until I got it back. If I'm feeling like an overachiever, I might film it so I can critique it myself. I'm going to try to do S&S tomorrow, but I might push it off until the weekend. Tonight I did day two of the GMB and it was a different challenge. Today focused around play and transitioning between movements. I found it impossible to go from a hollow hold to a squat, but I had a lot of fun trying. I think part of it was from my tight/sore achilles tendons. I'm definitely enjoying doing the different movements and being okay with struggling. Tomorrow is another active recovery day and then I have one more day of the program. And now I have to find a new movement plan for next week! Any suggestions?
  7. Suzaqu

    Suzaqu explores and solidifies

    Thank you! It's fun so far! Thank you! The program is here: you have to join their mailing list. It's just a week long, but is a lot of fun so far. I seems like it's an exploration of their movement style, which I'm liking a lot.
  8. Suzaqu

    CourtneyC, Befriender of Dragons

    Yay for progress and Trodgor! Even though it was a hard few days, it sounds like you got a lot of things accomplished!
  9. Suzaqu

    Pole Ninja PvP

    Also lurking
  10. Suzaqu

    KB Girl's project to project projections

    Love the bullet journal layout and your goal titles So glad to hear Tuesday turned it around. What is the sport and movement school? It sounds like that was a super cool lesson, I'd be curious to hear about your movement screens too.
  11. Suzaqu

    karinajean self loves like LIZZO

    Sorry to hear about ninenteen! I hope he's doing better soon!
  12. Suzaqu

    Suzaqu explores and solidifies

    Hello everyone! I'm actually on time for this challenge Not early, but at least on time! I want to build on my success from last time and try new things! Goal 1: S&S 3 times a week: This has become a standard goal for me and I'm definitely seeing progress! I took zero week off because I was having some tendonitis in my achilles tendons, I think from wearing healed shoes several days in a row. I wanted to get the inflammation down, so I focused on gentle stretching and relaxing the area and it worked. So it's now time for me to get back into S&S. By the end of the challenge, I want to do at least one session where I use my high weight (35lbs) for all 100 swings. Goal 2: Meditate everyday: I have had real trouble getting this habit back ever since I lost it last year. So I'm making it a priority this month. I use the headspace app and am currently in the middle of the focus course. Ideally, I'd meditate in the morning, but that can't always happen, but I'm going to try for that as well. Goal 3: Explore new ways of moving: While I've gotten pretty good at doing my standard exercises, as soon as I'm outside of my zone, I feel uncoordinated and out of control. So I want to a) get better at being comfortable in my body and having control in new situations and b) get more comfortable in the uncomfortableness. I'm also feeling kinda sticky in my joints and movements, which I think is related to all of this. Goal wise, I want to try out a new movement goal/format each week. Sometimes this will be a new kind of exercise, sometimes mobility work, and lots of other stuff. Basically I want to find motivation to try new things, even if they seem hard or uncomfortable. This week my goal 3 will be to complete the GMB free strength and mobility course. I've been tempted by their elements program for a while, and I think this will be a good test, and certainly put me outside of my comfort zone.