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  1. Here for the plan and the MyFlex!
  2. MIght have been too ambitious...But I have done it before, so now that I'm home, it theoretically should be easier...I'll keep trying Thanks! Glad it wasn't just me! It's still painful, but I'm having fun with the progress.
  3. I gotta stop doing the once per week posts! So here's a quick rundown of my final week: Week 5 day 1: Exhausted from the giant Sunday session so took a rest day Week 5 Day 2: Did S&S with 80 heavy swings and 80 heavy TGUs, followed by hip extension and pike! Long session but it felt good! Week 5 Day 3: Rest day Week 5 Day 4: Light S&S with shoulder/upper back and pike. Another long session, but made it through and on track for my pike goal. I decided to try out a bridge again and it felt good! I took a picture and you couldn't really see any change, but i felt muc
  4. Finsihing out week ??? 4? oops I was indeed gone a while! Week 4 Day 4 Did another round of heavy S&S and felt really good about it! Week 4 Day 5: Ended up taking it as a rest day with some good video hanging out with friends. Felt like a good week work-wise in that I'm finally getting a handle on what my role is and what my priorities should be. Week 4 Day 6: Another accidental rest day, went on some walks, but took it as a break and got some extra work done that I didnt' do during the week. Week 4 Day 7: Had to catch
  5. I might have just pulled another batch out of the oven, they are such a fun breakfast! glad to hear I'm not alone in disliking that one most, probably means it is good for me Oh cool! Not glad to hear you get it too, but nice to hear I'm not a super weirdo. It happens to me every few months, seemingly unrelated to what I do, though I find it happens semi-reguarily more when I either start doing or stop doing kettlebells, but that's probably just tied to hip strength. (I don't think that's what happened this time). It's so annoying how long it takes to resolve itself, because I
  6. Sorry I disappeared! Starting my new job kinda got overwhelming for a bit, but I'm starting to adjust and have been able to mostly keep up with my goals in the meantime. I just couldn't find the mental space to post here as well. A quick summary of what I was up to in the 2 weeks I missed: Got my MyFlex program and started trying it out Had a thing that happens to me every few months where my hip tenses werdly, pinches a nerve and creates a feedback loop until I can get my hip to relax and pop back into place Did some kettlebells, not quite the 3/week I aim for,
  7. I respect this! I say I'm from the cities out here in NJ, once I know people actually know the area, I switch to Maplewood. Like when people say they're from Chicago, I always ask if it's Chicago or "Chicago" Oh wow, Como Zoo! I went there all the time as a kid! We did Zoo Boo every Halloween and Sparky the Seal was my favorite thing ever! to save my life. Glad it's not just me, they still just don't feel right no matter what I do.
  8. Week 1 Day 5: I did much better on my hydration today and feeling pretty good because of it. I also had a very productive work day wrapping things up for my last day in the department. Not sure if it was hydration-related, but I like to think it was. I wasn't feeling at all in the mood for S&S, so I did a modification of this kettlebell ladder from my old trainer: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-UmCdTn7TU/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I did a 10-6-2 ladder because I didn't have too much time before a netflix party watching the Matrix for a friends bday.
  9. Week 1 Day 3: Didn't do as well on the hydration yesterday, I need to keep an eye on that. I was sore/worn out from S&S so took it as a walk day. I also went to the grocery over lunch, which was enough of an adventure. Week 1 Day 4: Today involved 2 walks! But I don't think I"ll be able to get S&S in today, because going to do an after dinner virtual hangout with friends.
  10. OMG yes, there's more plot in one episode than in an entire season of most shows! and everytime you think you've hit peak there's more!
  11. Yay! Awesome to find another Minnesotan! The Cities are a pretty strict definition, my husband often confuses Minneapolis and St. Paul and I've built a standard lecture on the differences
  12. Thanks! It was definitely one of those workouts where once I started climbing the stairs to bed I wondered if I'd make it to the top. Thank you! Ballet gave me something flexibility-wise at least! I'm super excited for the pain and progress Currently just anxiously checking my email multiple times a day waiting for my program.
  13. I couldn't get gochujang, my store was out (also oddly out of fennel and salt as well) I'll have to find a new innovation on the original recipe. Fritters sound awesome! I'm a fan of this flexy craze That sounds like me during the assessment.
  14. Yes WBL is a great town and was so much fun to wander after school, many hours have been spent at Cup and Cone. Maplewood is definitely nice, I hope Salamander dog loves it!
  15. Oh awesome! I'm from Maplewood, but went to school in White Bear Lake - Go Bears! (Idk why the internet does not have a better gif of the iconic WBL shoutout in Fargo) I do miss the snow, but wonder if I'd still miss it if I moved back to the midwest
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