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  1. Well I got through the weekend. Not with flying colors, but I got through it. Workouts were more like mini-workouts, and Sunday I didn't really work out at all so that was a fail on goal #1. Shorted myself a day of meditation last week also. Back on track today. I'm keeping up with my goals, just have to find something suitable for supper. I'm hoping to get in more substantial workouts this week with better weather and fewer commitments to get in the way.
  2. Well- so far, so good. The weekend may be challenging for me. I'm going out of town to visit the granddaughter (yay!) so I'm hoping I can keep the workouts going. I know it won't be as easy as being at home, especially with rain in the forecast. I'll have to find something that I can do for a workout, which shouldn't be that hard -- just have to make myself actually DO it.
  3. Victory

    Campus Tours

    Okay, so we are supposed to join a group, but not a guild or class (which I assume are the same thing?) because in our first challenge we are recruits, is this correct?
  4. Thanks! The weekend was good. Had a 3.5 mile run +2 mile walk on Saturday, along with bi's, tri's, and shoulders in the gym. Sunday was a 5 mile walk. Kept food intake on track pretty well. How's it going for you?
  5. Hi beesknees, thanks for the cheer! I've been using the Calm.com app which is 7 days of different meditations to kind of try it out. I'm on my second round of it and I thought it was 5 minutes but turns out it's 10! Ha! Not sure if I did something different in settings or what because I'm pretty sure it was 5 minutes the first time around. Anyway, I really like it. Have tried a couple of other apps but like this one the best. Good luck with your challenge. Maybe when it's over we'll have a few beers to celebrate! Ha!
  6. Hi! This looks like a group I would like to be a part of if there's room. This is my first challenge and first experience with any kind of role playing games, so I am still confused with some of that. I am a 53 year old female, suffering the joys of trying to be at a healthy weight and fitness level while being "chronologically blessed"! It gets more difficult with each passing year. I have always tried to stay active but there have certainly been lapses. About a year ago I began following a Primal diet and for the most part have been pretty successful with it, but haven't really experien
  7. Victory

    Campus Tours

    Mini #2 done. Signature done, tho I'm not sure how to add a link to my challenge. Following tracyquilts and purplehonu. Looking for accountabilibuddies!
  8. Hi! Hope you're still hanging in there!Us "mature" girls have to stick together. Ha! Congrats on picking up the rowing. Sounds like something I have been wanting to do, although I was thinking more along the lines of lazing along in a kayak rather than competitive rowing! Keep on keepin' on!
  9. Well, one week in and things are going pretty well. I've worked out every day and kept up with the meditation. I did have 1 beer on Thursday which is a no-no. Looking for accountabilibuddies to help me stay on track!
  10. Yesterday: 25 minute walk on my break leg day at the gym- leg press, weighted walking lunges, leg extensions, leg curls. 4 sets of each no meditation yesterday
  11. 20 minute bike ride before work 20 minute walk on my break meditation this morning Fasting breakfast meat, veggies, pear for lunch supper- don't know yet
  12. This is my first 6-week challenge. I am relatively new to NF and don't know much about keeping up with forums or "quests" in general. I am a 53 y/o female. While most people say I don't need to lose weight, I know the truth. I need to get my weight/fitness back on track. Been working at it for a while now but need to get serious, as the older I get the more difficult it gets to keep the weight off. Main quest: Achieve/maintain a healthy weight and fitness level for life Goal 1: Do some type of workout EVERY SINGLE DAY Goal 2: Meditate for at least 5 minutes at least 5 days a we
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