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  1. Thanks Swampling! Much better yesterday! How's everyone doing this week? Can't believe it's week 5 of the challenge!
  2. Here's to a terrific week 5 and continuing to triumph over the sugar monster!!
  3. I had a second dinner with lots of desserts. I wanted comfort food (and wasn't hungry) and made a decision to eat. I thought about not eating again, but I decided to do it anyways. I'm definitely moving on today though. I'd like to finish the challenge on a strong note.
  4. 05/11/15 - Week 5 Week 4 was not my best week (despite my intentions). *Deep sigh* I have two more weeks to get it together, stick to my goals and lose some weight. I can do it!
  5. I could not stop eating yesterday! Ahhhhh!
  6. So amazing Little Turtle! Those moments of clarity are wonderful!
  7. What's base builder? Artemis 12 - how are you a Six to Start expert?! So cool!
  8. Points on the signature line...wooohooo!
  9. Don't feel like a failure! We all struggle...we just have to keep at it. Also, have you thought about reassessing your goals for the quest and scaling back? It may take the pressure off. As for exercise....I sometimes break it up into smaller segments. Today, I did 10 minutes in the AM and then I went for walk at work. Is that worth a shot for you? Also, you can do something for a minimum of 5-10 minutes when you get home. If you don't want to do more, don't. But, you may find it gives you more energy. Gooooooo Nathan!
  10. xxjj

    Campus Tours

    Whew! That took some work. All done. See here! Happy points day to you!
  11. 05/05 Mini Week 4: Checking Your Starting Credits Finally getting me some more points! Wooohooo! As a reminder to myself: Strength (STR) - physical strengthDexterity (DEX) - agility and speed Stamina (STA) - Endurance and Energy Constitution (CON) - ability to resist damage and disease (also related to diet) Wisdom (WIS) - intuition and sense of things around himself (any learning that you've done is also included) Charisma (CHA) - force of personality and physical attractiveness (sociable aspects of your challenge are also included) 1. Goal Allocation A. Move 30 minutes a day,
  12. Thanks Nathan! Going to check out your quest!
  13. Happy Tuesday! PolishRfile - feel better! I was out for 5 days during week 2 so I feel your pain! Greendale - totally agree with Artemis12 about hoarding the clips until later when you can listen all at once. Artemis12 - season 4 of?
  14. 05/04 Week 3 was somewhat of a bust. I think I was just out of sorts from being sick on week 2. I am not usually that sick and thus, had a lot of catching up to do when last week rolled around. I did not get 5 days of my 30 minutes a day. Only 4. Nor did I clean. I did do yoga and got 6 out of 7 for both green smoothie-ing and no s diet. I din't really lose weight, but I didn't gain weight. I barely kept up my journaling, but got my 3 in. I also am discovering a love for yoga. Glad that it is part of my challenge. Last week really does remind me the importance of not letting the perfect be
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