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  1. Day Four - Week Two Meditation - Failed. No excuse, I just did not do it. Eating a Paleo Meail - Completed. Leftover Prime rib from dinner, with my egg salad I made. (Lunch from previous day I forgot). Dinner was a chicken wrap. Normally I don't eat wraps, but I was feeling like a bit of a change. Working out - N/A Gone for a walk today to the convenience store. It ended up being a 35 minute round trip this time. I guess I was walking faster this time. (Last time it was just over 40 minutes) Since I also wrote it yesterday (but I was recording 2 days at the time) I wil
  2. Day Three- Week Two Meditation - Failed. Late night, family birthday party, when I got home my alarm had already gone off in the car and I didn't set it again. Eating a Paleo Meail - Failed. I forgot my Lunch at home, The place we gone to at the office was a fast food joint. It wasn't paleo, but it was fairly healthy. A salad, topping being lettuce, carrots, kidney beans, tomatoes, ground beef and a couple other veggies, the dressing was Sour creme (like a tablespoon) and a bit more of Salsa. Dinner was a High end restaurant, but they had a salad bar. Before I really thought about
  3. Day Two - Week Two Meditation - Failed. No real excuse, just did not stop what I was doing when the alarm gone off to meditate. Eating a Paleo Meail - Completed. Lunch was a Greek salad and a skewer of Beef. Dinner was a bit less healthy, I had some Chicken & Rice. I had the half a bowl of leftover spaghetti for a later night snack. Working out - Failed. I was having some problems with my weights (I have interconnected weights that were not connecting.) I fought with them for half an hour before getting them working properly. Its the first time in 3ish years that its happened..
  4. Day One Week Two Meditation - Completed. 5 Minutes of meditation. Still really distracted. Eating a Paleo Meal - Completed. Lunch was a salad sans the dressing from a sub place. (Just instead of the sub they put all the things into a bowl instead) - Dinner I had spaghetti :-\ (and a salad) - and I might have had seconds of both. It was quite tasty in my defense. Working out (Week 1) Monday, Thursday, Sunday) Week 2 (Tuesday, Friday) N/A Not a bad day overall. Looking forward to completing my Combat Feat Tuesday, or Wednesday depending on weather and which day we are doing
  5. Week 1 Breakdown Meditation (5/7) - I feel like this shouldn't feel like as much of a chore as it does. I will keep plugging away at it and see if it gets any better. Paleo Meal (5/7) - I had a couple of bad days, but overall I am glad to see this is as high as it is. Workout (1.5/3) - Got half a point for doing the workout a day late. but I really should be working out every single time.
  6. Day Seven Week One Meditation - Completed. Meditated before going to sleep. Gone to sleep late. Eating a Paleo Meal - Failed. Ahh the day when everything is happening at the same time. I should be more prepared for this. I received a message that we were going out for Lunch today for Father's Day. I was told that we were going to do it this week because they already made plans. (even if I was the last to know) - We had dim sum. It was a pretty good meal, I made sure I did not eat in excess. By the time we got home it was already time for dinner, no one had gone to the groc
  7. Day Six Week One Meditation - Failed. My sleep times due to the workout so late made it so I did not fall asleep for a while. I was exhaused though out the Saturday and forgot to Meditate Eating a Paleo Meal - Completed. For Lunch I cooked up some Chicken Sausage and fried up some bell peppers with it. First time cooking my bell peppers in anything other than a slow cooker. They had a more subdued taste, but a tiny bit sweeter. Dinner was Porkchops. I took a carrot and ate it with the chop. (Note) throughout the day I also ate a couple of pieces of the left over pizza - One of
  8. Day Five Week One Meditation - Completed. I gone for 5 minutes today, need to get better at this as I am still overly distracted. Eating a Paleo Meal - Completed. I made Lunch for Thursday, and had it Friday Tuna Salad with Apple, Celery, Green Onion... Pretty tasty and the apple does add some variety to the Tuna. Dinner did not end up being paleo at all. Every Friday some friends come over and we do some Dungeons and Dragons for the night. A couple of times I have made meals for the 7 of us, but I did not this time and we ordered Pizza. Working out (Week 1) Monday, Thursday, Su
  9. Day Four Week One Meditation - Completed. Completed another meditation, not much to say, it gone much like the previous two times. I will keep practicing. Eating a Paleo Meal - Failed. My lunch was out with the office today, I did not realize this as I packed my lunch but was not able to eat it. I also was not able to bring my lunch home because I had a test right after work and it didn't end until 9:15, I was ravenous and just gone to pick something up after hearing that no one else had made dinner. -_-' Working out (Week 1) Monday, Thursday, Sunday) Week 2 (Tuesday, Friday)
  10. Endurance Challenge: Go on a Hike for at least an hour. - Completed The sun was scorching as everyone was trekking towards the outpost. While some of them ran ahead, others marched a strange and confusing ways, and yet others found more interesting methods of travel, Nayr stuck to what he knew best... Putting one foot ahead of the other, keeping a good pace and making sure that they never fell behind. Although walking in a wasteland, they still found things of interest that either naturally (or unnaturally) occurred. Near the end of the day, the troll was getting exhausted, but he stil
  11. Day Three Week One Meditation - Not Done. I had set a timer to do it, and when it was going off I was in the middle of a bunch of stuff with the roommates, forgot to do it. Eating a Paleo Meal - Completed. Lunch was the porkchop leftover from the night before and the second half of my Egg salad. Worked out pretty well. I had some roast beef with potatoes (About 2 tbps of them) in a gravy that I didn't check was paleo, but probably wasn't. Working out (Week 1) Monday, Thursday, Sunday) Week 2 (Tuesday, Friday) - (N/A) Not scheduled I completed my Endurance Challenge right
  12. Day Two Week One Meditation - Completed. Tried a guided meditation but I was even more distracted. My brain was constantly trying to put a face to the disembodied voice speaking to me. I think I just need to practice this more. Eating a Paleo Meal - Completed. Both of my meals were paleo today (I had to get creative with dinner because all that was made was pork chops!) My lunch was the chicken from the dinner before with some Egg salad that I made up the night before. Dinner was porkchops... and I grabbed a carrot, handful of nuts and a large glass of water. Working out (Week 1)
  13. Day One Week One. Meditation - Completed. Had a hard time focusing during the meditation. It was the first time I had done it so close to a workout before. Eating a Paleo Meal - Completed. Lunch was a burger with Sweet potato fries (Forgot to get food ready for the week) but I gone grocery shopping after work and finally filled my pantry (Nerd fitness article). I also picked up food for dinners and lunches for the next couple of days. For dinner I had a chicken with some Carrots, celery and a couple of nuts. Working out (Week 1) Monday, Thursday, Sunday) Week 2 (Tuesday, Friday) -
  14. Nayr here, Second 6WC I am signing up for, and I am increasing the difficulty a bit for this one. My last challenge was to get me to realize how much I was eating, walking and sleeping (really an informational gathering challenge) Now it is time to make some Habits! MAIN QUEST To reach and maintain a body fat % of 15% (Fitness) by April 30, 2016 GOALS FOR CURRENT QUEST: 1) Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day. (Repitition will make me better at this) A = 6+ days of compliance B = 4+ days of compliance C = 3+ days of compliance F = Less than three days of compliance 2) Eati
  15. Name: NayrXD Race: Troll Class Ranger (In Training ) Endurance Feat - Go on a hike for at least an hour Strength Feat - Complete 25 Push-ups in a single workout Speed Feat - Complete an advanced Yoga class (without stopping) Combat Feat - Practice my forms in Wing Chun for 45 minutes (repetition is the key to mastery) Healing Feat - Make Lunches for every day in the week. (often times I am eating out more than I cook )
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