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  1. how's it going? still hitting the weights (not literally, that would be painful). hope you are well!

  2. Auto pause saves a bit of battery. I use it because I'm paranoid about my phone dying. Even when in the company of experienced hikers.... Don't do it to yourself! My 20 litre Berghaus was mislabelled as 'for women' on Amazon. And at the time of buying I didn't really know what that meant and I didn't fill it adequately enough/walk long enough to notice it was a poor fit. The shoulders don't tighten up enough, the flimsy hip strap fits round my waist, and instead of sitting high on my sternum, the chest strap crushes the boobs at the loosest setting - rendering it useless.
  3. All very true. Thank you. It's midnight and I just got off the train and back into my bed! I've got a couple of jobs for the rest of the week so I had to come back early. Dosed up on Buscopan and Ibuprofen. Hope it shifts the cramps... Also wanted to say that today I woke up after that huge walk feeling relatively normal for once, so I think it's safe to conclude that taking regular breaks without the backpack, actively relaxing my shoulders and not digging into the trekking poles too much made the difference. Shall be looking into getting a backpack that's more female
  4. To clarify for @ladymorella and @jonfirestar - the auto pause function kicks in when you stop walking, but I think it takes a while to unpause, seeing as it's telling me I was only moving for 1 hour 35 mins of the 7 hours... 4 easy but long scrambles - the vertical movement of that may have confused it too. At least it can draw me a route afterwards!
  5. The lads could've shaved a couple of hours off, had it not been for me!
  6. Thank you, and yes I am. Got ill on the second night of vacation. On the third now, and all sorted with the veritable medicine cabinet I brought with me (we're in the middle of nowhere). I'm feeling much better now! Ben Swolo Yes. Very. Even without the stomach bug, I woke up after Monday's walk (as I do after any big walk) feeling like I'd been hit by a monster truck while on my way home from losing a cage fight. Internet says it's my rucksack, and the straps and length of the bag certainly aren't sympathetic to female anatomy. I've even got a burn where the bag has ru
  7. I agree. And the body gets even more energy efficient as you get fitter/gain more muscle mass. The OH got some proper pictures on his fancy camera yesterday. I'll post when I get them, as mine look like they were taken by a potato. I felt my glutes when going uphill yesterday, and I"m really feeling them this morning! I had a mystery upset stomach and fever last night, so I'm leaving the lads to their seven-hour expedition and having a solo woodland stroll today. Thankfully they didn't have any dodgy stomach symptoms and I didn't poison the food or anything..
  8. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Nothing's wrong - I'm still very much on the wagon - but I've just been super busy what with arranging this last-second trip out to the Lake District. On Friday I realised I wasn't going to be able to do my benchmark run (warm up, run as hard as you can for three minutes) until after I got back, and the app doesn't allow you to reschedule workouts outside of the week you're currently in, so I did it immediately after my last lifting session. I hope I didn't lose my gainz... Was all warm and fired up from 10kg kettlebells. The only 8kg
  9. Ben Swolo This, from Symmetric Strength. Bear in mind that I'm doing an aesthetics programme, not a strength programme. I could squat and deadlift a lot more when I was on Strong Lifts about 2 years ago. Fluctuated 1/2kg upwards on the scale - either that or the slight overeating is taking it's toll. Either way, it's all for a good cause, i.e. my ass. Grey Jedi Fitness Realised why I get so pooped after Wednesday lifting sessions - I really go hard at it. FINALLY did 3 x 20 (each side) of single leg bodyweight glute bridges!!! That a
  10. Ben Swolo So tired. hot and swole I almost didn't do today's HIIT workout.... which turn out not to be a HIIT workout at all... Green Milk Is Good For You Tried to make up for yesterday's macro fail with a beefburger for lunch, and then leftover veggie curry from the other night. Ate an indecent amount of bhajis and popadoms so probably macro-failed AND exceeded calories again. Oh well, not the end of the world. Grey Jedi Fitness Yeah, so today the Nike Running app redirected me to the Nike Training app for mobility workout 'Floor to
  11. Ben Swolo Another hot day with butt DOMs spent appreciating the aircon in the gym. A bit gutted to say that my supervillain peer Bane was nowhere to be seen, because I cosplayed as hard as legally able in high waisted black leggings and black Adidas bra top. The latter is padded, and with a plunging cleavage and I'm already a 32DD, so I noticed people were avoiding eye contact today - either they didn't want to look or they didn't want to get caught looking... Good thing I always pack a towel because I was leaving sweat angels everywhere. What with the cosplay and crush
  12. Ben Swolo Woke up feeling like I'd come last in an arse kicking contest, cos dat swole booty was sore. Was going to begin new running programme on Tuesday, but started it today because it was a recovery run, and my arse could do with getting some blood and oxygen to it. Certainly eased the DOMs a bit. Started taking creatine again, as I figured that by the time I've built up enough in my system, I'll need it. Green Pink Milk Is Good For You Made a really nice strawberry milkshake with the unflavoured protein powder! It's not perfect yet, so I'll
  13. Not yet. Already getting funny looks for doing hip thrusts with a resistance band round my thighs... I await new scandal with trepidation!
  14. Yup. And that's just half of them. There are just as many past those two stairmills!
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