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  1. Well life got the best of me and I missed my week 2 and 3 check-ins!!! However, I've been doing pretty well on my challenge. Protein: 17/24 days Workouts: 3/3 weeks!!! No candy: 21/24 days Nail biting- no so great. Bit them off this weekend... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Great goals! My husband would love to build a ninja warrior course if we had anywhere to put it!
  3. 1st Week Check-In: (a little early, but I'll update Sunday) Quest 1: Train (barbells, kettle-bells, circuits, yoga, or walk) at least 5 times a week. Monday: 1) Gym- Romanian Deadlifts (95#), 1 Leg Kettlebell DL (35#), Box squats (BW- working on mobility), Reverse Lunges (BW), KB jump squats (35#), Stability ball leg curls (BW) 2) Yoga Class Tuesday: 3) Gym- Bench Press (55#), Lat Pulldowns (75#), Cable Flys (40#), Reverse Flys (30#), chin-up practice (using the rack), KB snatches (10#), Tricep extensions (10#), Back Extensions (BW) Wednesday: 4) Gym- Trap
  4. So true- Today I had my greek yogurt after school and successfully avoided the candy jar. It helps being able to say "yes" to something else!
  5. Thanks for linking to those. They look adorable!
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  7. Week 1 Mini-Quest: 1. Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)? Is it reasonable? I think so. I'm still carrying quite a bit of body fat so I think that 20 lbs by the end of the year is reasonable. If I get closer to that and realize that my body fat % is too low, I'll readjust my goals. 2. Do your 3 quests all build towards your main quest in little ways, or are you taking on too much? Do your quests have sub-quests or is it just one thing to focus on? I think they are interact- Tracking my protein helps me stay focused on healthy eating without havi
  8. Dear.Lord.Yes. I'm an elementary school teacher librarian! Why do people want us to be unhealthy?I've used up all my willpower by the end of the day. I think my plan for tomorrow is to save my greek yogurt for my afternoon planning period. That's usually when the candy starts calling to me.
  9. This is a GREAT rule that I need to incorporate pronto!
  10. This is a GREAT rule that I need to incorporate pronto!
  11. This is a GREAT rule that I need to incorporate pronto!
  12. Seriously- Why is work eating so hard?!?! Today my secret pal got me those yummy veggie chips. I had a normal functional serving at lunch. Then at the end of the day when life had gotten crazy, I ate half the bag... Soooo annoying!
  13. Great goals! What checklist app are you using? I'm always looking for a new way to list. Good luck on your challenge!
  14. Love your goals! I should probably adopt your limited netflix goal. Netflix/Hulu sucks me in after dinner and then all of sudden it's time for me to sleep and I've done nothing productive... I might need to investigate a program that limits my computer time. When I was weaning myself off diet cokes, I lived for La Croix because I still wanted the bubbles.
  15. Yoga every morning sounds delightful! I've finally gotten back in the habit of going to my favorite yoga class once a week. I'm hoping when I'm finally done with grad school, I can go even more. Good luck with your challenge!
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