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  1. Thanks! I will check it out. I have like 3 that I have tried and they are all missing exercises I went and downloaded it. It doesn't have all of the exercises in it but of the ones I have looked at it is the EASIEST for adding exercises and programming routines. Thank you for the suggestion!!!
  2. would be so awesome to not have to remember a pen and my print out.
  3. I am going to continue forward with a primarily paleo lifestyle. I think I will tweak just a little bit. I didn't make it 100% through the challenge due to a new ice cream machine and a trip to Madison where I went totally off plan. Oh yeah, and green beans aren't paleo What I have learned: 1. it is way easier for me to say "I'm NOT going to eat something" than it is for me to try to limit the servings I have. This has worked out GREAT in terms of me cutting out the grains added sugars etc. This right here is responsible for the major clean up of my diet. I can go out to eat and just know I am not going to eat the bread. Cuz honestly perkin's rolls aren't worth messing myself up with, cheddar bay biscuits are another story though (Damn you Red Lobster!!!!) and frankly when I have really wanted something I stole a bite from the BF or the girls and called it good. 2. I am a creature of habit. It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted most often for my meals, but once I did that is what I ate. I need to get more adventurous and do some more trying of new things, but for now not having to spend a lot of time figuring out what I want for breakfast is a good thing.
  4. I am planning on keeping going through the end of the current challenge and then beyond. I find that now that I am in the habit of eating this way its not a huge challenge to get it done. Obviously its working well for me, so why change it? Though I may be not quite as religious. I may have one or two servings of milk products a week, depending on how I tolerate it. Especially since the midget will get her feelings seriously hurt if I don't have some of her ice cream when she makes it. We're using spelnda instead of sugar (boohiss I know) but it helps (my mom is diabetic) The awesome thing is that it makes just enough ice cream for everyone to have a bowl and to have two bowls left over to share with friends and then its gone! So its not sitting in my freezer calling my name. I'm thinking we'll send some to my ex's house when they go over this weekend. Seems fair maybe I won't warn them about the splenda... to much of that causes an emergancy evacuation of your bowels... nah, thats just mean... funny, but mean.
  5. Yay i have my internet back in a way that is useful!! I was down completely two days, and the next two it was impossible to do anything other than work stuff at any given moment. You are right we are half way through!!! I am feeling really good about my diet! I have been making good choices all over the place. Went out to perkins with BF and the girls and had the tilapia, broccoli and yes the sweet potato fries. Everyone else got pie, me, I just stole a bite from each of them and called it good. There are some days when my carbs end up a little high, but over all I am doing well at keeping them below the 100g mark. Exercise is still my struggle. Though this week has been much better. A friend of mine offered to get me a gym membership so I have been doing the 'free trial week' to see if I even like it. And OMG I do. Its a 24 hr place so I can go in after the girls are in bed. It gets me OUT of the house for a while (I work from home so this is a BIG deal) and the place is pretty quiet. My mom was all "are you sure you want to be down there that late at night?" but it is literally 2 doors up from the police station and the entrance is keyed so only members can get in after staff hours. I will have all of my work outs done this week! I have been putting in 15 minutes on the elliptical at the start and then 10 more at the end and then doing the RFG work outs in between. They have a good selection of free weights (dumbbells and barbells both) and more machine then I can imagine what they could possibly do. I feel really good about where I am at. I am down somewhere between 8 and 10 lbs (weight is stoopid) and my body fat measurements say that most of that weight was fat! woo hoo! The life goals have been suffering. Not getting much jewelry or website work done. Website because of internet issues, we have actually been having problems since Christmas break, just didn't realize how bad it was, and the other I have no excuse. Got to kick it into high gear for the next couple of weeks to meet my piece goals at least. So that is where I'm at
  6. Gouda, aged Parmesan and for it they used this thing and cut out the core of the cheese. There was also fresh mozzarella (One of my FAVORITE cheeses) several varieties of blue cheeses and feta.
  7. an awesome choice!! good for you!
  8. jessie75


    My mom is diabetic also. She has said she doesn't feel like paleo would be a good choice for her because it is to low in carbs. I'm not sure if that is true or not, but I would love to hear more about your experiences. Thanks! anything to help her, you know?
  9. I love this! Need to work on this!! Great article. You have lots of great advice up there! And for the record he was totally rude to force it on you.
  10. Sooo I think I'm missing cheese. Yesterday I dreamed I went to a cheese tasting. In the dream it was all done up like a wine tasting. All these wonderful glorious cheeses, people in fancy dress, taking little samples, sniffing them, tasting them, and then remarking on them, like it was wine. OMG. Even in my dream I was cracking up though I was trying NOT to stuff as much cheese into my mouth as I felt I could get away with.
  11. I think I'm going to try this, I have never liked milk, had a milk allergy as a child, and now don't drink it at all. This could be fun to try.
  12. welcome! There are a bunch of us doing the Paleo Challenge too, so you can get lots of support and lots of advice, recipe ideas etc. We'd love to have you.
  13. Let me know how those work for you, I am curious
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