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  1. Hey Antagonist! I study Shito-Ryu, Okinawan based Martital Arts. Any links to some workout plans possibly? I've been doing basic bodyweight training but since I have a gym I want to use something to manipulate the machines and freeweights. I'll take a look at that Stronglift 5x5 just to kinda see what's out there
  2. Thanks for the weight punch tip. I noticed it last night too haha. It's a training block for me. I don't have much weight training experience. I go to the gym frequently, but I rarely have a plan, I just kinda do whatever
  3. Just got back from the gym! Yeah I know it's late haha. But I was there for a total of 2 hours. Including squats, cleans, bicep curls, chest press, weighted sit ups, 20 minute shadow-sparring and ended with 15 minutes in the sauna. Ready for the next day!
  4. Thanks for the input guys. If that's so, I'll just keep bodyweight circuits and strength training while sparring for the cardio and skill builds. I just didn't know if there was some kind of curriculum is all. As for day 2 of my challenge. I've already managed to wake, stretch and meditate. And now I get to go attempt a healthy breakfast before work. And of course a heavy amount of water throughout the day. I'll update with gym statistics when I go tonight! Breakfast, 3 eggs 2 slices of ham Lunch, 6 inch cold cut subway with turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato Dinner, Broiled chicken breast L
  5. Hey guys! I'm a new monk and I need help with my 6 week training regime! I'll be doing it 4-6 days a week and would like assistance in choosing exercises. I know I chose monk but I'm also slightly interested in some weight training. As of now I'm working with Cleans = 115 lbs Punches with a 10lb dumb bell DB rows with 40 lbs Squats 205 lbs Can't quite do pull ups yet...working on it. Currently can push 10 with 70 lb assistance Suggestions are more than welcome! I'll do my best to complete them. I'm probably missing any informations needed, so feel free to ask questions! 6'1''
  6. Aldinelk

    Campus Tours

    Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)? Is it reasonable? = I think I can lose 5+ pounds in the time! Do your 3 quests all build towards your main quest in little ways, or are you taking on too much? Do your quests have sub-quests or is it just one thing to focus on?= So far I just have the one quest. But mini quests include constant gym and healthy eating! Are your main goals realistic? Can you scale them to smaller steps to fit your life better, even if it will make it take a little longer to achieve them? = Certainly! I've got enough fat on my body to d
  7. I'd love to join! I already have 12 years of Shito-Ryu practice in me!
  8. Alright so this is my very first 6 week challenge. My goal is to just see in general how much weight I can lose! If possible I'd like help with a diet and workout regime. So far for a workout I have the basic bodyweight circuit. But since I've decided to be a monk, I want to have maybe special workouts? Like Squats= Squat Kicks DB rows= Weighted Punches anything like that I suppose And as far as diets go...I just need to do better ahaha. I'm a new college guy on a fair budget, I have decent cooking ability, but might need direction. All in all, it is currently 8:32pm right now and I inten
  9. I definitely need an accountability partner! Really just anyone to urge me on to do what I need!
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