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  1. I did it! On 13 April I joined a 6 week challenge, I 11 stone 3 lbs. I have stuck to my plan since then, apart from a 2 week period when I ate tons, and I now weigh 10 stone 2lbs!! I feel amazing. I get up at 6 and do an exercise dvd, then I run at the weekend when my husband is here to watch the kids. I try to paleo most of the time, I eat some rice and couscous to give me energy to run. I have even got some abs coming on show. I am really over the moon. Good luck guys, work hard, it feels so good to achieve my goal. Next is more weight training 😊
  2. I want to run and do weights but I'm not sure how to plan both into my schedule. Should I go out for my run then do weights when I get back, or lift first run after? Or do them each on different days. I run for about half an hour normally. Any advice gratefully received guys. Thanks so much.
  3. I just ran 20 minutes without stopping!!!!!
  4. Hi, gluten free has made such a difference to me. I feel thin on the inside is how I describe it. I know it's hard, bread and pasta were my favourite things and in the first week or two you really miss them but if you can stick to it you quickly get over it. I eat salad, cold meats, tons of eggs, nuts, sweet potato is brilliant if you really want some carbs, try to avoid "gluten free" versions of things you liked before as it just teases you and can lead you back to the gluten. Try to find things which are natural and not in any kind of packet. It really is worth the effort, I feel so muc
  5. Day 2, week 4: Pleased to announce that week 3 was a great success. I even managed to go out to dinner and stay Paleo, I had a great chicken and spinach salad which was honestly delicious. I told a little lie that I wasn't drinking due to an ear infection but the girls didn't bug me to have wine or beer as a result so it was worth it. I have stayed with the strength training, I have increased the weights and it feels good. My eating plan has been Paleo but I have had to start tracking how much I eat as the weight wasn't staying off, too many nuts and raisins I think!!! Overall in three weeks
  6. Hi, I am doing a minimalist routine from Lift like a Girl - a web site by Nia Shanks. It's three days a week, half hour each time, for 6 weeks. It's a starting point from which to build. It's compound movements, deadlifts, squats, overhead press, chest press, chin ups, farmers walks. The idea is that it's very simple but made difficult by the weight you lift, you are supposed to go heavy as possible. I like it as it's quick and I struggle for time.
  7. Did my fourth weights session today, 1st of the second week. Upped the weight a little and managed to complete all reps and sets. Feeling good. Paleo now for 14 days, feeling good, strong and happy. I've lost 7lbs. Awesome.
  8. Hi everyone. Week two completed, better than the first. I was 100% paleo this week, got all three strength training sessions done and got to bed on time every night. Still feeling full of beans, happy, more patient with the kids, my aching joints aren't aching as much, and the big news - drum roll please - I have lost 7 lbs since the start of the challenge! I haven't been hungry, my appetite is much more steady, I have eaten plenty but have tried to stop once I feel satisfied not stuffed. I have had red wine and dark chocolate, not too much but it has made me feel indulgent without breaking
  9. Hi, I started on 14 April, but I posted in the wrong place and can't do links as I am a computer phobe. My main quest is to lose 14 lbs. My 3 smaller goals are to do 30 mins exercise 4 times per week To go to bed and lights out by 10pm Only to drink alcohol once a week if at all. Things are going well. I have also been eating paleo and have one night off since the start, I feel amazing, so much happier, more energetic, the kids don't get to me so easily. Even my job seems less horrible. I have lost 7 1/4 lbs already, I haven't been hungry once. Paleo really works for me. I also started a s
  10. I did my first set of strength training yesterday! Deadlifts, over head press, farmer walks and chin ups, I ache a bit today but feeling very pleased with myself. Yay. Go me.
  11. How did you manage to get the link in your post? I am a total computer phone!
  12. Hi everyone. I completed the first week of my 6 week challenge. I got to bed on time 6 nights out of 7. I ate paleo all week except on Saturday night at the cinema. I only did 1 session of strength training but the school holidays are over now and my normal routine can return. The big news is I have lost 4 3/4 lbs in weight!!! I feel so much better, sleeping better, happier, nicer to my kids and husband. My stomach no longer feels bloated, my skin is clearing, I am not so hungry all the time. I wake up in a much better mood, work isn't so stressful, everything is improved. I started a st
  13. Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well in your 6 week challenges. I have to give myself a big round of applause as for the last four days I have been 100% paleo, I have gone to bed by 10pm, I have only managed one lot of formal exercise so far have three days left so I need to train each day until Monday!!! I feel really good, I am on track for great success!
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