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  1. And now, for the Final update (dadada daaaa)


    This week started out well but I must admit that towards the end I did slack a bit, A busy weekend with cold weather really made it difficult for me to keep on target.

    I never did go on my run which is pretty disappointing and I missed a few sets for various reasons but otherwise it wasn't too bad if I may say so myself.



    • Quest 1: A small drop here but not too bad :). Final Percentage: 81%
    • Quest 2: Failure is lame, sadly no running for me this week... Final Percentage: 40%
    • Quest 3: A few missed sets means my final percentage dropped in the end. Final Percentage: 51%


    Overall I didn't do too badly and I am pretty proud of what I accomplished, I ate healthy for most of the challenge which I I pretty dam happy with and while my exercise stat may seem low it actually says that I missed about 25 sets out of a total of 126 so that's pretty good. I am a little disappointing in my running, it was harder than I expected to find time to spend running and when I did have time I was pretty lazy about it.


    I am looking forward to my next challenge where I plan to try get that running thing right and up my physical exercise challenges. For the next two weeks I am going to see how my diet holds up and hopefully I can keep up the healthy meals without deliberately counting them.


    All in all I think the challenge was a success :) at least far better than my first and hopefully my next will be even better!!

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  2. Aaannnddd for my Monday update....

    It was my birthday this weekend so I slipped a little but nothing major and I am hoping to carry on with the climbing again from tonight.


    • Quest 1: Birthday Meals are not really healthy so a small drop here :). Current Percentage: 83%
    • Quest 2: I did run once but my hangover was too powerful on Sunday for me to get going so no climb, but no fall either. Current Percentage: 60%
    • Quest 3: Three extra sets on Friday but nothing on Saturday and Sunday means I lose most of my gain from last week, lame. Current Percentage: 62%

    Well I dont blame myself for dropping but I am hoping to climb back up again, 7 days left and I am hoping to get everything back up to at least 70% :) I must admit I am quite proud of myself so far though

  3. And the motivation holds strong so here is a quick update :)


    • Quest 1: No change here, but I have had only one not healthy meal so far this week so yay :). Current Percentage: 85%
    • Quest 2: No Change, hoping to do a run tonight, tomorrow morning and Sunday. Current Percentage: 60%
    • Quest 3: Five extra sets already this week with another three coming tonight. Current Percentage: 71%


    So Climbing back up, pretty proud of myself so far this week!

    Lets see if I can keep it up

  4. Thanks guys :)


    Yeah it went well, I started at 10:20 but that ice water was still pretty shocking when I got there. I definitely felt the difference between this one and my last race and I felt like a boss in most of the obstacles so go me :P


    Also I have decided that for these last two weeks I am going to update more often to keep my motivation up and yesterday I felt pretty motivated and did two extra sets :) so stats!

    • Quest 1: No change here, though two healthy meals is a solid start to the week :). Current Percentage: 85%
    • Quest 2: No Change, hoping to do my first run for the week tomorrow evening. Current Percentage: 60%
    • Quest 3: Two extra sets lets me climb up a little, hoping to push this one up slowly but steadily. Current Percentage: 66

    That is all for now

  5. Right time for my regular Monday morning update.

    This week was pretty rough for me as work took a pretty hectic turn and my schedule was thrown way off, but I did what I could and managed to not only compete in the Warrior Race but also beat my previous time by 40 minutes. Go me.



    • Quest 1: Not great here but I did what I could. Current Percentage: 85% (Missed 2 Lunches, 1 Dinner and drank an extra soft drink... booo)
    • Quest 2: Warrior Race totally counts as running so I did it :P Current Percentage: 60%
    • Quest 3: I did pretty poorly, mostly not Successful. Current Percentage: 64% (9 missed sets)


    Also it only just occurred to me that I missed my update last week, it was a pretty crazy week but I have included the weeks stats above, it was an OK one.

    I am going to have to up my game in the last two weeks here!


    @rathlan Sorry I didn't get back to you about when my race was, it completely slipped my mind until after the race.

  6. Status Update!!! Woot!!


    Right so this weekend was Oppikoppi, an awesome music festival that was totally freaken awesome.

    I did struggle a bit with my challenges but I think I did far better that I could have :) So here are my stats from last week


    • Quest 1: I kept on target eating 7 healthy lunches and 5 healthy dinners. Success, my prepacked meals served me well! Current Percentage: 100%
    • Quest 2: Not Success :( I did a lot of walking but little to no running so I will have to catch this one up if I can. Current Percentage: 80%
    • Quest 3: I did ok, not amazing but I did do stuff so go me :P, Mostly Successful. Current Percentage: 88% (5 Missed Sets and 3 Extra, total -7%)


    Now I need to settle back into normal life but I am feeling pretty proud of myself for sticking to the Diet challenge and not falling off the exercise wagon completely.

    Also as a nice benefit I am pretty sure I walked at least 15km this weekend so hey that's a bonus.

  7. Yeah the procrastination is strong with this one, but I am feeling good about my start :) Feeling positive about this challenge!


    @rathlan sure we may be able to do that, I haven't booked my spot yet but once I do I'll let you know when I'll be there

  8. Status Update!!! Woot!!


    So this week went pretty well, a few small missteps but overall a successful week I think.

    I will be making a small change to my scoring system, in my exercise quest I will be subtracting 2% for missed sets instead of 1% to encourage myself to keep doing them on time, over the weekend I found myself thinking I can just do them tomorrow and that kinda procrastination will be my bane.

    So without further ado my latest stats are...


    • Quest 1: I kept on target eating 5 healthy lunches and 5 healthy dinners. Success! Current Percentage: 100%
    • Quest 2: I left it for the very last minute but I did go jogging, Success! Current Percentage: 100%
    • Quest 3: I remembered my exercises every day except Friday, and then did a little to recover, Mostly Successful. Current Percentage: 95% (3 Missed Sets and 1 Extra)


    So this weekend is OppiKoppi, a local weekend long music festival that is going to make my quests a little difficult, I should be able to keep everything going though I may not be able to find a place to do pull ups. I will have to see :)

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  9. Thanks for the motivational Penguin! that's gonna come in handy :)


    The Warrior Races are pretty awesome and worth trying out if you get the chance. The obstacles are awesome, some can be quite challenging, and you can take the race part at you own pace so you don't need to be super fit to get through the Rookie race. I am pretty hooked on them.

  10. Ah the life of a Ninja Fish, eating junk, lazing about and putting on the pounds... yeah that's gonna have to change. So I did my first challenge earlier in the year and I did ok, mostly stuck to my goals where it was possible but I learnt a few things about life getting in the way. Lets see if I can apply my lessons to my next challenge and keep up my momentum for the full 6 weeks.

    I am a programmer so most of my day is spent sitting at a computer but I have a few active hobbies that get me moving every few weeks (Mostly Larping really) so I dont count myself as terribly unfit but there is always room for improvement.


    Major Goal: This will be to work on my general fitness and diet so that I can get rid of my beer belly. Cant be too complicated really...


    Quest 1: Diet

    I can be incredibly lazy but now is the time to try carry over the good habits I was building in my last challenge, so my first quest will be to eat heathly lunches and dinners 5 days a week and to limit myself to at most 5 soft drinks a week.


    Quest 2: Cardio

    Remember when I claimed to be lazy, so to combat that I will be jogging at least once a week, At the end of week 4 (23rd of August) my girlfirend and I will be taking part in a Warrior Race, this is our third race and we will be attempting to beat the two hours it took us the last times. The running has been our weakness in previous races so I am hoping to improve it with this Quest.


    Quest 3: Excercise

    To promote physical excercise I will be adding to my pull-up challenge from last time, this time I will do at least 6 pullups every day as well as at least 10 squats and 10 pushups.


    To measure my three goals each will start with a percentage of 100% and each week I will detuct from that for any missed days

    • Quest 1: Each week I will subtract 2% for every healthy meal missed and 5% for every additional softdrink (a heavy tax but I need the extra insentive here). If during the week I manage to eat more 6 or more healthy lunches and dinners I will add 2% and if I drink no soft drinks I will add 5%.
    • Quest 2: Each week I will subtract 20% for not jogging at all and add 5% for every additional run during that week.
    • Quest 3: Each week I will subtract 1% for every set missed each day and add 1% for each additional set.

    You may notice that over the 6 weeks these could quickly slip down below 0 or climb above 100, hopefully the ability to correct any mistakes will help me keep motivated to keep these numbers up high.


    So lets see if I can keep this up, I am looking forward to getting involved with the Assassin Mini Challenges too so bring it :D

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  11. So last week was a little rough and I fell off the waggon quite a bit but here is my update anyway


    Week 6 Progress Report!


    Quest 1: Personal Exercise

    • Failed again :( no excuses though, I was a little sick and a lot busy but I could have found time if I tried... Lame
    • I forgot to do my pullups for at least 3 days, it could have been 4... definately a fail
    • I couldn't go to sparring last week again ... fail... at least this weekend I'll be at a Larp so I'll get plenty of sparring.

    Quest 2: Liquid Intake

    • Success though not a great one, I think I drank around 5 soft drinks over the course of the week. not too bad really

    Quest 3: Eating Right

    • I ate 4 healthy dinners and 5 healthy lunches. Just failed but at least I tried, it was a little pressed for time which made finding healthy food difficult.


    So not a great week for me but I'm still trying and I refuse to give in

  12. Right so Week 4 was a little... weak :P
    My flu is starting to wind down but I'm still not 100%, I did what I could without pushing myself but it was pretty uninspiring


    Week 4 Progress Report!


    Quest 1: Personal Exercise

    • Failed again :( didnt do any exercise routines this week, even after I chose days and everything... hopefully this week I will feel up to doing more
    • With the exception of 2 days I did manage to do my pull-ups each day so at least a pass there, not perfect but it helps keep my motivation up
    • I couldn't go to sparring last week... lame fail but hopefully I'll get one in this week.

    Quest 2: Liquid Intake

    • Great success on this quest again this week, I drank less than 5 soft drinks over the course of the week. :) This one seems easier than I expected

    Quest 3: Eating Right

    • I ate 4 healthy dinners and 6 healthy lunches. not quite a pass. but I'll take what I can get this week.


    So not perfect either but you know I am doing better than when I started so I'm staying positive

  13. And in a stupidly unfortunate turn of events I have picked up a rather devastating flu.... which is really really lame.
    So I am going to do my best to keep up with my Food and Drink quests as normal but exercise this week is proving more difficult than I anticipated.

  14. Right so week 3 is done and its time for an update!


    Week 3 Progress Report!


    Quest 1: Personal Exercise

    • I did no short exercise routines instead of 3. Lame Failed. This part of the quest is proving more difficult than I anticipated, I keep getting to Sunday and realizing that I have forgotten all week. So to avoid that am going to attempt to plan ahead of time when I will do it. This week I will exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Friday/Saturday. So lets do it then!
    • I forgot to do my pull ups on Friday but otherwise I succeeded so at least a pass here. I also managed to do all 5 in one set on Sunday so definitely an improvement there so Yay!
    • I got a great sparring session in on Tuesday last week so pass :)
    • For Bonus Points I did a Warrior Race on Saturday and been my previous time by almost 10 minutes :)

    Quest 2: Liquid Intake

    • Great success on this quest this week, I drank less than 5 soft drinks over the course of the week. :)

    Quest 3: Eating Right

    • I ate 4 healthy dinners and 4 healthy lunches. not quite a pass. I will do better!

    I seem to be continuing to almost do everything, so this week my goal will be to get everything do in order to jump start the last 3 weeks. Wish me luck!

  15. And thats week two done, I wasnt very successful this week but I will keep at it :) still an improvement from before the challenge so I'm staying Positiive

    Week 2 Progress Report!


    Quest 1: Personal Exercise

    • I only did 1 short exercise routine instead of 3, this seems to be the most difficult part of the challenge for me so I'm going to have to put some more effort in for it. This week I am going to make it work!
    • I also did 6-10 pull-ups everyday except 2, one where i forgot and one where i forgot to do a second set. So not great here either
    • I had an awesome sparring session last week that left my body suffering for a day or two so thats at least good
    • I also managed to keep up my stairs use for most of the week :)

    Quest 2: Liquid Intake

    • Great success on this quest this week, I drank only 4 soft drinks again this week. :)

    Quest 3: Eating Right

    • I ate 4 healthy dinners and 4 healthy lunches. Still not perfect and a little worse than last week. I will improve :)

    So last week was not great for my challenge but I am still here so screw it lets go for another one.

    This weekend I am going to be participating in a Warrior Race, which is a 6km obstacle course so I'm really excited about that.

    lets do this

  16. Right so that was week one, I didn't do too badly though I did not quite manage my all my quests.


    Week 1 Progress Report!


    Quest 1: Personal Exercise

    • I did 2 short exercise routines instead of 3, I'll have to do better this week but at least I did some of them.
    • I also did 6-10 pull-ups everyday so A+ on that front.
    • Unfortunately my sparring group didn't meet last week so I failed that part, this week I will replace the sparring with more exercise if I have to.
    • For bonus points I went the whole week with restricting myself to one elevator trip per day which was awesome since I live on the 2nd floor and work on the 4th. I am going to keep doing this since it seems to be a great way to keep myself moving.

    Quest 2: Liquid Intake

    • Great success on this quest this week, I drank only 4 soft drinks over the course of the week. :)

    Quest 3: Eating Right

    • I ate 4 healthy dinners and 6 healthy lunches. Its not a perfect score but a good start.

    So overall not a perfect start but pretty solid and I'm looking forward to improving this week.

    1. Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)?  Is it reasonable? Yes, I will get there, I'm not too far off now :) Really just need to loose my spare tire

    2. Do your 3 quests all build towards your main quest in little ways, or are you taking on too much? Do your quests have sub-quests or is it just one thing to focus on? Yeah I think the are all moving towards the same goal of being healthier and fitter. My fitness quest has a few sub-quest type things that sound rather involved but I think I will manage.

    3. Are your main goals realistic? Can you scale them to smaller steps to fit your life better, even if it will make it take a little longer to achieve them? I think it is realistic, I might not get there by July but I will get there

    4. Are your goals able to be measured and tracked?  What will you use to track them? I am tracking my food and drink intake and I will be doing a rundown of my successes and failures each week here.

    5. How are you grading your goals?  Are they pass/fail (“every dayâ€, “not even once over the six weeksâ€)?  Is there a reward for the effort, or are you only grading yourself on whether or not you “lose the weight†or “run the distanceâ€? My quests will be graded weekly on the basis of if I stuck to them for that week or not.

    6. What is your plan for continuing/altering/grading those goals if you become ill or injured? If I become ill or injured my Food and Drink quests will be simple enough to maintain and I will probably have to alter my fitness quest if I cannot perform my exercises.

    7. Did you take into consideration any special occasions (Labour Day, Independence Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc) that may occur during the challenge?  What modifications do you need to build into your goals for those? I did not consider special occasions but my quests are flexible so I can organize them around such days

    8. Do any of your main goals conflict with each other? Will one goal make it hard to do another? Not that I can see

    9. Do you already have the time in your schedule to actually complete the goals you’ve set?  If not, what are you planning to do to make time for them? I think I do, I haven't signed myself up for long sessions so I should be able to squeeze everything in.

    10. Are you trying to build multiple habits, or is all your energy focused on your main quest? Mostly habits :) my goals are mostly small things I can keep up everyday

  17. Introduction:  Hey folks, my name is Fish and this is my first challenge. I have been following Nerd Fitness for a few months now and had some success with making a few changes in my lifestyle but I haven’t yet managed to reach the vague goals I've had in mind so here goes nothing right.
    I am a programmer so my work keeps me pretty stationary most of the time and while I have a pretty active personal life most of my hobbies(Wargaming, Roleplaying, Crafting and Larping) are equally stationary so I need to force myself to get more activity in my life.

    Lately I've been doing more exercise through Larp Sparring, jogging, small exercise regimens and pull-ups and attempting to improve my diet but my plan is to build some good habits using the small steps I have been making.


    Main Quest:  One of my many hobbies is Cosplay and I have always wanted to do a Grey Fullbuster costume so my main goal for the next few months is to get toned enough to pull that off. I would like to get there by July.


    Quest 1: Personal Exercise: I don’t work well with gyms or long training sessions but I have found a few ways to keep myself interested in training. So I will endeavour to attend a least 1-2 Larp Sparring Sessions a week, perform a short exercise routine 3 times a week and do at least 5 pull-ups every day.


    Quest 2: Liquid Intake: I hate to admit it but I have a mild Coca-Cola addiction which intensifies with stress (something my work is happy to provide) so I will be attempting to limit my Soft Drinks to maximum one per day, replacing them with water. This is probably going to be the most difficult Quest for me.


    Quest 3: Eating Right: Junk food is sometimes so easy and keeping up a diet is really difficult especially when there isn’t always healthy food around. But I need to eat right so I will cook healthy dinners at least 5 nights a week and eat healthy lunches at least 5 days a week.


    Motivation: Grey Fullbuster



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