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  1. If you throw in handstands that pretty much sums up my workout focus as well. I'd be in if you'll have me. Now I'm off to go lurk the light side in search of rivals.... mwahahaha...
  2. Hahaha. I guess this whole walking this is pretty popular.
  3. This post will be rather like my challenge: simple, focused and slightly wacky. So... Let's Get Down To Business (can't say that without adding: to defeat...the HUNS) First order of business: March starts the Whole30! So it'll be 3-4 meals a day (depending on if I workout) of meat, veggies, fruit and nuts/seeds. For me it will end up being a whole60 as I'm doing it next month also so I've got to really get into a good routine that can last me 2 months. I'll be posting a pic showing my 3 meals that day as well. My motivation for the whole30 will be it helping me drop my extra bf from winter as all my training is easier with less fluff. Also it's a huge part of what keeps me in remission -this helps me know my true current strength and endurance limits so I can train accordingly. Second order of business: Obstacle Training - Crush PR's in 6 categories (each of these will be areas I'll be tested on in May) 1) Core -Toe Touches and Planche - just trying to see what my max on these is 2) Pull - Jumping and Half Pull-ups + Chin-ups working toward Full- Pull-ups 3)Push - Uneven Push-ups and Pike/Decline Push-ups working toward handstand push-ups -Also I hate military style push-ups but I am gonna try to make myself do them since I think I might hate them cause the muscle it works is just a little different from the above variations and it means I probably need to strengthen it. 4)Squat - Intermediate Shrimp Squat working toward Advanced Shrimp Squat - Also 20"-24" Box Jumps 5)Push-Up- Burpees (Spartan Prep Work) - See how many I can do in a set amount of time and work to increase that number, 6) RUN!!!! I'll be focusing on hills and mountains more than flat areas cause Mud and Obstacle Runs do involve, ya know, running. So yeah, that's gotta happen I guess. Plus, as I've previously mentioned, escape preparedness is never a bad thing, -be it from invading aliens, nefarious villains or just an overly friendly avalanche attempting to give you a hug... Also for the competition I'll need to remember to get photographic evidence of all my training accomplishments. In view of the fact that the Whole30 will take a lot of cook time and planning I'm gonna leave it at these two things since I want to give these my all and I need this month to be April and May's foundation. I'm going to again use climbing and ice skating as rewards for this challenge, it worked really well last time so there we go. My penalty is already in place -if I don't stick with the Whole30 and hit at least some of my goals this month then there's no way I can win in May. I will give myself bonus points if I get my studying done each night since I've got TONS of continuing ed for work this year in addition to my already full study schedule. Bonus points will be explained in the next post.
  4. Interesting, whiplash was exactly the word I thought to describe starting the new challenge as well. But I 'm super thrilled with the weather changes - both daylight and temperature. I work out pretty much exclusively outdoors so I'm really looking forward to my hands not sticking to the monkey bars. Also being able to go to parks and playgrounds after work during the relative safety of daylight hours is a plus. It's funny, steady state cardio isn't my thing, in general, either. but oddly I love biking/running in spring or fall. (If I'm in the mountains I do summer running also but down here that'd be a good way for your shoes to melt and become one with the asphalt). Something about the physical exertion combined with the crisp air and milder temp creates a sort of peaceful quietude, especially earl in the morning. Also I've realized that, in addition to what was mentioned, winter brings boredom/restlessness since I can't go outside as much and then I go crazy -I think I tend to bake "fun stuff", go out to eat or even just snack more in winter, just as something to do, which all cost more. So Yay. Looks like spring saves money and encourages healthy habits.
  5. Yup! I had to finish everything up yesterday but today starts the new challenge for me as I'm doing the whole30 for march so I'm starting everything as of today. So I'm off to post that and check out your new challenge...
  6. Okay so apparently taking care of a two month old and his mother are not very compatible with accomplishing anything else, especially when you're doing it for the first time. In summation: the first two weeks I feel good about but the last two weeks I'm gonna have to scratch. I pretty much lived with my sister in New Baby Land -where you pretty much just sleep and eat if/when you can while helping mama to take care of herself and the kiddo. It was great of course, and I consider it a whole other accomplishment, but as respects fitness I did minimum maintenance workouts and healthy eating -A bit of climbing, some calisthenics and walking, that it. Unless I can count swinging him in his heavy car seat for hours to keep him asleep as the best full body workout ever?? Mom's everywhere - you have my respect. You are amazing. I shall be taking to today to get my house in order and start meal making for next week since the competition starts then! And I start the whole30 so here goes nothing....
  7. Haha. I agree. I'm feeling something akin to whiplash attempting such a quick transition so I shall likewise not be thinking about the next challenge till Monday. Nyargh! #bestbattlecryever
  8. Okay so this last one is a bit more complex: Thai Red Curry - featuring BELL PEPPERS. -top left pic Prep -In a pan heat 3-4 tbs of Safflower Oil and add about 3 heaping tbs of red curry paste, 1 tbs of fresh garlic, 1 tsp ginger paste and let it bloom. (heat till it's nice and aromatic -don't let it burn though! Stir and keep it low.) You will add everything else to this. 1) Add a chopped bell pepper and saute until it gets softish. 2)Then add a can of coconut milk and a can of coconut cream and let the flavors seep in on low for about 5-10 mins. 3)add a can or two of chicken broth depending on how creamy you want it. 4Add 4 cut up boneless skinless chicken thighs -slice them super then while still partially frozen so they cook in just a couple mins. 5)Also have some basil sliced very thinly as well as about a half of a bunch of green onions and add these in at the end, they only need to cook for maybe 5-8 mins in a simmer. Review: I love this recipe, but though I've always made it I didn't get the idea to bloom the pastes till I read a Thai blog and it really mellowed and blended the flavors. It takes a bit more time but it was awesome. However next time I'd try popping everything in a blender before step 4 as the bottom of the soup gets kind of seasoning heavy and chunky/gritty. I served it over jasmine rice and also ate it as soup the next day.
  9. 1st Vegetable of choice: Tomatoes! Because even though they are a nightshade I love them. GF Dairy Free Egg Free Pizza -bottom left pic For the sauce just use crushed tomatoes with some salt and maybe some garlic and pepper. As toppings I roast some fresh tomatoes as well as onions, mushrooms and whole garlic cloves in the oven first and then put them on with the basil, cheese and pepperoni. First let yeast bloom - Mix: 1 Tbs warm honey, agave or maple syrup 1 Tbs Fast Acting Dry Yeast 1.5 Cups Warm Water Set aside. Then mix: 3 cups of a gluten free flour blend (with xantham gum, or if it doesn't contain it -add about 1 Tbs) 1-2 tsps Salt. Then add to yeast mixture: 2 Tbs of oil 1 Tbs cider vinergar or lemon juice Combine with dry ingredients. Mix well and split one ball for freezing and the other for use. You may need a Tbs or 3 of extra flour but it shouldn't be very thick. Cover pizza pan with parchmant paper and spread crust with hands. I let it sit a bit in the bowl in a warm area with a damp towl over it before putting it on the pan and baking. Prebake crust 10-15 mins at 425. I used buffalo mozerella in this pic but I have also done this with homemade cashew cheese and it turned out amazing. I then baked it till the bottom brown. Review: This was awesome. I've made it twice and this time I fed it to my non-healthy-food-eating friends and they loved it just as much as I did. 2nd Vegetable of Choice: LETTUCE! Because, let's face it, it's healthy and cheap and what's not to like? So the recipe: Thai Coconut Cilantro Lettuce Wraps -Top right pic In blender combine 2-3 Tbs of Lemon/Lime Juice (throw in some fresh zest if you want also), 1 bunch of cilantro, .5 to 1 Tbs of Fish Sauce or GF Soy Sauce, 1 can coconut milk and some fresh garlic (all of this to taste) and let this marinate on some skinless chicken thighs. (if you do less Fish Sauce just add some extra salt) After a few hours grill the chicken and heat the sauce in a pan and cook it down a bit. I let it cool, shred up the chicken and add things like green onions and avacado and use the sauce as a dressing. This is the picture before I put it together and added the dressing. Review: I didn't have a grill so I broiled mine on a broiling pan and when I reheated them for lunches I fried them. It turns out really good but I often find it needs more salt cause I'm always really shy of using too much fish sauce. 3rd Veggie of Choice: Brussel Sprouts -they have a bad reputation because they're nasty when cooked wrong so helping change this misrepresentation by sharing their amazingness just seems fair. Bottom right pic -Easy one here: Cut brussel spouts into quarters -Toss with Salt, Pepper, Safflower or Avacado Oil, Garlic and Goat or Sheeps Romano and bake at 400 until crisp and slighly black on edges. Or you can broil them. I cook my about 20-30 mins. It depends on if you want them really crispy or not. Review: These turned out awesome, it's probably my third or fourth time making them this way and I discovered this time that I like them sliced smaller so they cook faster and get more crisp. But they also burn easy so I watch them carefully.
  10. Okay so I've been making these but haven't had time to post them so I'm gonna post the pic and then the recipes. Here's the four recipe pics:
  11. Ah CRAP!! I visited my sister to help out with the new baby(he's her first) -so no sleep or internet for about 11 or 12 days-but I come back and I find myself so behind!! (I did bond with my nephew though and that was pretty damn amazing so no real complaints here ) But I can't believe how much I've missed. :/ I'll buckle down and try to get a bunch of crap in this week so I can pull my weight - But first, post reading. LOTS of post reading....gotta figure out what we're even doing now O-O
  12. I know right? But look at us, pushing our limits I can honestly say I'd probably never try a box-jump or pull-up burpee of my own volition, like, ever . But for a light-saber? heck yes.
  13. Wow. It's cool you've been able to keep going slow n steady -in true sloth fashion. Sloths everywhere are cheering all supportive-like I'm sure. I especially admire not being too quick to add extra weight when prompted. I'm bad at that myself so hats off to ya. (this be a happy supportive sloth) But what is this art project of which you speak?? Or is it super secret in addition to being super exciting?
  14. Okay so some highlights of the week so far: Workouts: Saturday I went snowboarding for about 8 hours so that was my weekend workout. It was crazy fun -this was a reward for completing last months challenge. Before that I focused on squats and push-ups. I've started doing decline push-ups in additions to uneven and standard. I'm trying to eventually get to handstand push-ups so over the next couple months I'll keep upping the height for my feet and working on holding my handstand as well. That's the focus for this week -beat my longest time for holding a handstand. To that end I will focus on core work as well. Primarily hanging leg raises and toe touches. So 5 days a week I will try to spend a little time just practicing hand stands in addition to my regular workout schedule. For squats I'm doing weighted, pistol or intermediate shrimp squats. The goal is to always push myself further so no going back to easier versions of workouts. Daily List Accomplishment: I've been probably at a 70% success rate for the week. Yesterday was more like 40% on everything though and I completely blame the Super Bowl. Sunday has lately been quite the play day so I'm learning I need to either schedule things I want to accomplish on my Sunday list earlier in the week or start buckling down that day. This week I'm gonna really try to get things done early Sunday since I think I do more stuff in the evening and we will see how this works. Also getting up around 6 is not happening yet. I'll continue to work on this but there is a small chance I may need to adjust in the requirements for this area also. If I can't get to bed by 10 or 10:30 I think 7 will have to be it. I can't function much on less than 8 hrs of sleep. But we're not giving up yet, we're gonna give this whole go to be early, get up early bit one more go. Nutritional Requirements: Again yesterday was a bit of a fail in this area. I didn't completely derail but snacking happened quite frequently and throughout the day. Apart from that though I've been keeping it around an 80/20 with 3 meals a day. I've found cooking a bunch of meat up ahead of time and then just reheating it each day helps A TON. So I will definitely implement this when I do the Whole30. This week's goal is to find a couple new recipes to freeze and reheat later that will still taste good. That's all for now. Please note there will be no rodent advisory updates today as I've still got much work to do. Just don't approach the rodents and you'll probably live....we think...
  15. Me: Fits of laughter followed by a long pause, then, "Crap. I'm pretty sure I've done that....
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