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  1. If you throw in handstands that pretty much sums up my workout focus as well. I'd be in if you'll have me. Now I'm off to go lurk the light side in search of rivals.... mwahahaha...
  2. Hahaha. I guess this whole walking this is pretty popular.
  3. This post will be rather like my challenge: simple, focused and slightly wacky. So... Let's Get Down To Business (can't say that without adding: to defeat...the HUNS) First order of business: March starts the Whole30! So it'll be 3-4 meals a day (depending on if I workout) of meat, veggies, fruit and nuts/seeds. For me it will end up being a whole60 as I'm doing it next month also so I've got to really get into a good routine that can last me 2 months. I'll be posting a pic showing my 3 meals that day as well. My motivation for the whole30 will be it helping me drop my extra bf fr
  4. Interesting, whiplash was exactly the word I thought to describe starting the new challenge as well. But I 'm super thrilled with the weather changes - both daylight and temperature. I work out pretty much exclusively outdoors so I'm really looking forward to my hands not sticking to the monkey bars. Also being able to go to parks and playgrounds after work during the relative safety of daylight hours is a plus. It's funny, steady state cardio isn't my thing, in general, either. but oddly I love biking/running in spring or fall. (If I'm in the mountains I do summer running also but down he
  5. Yup! I had to finish everything up yesterday but today starts the new challenge for me as I'm doing the whole30 for march so I'm starting everything as of today. So I'm off to post that and check out your new challenge...
  6. Okay so apparently taking care of a two month old and his mother are not very compatible with accomplishing anything else, especially when you're doing it for the first time. In summation: the first two weeks I feel good about but the last two weeks I'm gonna have to scratch. I pretty much lived with my sister in New Baby Land -where you pretty much just sleep and eat if/when you can while helping mama to take care of herself and the kiddo. It was great of course, and I consider it a whole other accomplishment, but as respects fitness I did minimum maintenance workouts and healthy eating -A
  7. Haha. I agree. I'm feeling something akin to whiplash attempting such a quick transition so I shall likewise not be thinking about the next challenge till Monday. Nyargh! #bestbattlecryever
  8. Okay so this last one is a bit more complex: Thai Red Curry - featuring BELL PEPPERS. -top left pic Prep -In a pan heat 3-4 tbs of Safflower Oil and add about 3 heaping tbs of red curry paste, 1 tbs of fresh garlic, 1 tsp ginger paste and let it bloom. (heat till it's nice and aromatic -don't let it burn though! Stir and keep it low.) You will add everything else to this. 1) Add a chopped bell pepper and saute until it gets softish. 2)Then add a can of coconut milk and a can of coconut cream and let the flavors seep in on low for about 5-10 mins. 3)add a can or two of chicken broth depen
  9. 1st Vegetable of choice: Tomatoes! Because even though they are a nightshade I love them. GF Dairy Free Egg Free Pizza -bottom left pic For the sauce just use crushed tomatoes with some salt and maybe some garlic and pepper. As toppings I roast some fresh tomatoes as well as onions, mushrooms and whole garlic cloves in the oven first and then put them on with the basil, cheese and pepperoni. First let yeast bloom - Mix: 1 Tbs warm honey, agave or maple syrup 1 Tbs Fast Acting Dry Yeast 1.5 Cups Warm Water Set aside. Then mix: 3 cups of a gluten free flour blend (with xantham gum, or if it d
  10. Okay so I've been making these but haven't had time to post them so I'm gonna post the pic and then the recipes. Here's the four recipe pics:
  11. Ah CRAP!! I visited my sister to help out with the new baby(he's her first) -so no sleep or internet for about 11 or 12 days-but I come back and I find myself so behind!! (I did bond with my nephew though and that was pretty damn amazing so no real complaints here ) But I can't believe how much I've missed. :/ I'll buckle down and try to get a bunch of crap in this week so I can pull my weight - But first, post reading. LOTS of post reading....gotta figure out what we're even doing now O-O
  12. I know right? But look at us, pushing our limits I can honestly say I'd probably never try a box-jump or pull-up burpee of my own volition, like, ever . But for a light-saber? heck yes.
  13. Wow. It's cool you've been able to keep going slow n steady -in true sloth fashion. Sloths everywhere are cheering all supportive-like I'm sure. I especially admire not being too quick to add extra weight when prompted. I'm bad at that myself so hats off to ya. (this be a happy supportive sloth) But what is this art project of which you speak?? Or is it super secret in addition to being super exciting?
  14. Okay so some highlights of the week so far: Workouts: Saturday I went snowboarding for about 8 hours so that was my weekend workout. It was crazy fun -this was a reward for completing last months challenge. Before that I focused on squats and push-ups. I've started doing decline push-ups in additions to uneven and standard. I'm trying to eventually get to handstand push-ups so over the next couple months I'll keep upping the height for my feet and working on holding my handstand as well. That's the focus for this week -beat my longest time for holding a handstand. To that end I will fo
  15. Me: Fits of laughter followed by a long pause, then, "Crap. I'm pretty sure I've done that....
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