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  1. Thanks I'll figure it appreciate the help and I knew what coconut sugar was and I have been logging the food that's how I can quote to you what I have been eating.
  2. I forgot to add I am 50 years old and six feet tall if that helps anyone
  3. Ok I am a bit of a problem. Last Tuesday, my weight was at 282.7 which was one of the lowest it has been in a while but I haven't been over 295 in over two years. Anyway, since then I have upped my water intake, I am doing at least 3 L a day, mainly veggies and meats with some carbs like rice and one baked potato except for 1 cheat meal. I have cut out my diet cokes for the most part, I might have 1 every two day but the weight is moving if anything I have been heavier. Usually around 284-285 range. I do some form of exercise each day, with my go to being pushups, around 60-100 usually per day. I am starting to walk the hill at our house, it is a very steep grade, 3 times at least which is about 0.5 miles in 10 minutes. Ok I am in need of some help please. Typical breakfast is 4 eggs, about 2 oz of cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. I also have a 20 oz coffee with coconut sugar and creamer. Lunch is usually broccoli or some of the steamer veggie collection NO rice for the most part and tuna, chicken, beef or pork Dinner is pretty much a repeat of lunch.
  4. Hello again everyone!!! I was a member back a few years ago. But I got a bit lost on the way and now I am back. I have started reading Steve's book along with making more positive changes in my life. I managed to lose about 70 lbs around 2 years ago. I gained 15 of it back and now I am back on the quest to get the weight management back in order. I got a divorce a little after I lost my weight and I think that was one of the factors to me gaining the 15 back. I am back on the primal eating habits again, which is helping. I have a very beautiful woman in my life now and we are both questing to make some changes. Well anyway, Hey again y'all and I will be around some more Matt
  5. Welcome Ross and glad you have you
  6. I think I know what you are saying but I am having a bit of a problem formulating the correct way to tell you so here it goes slide your thumb and forefinger around it and pull back on the cuff and slide it off at the same time if it the cuff I think it is, you might want to practice using it
  7. Injuries really do suck. Good luck and you will find more than a few great people here that can and will help you if you need it
  8. Welcome and I think you can edit that part of you like. I wish you a ton of success in what you are doing. I am on the same journey myself
  9. Hey everyone, I found this site back in January and I was rocking along with my weight loss from what I had stated a year before I was down about 70 lbs. Then I allowed myself to get waylaid for about a month, which wasn't the really bad thing. I was hit or miss on both diet and workouts which was a huge blunder on my part but I was on the road to fixing the problems when I thought I was having a heart attack, this was 1st part of May. I was in the hospital for a week, ended up with a stent after they found one of the small arteries that fed my heart was blocked but the main problem was not from my heart, it was from my gallbladder... I tried toughing that out for a while and just this week, Wednesday, I had it removed. I think I feel better but still hurting from the four small incisions that I now have. All of this along with my getting off track has gotten me a bit bummed out and I gained about 20 lbs of my lost weight back, which has made me reexamine all of what I had been doing since March or so. So starting when I am able to start moving better, which should be sometime next week, I am going to get back on my weight reduction/ healthy me horse and start riding back off into the sunset again. Currently I am at 310 lbs at 6 feet. I am going to put up some measurements in the next few days and take some pictures that I might or might not post but I will have them. I short term goal, by August 20th (the day I start back to teaching for the next school year) is to be down 20 lbs and dropped enough in my waist to wear the pants I just bought (size 42). Long term goal is to be at 230 lbs or a little lower along with being able to do at least 5 pullups and at least 5 one arm pushups. Well that is it for me tonight, thanks for reading
  10. I have no questions but I do have a very warm Hello and welcome, along with a big dose of "you can do it!!"
  11. hats are good for me. While I would wear the bandanna my wife on the other hand would have some comment or two about not wearing it. if we get hats I hope we get the low crown one, not the trucker style
  12. Awesome.. you finished it which is a huge accomplishment
  13. Wow! you have done something that is amazing and I am glad you are continuing to keep on going
  14. Sharkie, It sounds like you are built a lot like my wife. She swam butterfly added to the top of that, she has very wide shoulders for a lady. While I think it would be possible to lean down, I am not sure that you would "look right" if you were super thin if that makes sense. You don't have to look like anyone else, just get yourself to the best place for you. Hades, there are a lot of ladies that I find that look great that don't have that muscular ballerina look you mentioned. Keep on the course that you are going on and you will look great as for number 2, yes this does happen if you are adding muscle it is a bit more dense, which relates back to more weight with less volume. You are really wanting to decrease the volume of yourself more than the weight, I guessing. Hang tough you can do this and I know how hard it is especially when things hit the fan and don't go the right way.
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