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  1. Older sprog broke her arm so have had no time. Will hopefully be back into things later. Haven't done anything since triathlon. No excuse. Just none. Oops.
  2. Oh man... meditation is hard with kiddos. Not sure how I'm supposed to squeeze this in!!!
  3. BMI is definitely just one diagnostic tool and doesn't give the whole picture of a person. I agree with @Agnarr, it's just easier to use. It's too bad it's become a mainstream method of judging people though.
  4. Yay! So glad your trip up here was such a success (even though I'm bummed I didn't get to meet you due to tri-ing). Keep up the ass kicking!
  5. Triathlon Day!! So on Saturday morning, I got up, packed up, loaded younger sprog in the car, and started the 4 hour drive up to the triathlon location. Made pretty good time actually, had to stop after 2 hours, mostly to stretch out and get moving, and then did the final stretch up to the location. Arrived before registration opened, so got a primo parking spot, and settled in to wait for the rest of the family! When my sister got there, we registered, and then went to grab something to eat. Then, we got body marked, set up our transition, and went to the course ori
  6. You guys! YOU GUYS!!! Did you know that a triathlon is hard? I feel completely zonked, totally exhilarated, and like a total badass! However, I'm on my way back home and only have a phone, so details will have to wait. Suffice to say it was a blast (well, in hindsight) and that I destroyed my goal of 1:50 with a finish time of 1:38!! Pictures and details to come! Stay tuned!
  7. 6pm race start means a LONG time to fret... Made it 3/4 way there, last stretch of drive to come... So excited!!!
  8. I think pleasure seeking is a good idea. Sometimes, I find working my body hard can help me get my mind off things that are stressing me out too! Then I can have even more brownie!
  9. I'm not pulling my weight this week guys, I'm sorry. I'm doing my first triathlon tomorrow, and just can't have DOMS! If I'm not in too rough shape on Sunday, I'll try to do some more!
  10. Week 2 Day 4/5 Well, tomorrow's the big day. I'd say that yesterday and today have been rest days, but yesterday I worked and then ended up running to and from yet another board meeting. 3k in 21min. Quite fast for what was supposed to be a rest/taper, but whatever. It's done now. For the past week or so, I've been fighting pain in the tendons of both my big toes. They seem to be triggered by different things/different shoes, so not quite sure what's going on. Been trying to avoid triggers, and giving them a good massage every t
  11. This is the most awesomely crazy thing to watch!
  12. Yeah, the start is at 6pm because it take place in a fairly busy River and can only stop traffic after the locks close at 6pm. So I'm leaving at 9 and will hopefully have enough time when I arrive to sort myself out. Just need something easy so as not to tire myself out but still get the blood moving! A very serious warm up I guess!
  13. Glad the medicine is helping, hope you're feeling almost 100% by now!
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