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  1. Got in a bit of walking yesterday and this morning! Have to go for a half-mile walk to make goal for the day!
  2. You can do it! I don't believe you're a quitter if you keep getting back on the horse
  3. Day 2 Fitness: Swam 800 yards/35:34 mins Biked 2.33mi/30 mins Feel pretty good about getting these workouts in! Now have to work on the food tracking, and the job hunting!
  4. So, I'm training for a Sprint distance triathlon in August, and tuning up with a mini-sprint in June. I need a way to keep accountable with all the training, hence this challenge! Main Quest Finish a Sprint Distance Triathlon! Subquest: 1. Hit the training. Make 80% of all scheduled training over the next 6 weeks. I realize life will get in the way. It's a busy month for birthdays, so I understand it may not be realistic to get 100% of training. If I shoot for a hundred, and get 80, I'll be pleased! 3/54 2. Track food honestly. Track 90% of days in the challenge, allowing for a few stumbling blocks on the way to the journey. 0/42 3. Make either run club, or swim club during the week. Bonus points if both! 0/10 Life Quest: Get a full-time job, or enough hours to live on! I am currently being phased out of my position at work through doing some contract work. Therefore, I want to give it a priority to look for a new job. I will commit to applying to a minimum of 80 jobs in the next 6 weeks. This quest will be completed before 80 applications if I find a job before then. 0/80
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