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  1. So I don't think anyone is following this post burt here is an update/end to my challenge I have been doing pretty good with the veggies but about a week an a half into the challenge (which I did walk my dog every day! but only did three "real" workouts) I got into a pretty serious car accident. I have since been laid up and with my injuries i can barely walk or lift anything. It REALLY sucks. So I am going to gracefully bow out of this six week challenge and try again next time around! If you are reading this I hope you stick to your challenges!! I know you can do it! Be easy everyone!
  2. Hey! I am new to this thing too. I ultimately want to be a Warrior (strength and power) but I too have a good amount of work to do. I am looking to lose around 70lbs. If you want drop me a line in a PM or on this thread and maybe we can help each other! If not I wish you all the luck in the world on your quest to become a badass assassin!
  3. Oye it is so true! I have a big Italian family so it's like when someone is eating they all harp "are you okay?" "why aren't you eating?" blah blah blah its kind of comical. Thank you for the suggestion, I have heard good things about the fitbit! I feel like that would work into my goal of keeping myself accountable. I definitely need to get one. Thank you for your well wishes! Good luck with your challenge!!
  4. That is really amazing CarismaUMD!! Keeping to your goals and yourself accountable with the updates is very smart. Good luck with your challenge! I think you will be successful!
  5. Hello all! This is my very first 6wk challenge and also my very first post in this kind of forum (like ever - not just with NF). I have struggled with my weight and health my whole life (I am 24). I love my family dearly but they have such poor diet and exercise habits that a lot of my older relatives have diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, so on and so forth with all the other health issue associated with obesity. I do not want to be like that, I want to be a healthy person for the remainder of my life not only for myself but for my family and my (hopefully) future children and grandchildre
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