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  1. Ok so it's the end of my first 3 weeks, time to add up points and reset goals for the next 3 weeks! I will add all my points up at the end of the full 6 weeks though. I'm still feeling pretty drained emotionally but I'm hoping getting back into routine now term has started again will help me keep on track with my goals. Start weight: 144.8lbs End weight: 143lbs Down 1.8lbs, yay! Hope to get to 141.5 by the end of the next 3 weeks. Goal 1: Diet Overall score: 17/21 - B - +0.8 CON +0.8CHA Had a pretty bad day for food yesterday but I did okay overall and scored a B. It's still hard for me to not overeat when I'm stressed, but I think I'm just going to always try keeping a lettuce in the house as I don't always particularly care what I'm eating and a lettuce will do just as well as bread when I'm in one of those 'have to eat something' moods. Then I can munch away without sabotaging my goals, and lettuce is pretty filling so I'll be less likely to go crazy on other food. Goal 2: Running 12/15 - B - +0.8 DEX +0.8 STA The bad - I skipped my Sunday long run, I just was not feeling like it after this week. The good - Went to parkrun on Saturday and ran it in 31:29, beating my own PB by 2 seconds, but beat my personal best on that course by 2 minutes! I think actually not running as much this week allowed my legs to rest up and get that PB. I'm super happy as it's an hilly trail course that I find quite difficult, so to beat my PB on it is awesome! Goal 3: The little things 16/21 - C - +1.2CHA Not too bad here, considering even the days I didn't achieve the goal I was still halfway and just missed flossing and mouthwash in the evening. It's definitely a habit now though and something I can do the majority of days. Goal 4: Regular laundry 2 achieved - B - +1.2WIS Got back on track this weekend and empied out the laundry, changed all the bedding and hung the washed clothes up prompty so they didn't crease. Goals for the next 3 weeks Will update this evening with stat allocations, but my new goals are outlined here: Goal 1: Counting Calories...again I've done a recalculation of my estimated TDEE and its probably only about 1950, which means I'm going to be dropping my calories 50 calories a week until I'm at 1450 from 1600. So week 1 is 1550, week 2 is 1500 and week 3 is 1450. I will then reevaluate at the end of the challenge. Dropping it this much should also help when there's inevitably a bad day or two. Goal 2: Gym and Running I've started back at the gym now, yay! I want to go 3 times a week on top of the 5 runs I am already doing. I've been doing this unofficially for the past 2 weeks and it's definitely been manageable so far. The gym is really nice too - 3 power racks, 3 areas to deadlift, a huge open area with mats for dynamic movement, plus plenty of machines as all gyms have. I'm following NROLFW and love it so far! Goal 3: Routine and Schedule Every day I'm going to write myself a schedule and I am going to stick to it as best I can. I work best when I have assigned times for certain activities and enjoy my free time a lot more as it's scheduled and I don't have to feel guilty about not working. I won't post the actual schedule here every day, but I will be updating as to if I'm following it!
  2. Update: Panic over, the fluctuation has disappeared, phew! Goal 1: Diet Went over again yesterday. :-/ Had a bit of a terrible day emotionally dealing with medical issues of a loved one so I ended up going over from eating a sticky bun and too much toast. Fortunately everything is much more stable today so I'm back on track! 16/19 Goal 2: Running Was feeling way too emotional to even contemplate my 7.2km run yesterday and decided to go for a walk with my garmin instead. Ended up walking 7.2km which although isn't quite the same, I'm still giving myself credit for it considering all I wanted to do was mope around the house. 10/12 Goal 3: The little things I missed one evening doing my teeth, but have done everything fine apart from that. Even managed to complete all these tasks yesterday and didn't let my emotions get in the way. 16/19 Goal 4: Regular laundry Completed the laundry last weekend but never got round to changing the pillows, oops. With only a couple of days until the weekend I'm just going to make it last until then. 1/2
  3. You're doing a great job with your SH challenge, especially with the twice a day workouts! I don't have much advice on macros I'm afraid, my method is more about getting in enough protein and then the rest just being whatever I fancy. I think though that the key for a lot of these diets is the protein intake, so as long as that is up there then adjust your carb/fat ratio to whatever you feel best with. For the running cramps, I was having a similar problem a week or two ago with getting them about 1-2 miles in and realised it was because I had let myself get dehydrated. Drinking a glass of water 5-10 minutes before has really helped me preventing them, I don't know if it might work for you too.
  4. Week 2 start weight: 142.4lbs Week 3 start weight: 145lbs Goal 1: Diet Had a couple of bad days where I went about 500 over maintenance calories, I think the change in exercise routine maybe made me crave a bit more, I'm not sure. According to my logs, I had 5/7 good days. However, according to the scale, I've gone up three damn pounds. That's higher than when I started, within the space of a few days, it's not going down and it's not that time of the month either. At this point I'm just hoping that it's water weight from where I have started up lifting again, but it's pretty damn discouraging when I should have lost about 0.25-0.5lbs this week, not gained 3! I tend to fluctuate within 1lb, it's never been this much before. 12/14 Goal 2: Running Had a bit of a niggle in my right knee on Saturday evening, so decided to postpone my long run until today just to give it some rest. It's feeling fine now so I probably just overworked it a bit with adding the gym and an extra running day to my routine. 7/9 Goal 3: The little things Didn't get round to these on Saturday night as I was exhausted and basically just fell in bed when I got home from a day of running, gym and swimming. Still mostly good though 12/14 Goal 4: Regular laundry Was waiting for my pillows to dry out after being washed, so I'm going to change them today instead.
  5. Update so far this week: Goal 1: Diet Doing well again this week, I'm losing weight way quicker than when I was at home now as I can accurately calculate the calories in all my meals. Might even hit under 140 by the start of term in a week and a bit (here's hoping!). Down to 141.6 as of this morning, whoot! 4/4 Goal 2: Running Added an extra 1km fast run today to make up for missing a run last week, so I'm ahead on my running goal for the week so far. I went to the gym again today too. Lifted and then went for a 20 minute swim. 3/2 Goal 3: The little things This goal has definitely become a habit now, I don't have to think about it much any more unless I am feeling very tired or lazy. 4/4 Goal 4: Regular laundry It's not been laundry day yet this week but I did remember to change my pillows yesterday.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forums! Another university 3rd year video game nerd checking in here. If you want to put on weight, be sure you are eating enough - find some calorie dense high protein snacks if you find it hard to eat enough, I think peanut and nut spreads are quite a popular option. Also, I find joining in the 6 week challenges help to keep me accountable and have a measurable way to track my goals, you could still join in with this one if you wanted as it's only a week in. It definitely appeals to the RPG player within me! What sort of video games do you enjoy? At the moment I've just finished Mass Effect 1 and 2 for the first time, waiting to get 3 until I have some more money, but they were amazing games.
  7. Good job on week 1! Even though you weren't completely paleo, at least it was only some dark chocolate blueberries and not a massive slice of cake or anything. Congrats on dropping a pound too, it's always a great feeling to see results on the scale.
  8. Apologies for the lack of updates, I got Mass Effect 1 and 2 and was playing them for the first time, so I haven't really been thinking about updating! Week 1 start weight: 144.8lbs Week 2 start weight: 142.4lbs Goal 1: Diet Managed to stick to my calories every day so far, this is probably the longest streak of consistency I've had in terms of not going over even 100 calories. What's more I've had a bit of a "whoosh" this week and lost 2.4lbs, which feels great as it's the lightest I've been in ages! Goal 2: Running Skipped a couple of days so far, so only 4/6 possible runs completed. I'll probably do an extra one on Thursday to try and make up for it. On another note, our bus passes for the university term can be used from this week, which means I can get back to the gym. I went today and have started on NROLFW. Was a lot of fun, plus there were a couple of other women in the lifting area, so it wasn't too intimidating! Goal 3: The little things Completed every day so far, except for one night where I stayed up really late and felt too tired to do anything except brush my teeth. 8/9 so far isn't bad though! Goal 4: Regular laundry I did my laundry over the weekend and changed my sheets, even if it was only at 11pm on Sunday night! It's nice not feeling too overwhelmed with things to wash.
  9. Wow sounds really like a fun way to work toward your goals, haven't heard of the superhero challenge before! Love your 10 minutes a day goal too, it always feels like you've achieved something that way, even if it's just a little. For me at least, it makes it much easier to stick with diet goals too, you almost don't want to "spoil" the activity you've done!
  10. Phase 1 Week 1 Monday Within my calorie limit for today and completed my flossing. Monday would usually be a run day but I'm going to be doing it tomorrow as I had a workshop today and had to be on a train to London at 6:15am, not getting home until 7pm, so doing it tomorrow will just be much more pleasant!
  11. I'm ready to go for the next challenge after a semi successful last challenge! It's going to be a bit of an odd challenge in that university starts halfway through, so I think I will be having one set of goals for the first three weeks and then another set for the final three, with points split evenly over both halves. My second set of goals will be decided after the first three weeks so I can evaluate how everything is going. Start Weight: 144.8lbs Height: 5'2" Goal 1: Diet Same as last challenge I'm going to be sticking to 1600kcals a day. I have a basic yet flexible meal plan that should get me there while still feeling full. A: 19+ B: 17+ C: 13+ Stats: +1 CON + 1 CHA Goal 2: Running Clever me left her running shoes at home when I moved...Luckily mum is going to post them up to me and they should hopefully arrive before next week otherwise I'll have to adapt this a bit. Anyway I want to start upping my running days to 5 a week, with the same routine as usually, just adding an extra short 1-1.5mile run to start with. A: 14+ B: 12+ C: 9+ Stats: +1 DEX +1 STA Goal 3: The little things I'm trying to get into the habit of flossing and using mouthwash twice a day. Now I do it about once every other day but it's something I should be doing every time I brush my teeth. I also want to make sure I use my face exfoliation gel twice a day as I've just started using it and my skin is feeling so much better already! A: 19+ B: 17+ C: 13+ Stats: +2 CHA Goal 4: Regular laundry I'm trying to get out of the habit of putting off the laundry until I have no clothes left, as well as never being sure when I'm due to change my pillow and duvet covers so I'm going to be following the laundry schedule I have set for myself of changing the pillows twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday, as well as changing the duvet and mattress cover on Saturday. Laundry to be done on Saturday and Sunday and put away, although if the Sunday wash isn't dry I can do that on Monday. A: 3 weeks completed B: 2 weeks completed C: 1 week completed Stats: +1.5 WIS
  12. Great job this challenge, 35 minutes is definitely not bad at all, I'm sure you will have no trouble with beating your sister in November. Congrats on the weight loss too, 7lbs in 6 weeks is no small amount!
  13. Haven't got my final weigh in yet but I think overall I have lost a pound or two over this challenge, which I'm pleased with as it was summer holidays and usually I put on weight over this part of summer. I've just moved back into my own house this weekend so now I have the groundwork of good habits and exercise I am definitely aiming to lose more next challenge! Goal 1: Running I ran 18 times this challenge, an average of 3 a week, scoring a B. I didn't run a couple of days this week due to feeling a bit drained from moving and on our week long holiday week, but apart from that it was pretty good. Scoring a B gets me 80% out of +2 DEX +3 STA, for a total of 1.6 DEX and 2.4 STA. Goal 2 Diet Scored 30 on this so just scraped a B. Would've liked to lose a little more weight but not bad considering I went on holiday and managed to completely undo the first few weeks of work. I get 80% of +1 WIS +2 CON +1 CHA, so 0.8 WIS 1.6 CON and 0.8 CHA Goal 3: Water Achieved an A+ on this one whoot! I need to think of a nice reward that doesn't really cost anything as I can barely afford to buy food within my weekly budget but I'm going to save this an an IOU to myself. +2 CON +1 CHA Goal 4: Giving up biscuits, crisps and chocolate Failed this by 3 points, but I'm still pleased with how I managed to keep away from these foods for the majority of my time at home. This was more about getting out of the habit of eating them most days and on that ground I feel like I've succeeded somewhat. Summary Start weight: 147lbs End weight: 145.8lbs Positive habits gained: Frequently running, about 13 miles a weekEating less addictive junkEating smaller portionsDrinking more waterTotal stats gained: 1.6 DEX 2.4 STA 0.8 WIS 3.6 CON 1.8 CHA
  14. Week 6 Start Weight: 144.8lbs End Weight: Goal 1 Running: 2/4 Goal 2 Diet: 5/7 Goal 3 Water: 6/7 Goal 4 Crisps, biscuits, chocolate: 5/7 Overall: Goal 1 Running: 18/24 Goal 2 Diet: 30/42 Goal 3 Water: 41/42 Goal 4 Crisps, biscuits, chocolate: 31/42 Monday Goal 2: Diet - Goal 3: Water - Goal 4: Giving up chocolate, biscuits and crisps - Tuesday Goal 1: Running - Goal 2: Diet - Goal 3: Water - Goal 4: Giving up chocolate, biscuits and crisps - Wednesday Goal 1: Running - Goal 2: Diet - Goal 3: Water - Goal 4: Giving up chocolate, biscuits and crisps - Thursday Goal 2: Diet - Goal 3: Water - Goal 4: Giving up chocolate, biscuits and crisps - Friday Goal 1: Running - Goal 2: Diet - Goal 3: Water - Goal 4: Giving up chocolate, biscuits and crisps - Saturday Goal 2: Diet - Goal 3: Water - Goal 4: Giving up chocolate, biscuits and crisps - Sunday Goal 1: Running - Goal 2: Diet - Goal 3: Water - Goal 4: Giving up chocolate, biscuits and crisps -
  15. You still have 2 weeks to go so don't worry about not meeting your goals just yet! Even if you don't hit them by the end of the challenge, you've definitely been putting the effort in so you should still be pleased with what you have achieved!
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