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  1. 05/05/20 TUESDAY Check-in time.... Work is starting to pay off. Had to make myself laugh when I caught a reflection in the mirror during a Richard Simmons workout session - but hey, it was FUN. Feeling a LOT better. Am going a little stir-crazy however - Sunday before last I couldn't get out of the house and to the park fast enough and I stayed out almost until it got dark, it felt so good. My furniture has been rearranged, the cupboards scrubbed.... and I'm driving my cats bonkers. :) Blessings to you all!
  2. 3/24/2020 Tuesday Trying to keep a sense of levity during this time of Stay Home Stay Safe... Working regular hours, but not sure how long... But this too shall pass. Making sure, in the meantime, to put in some extra activity. No time like the present, says I!
  3. Something else that I've been trying: I used some birthday money to try a few of the meal delivery services. Thusfar, I've tried Hello Fresh, EveryPlate, and Dinnerly. All took some major tweaking to add some extra health to them... A couple of them offered Vegetarian options... Anyway.... MB
  4. 03/19/20: I'm munching on an Asian Pear as I type this - makes my allergy irritated throat feel better somehow. Had a serious downfall - but I forgive myself. 50th birthdays and too much celebrating can make for a tubby Hobbit! Yes, I turned 50 on 2/27 - and now a new page in my book is opened. Strange times, these... Gyms closed, almost nobody out walking or jogging, no movies, no library - for a few weeks anyway. It has indeed changed a few things about my lifestyle that needed changed anyway, such as not eating out anymore (where? everyplace is either closed or take-
  5. 10/15/19: TUESDAY CONFESSION: Rough night's sleep.... Made the mistake of watching a nature special about people letting pet snakes loose into the Florida Everglades and the snakes becoming a problem, growing up to 17 feet or more.... EWWWW! Snakes fascinate me in the wild and are one of Nature's wonders, but I share Indiana Jones' sentiments about them 100%.... Not my cup of tea, so to speak...
  6. 10/10/19 Thursday Weekly check-in: 1. Got one heckuva workout in this week by moving furniture and deep cleaning carpets... Not my choice of activity, but it needed done... 2. Update on blood work was awesome - the pre-diabetes note has been dropped! Yessss! I still have some work to do on this, but it's going to happen one baby step at a time. 3. Gums healing up, after one minor hiccup with an extraction site that got irritated by spicy Thai food. I'll be ordering my lower partials in a couple of weeks and can really start in on eating better. Lesson learned: Get hel
  7. 10/4/19 Friday (Freya's Day - All Hail Freya!) A. Some weight loss noted! Yeah, baby! B. Entered into a Debt Management/Financial Re-education program to get me back on track. Untreated depression can do horrific things. 'Nuff said. Have a great weekend.
  8. Dental work all done, except for some fillings. Immune system starting to rebuild, feeling a LOT better. Starting to trim down again and am seeing the beginnings of what MIGHT be an ab... Hard work and time will tell. Peace, my brothers and sisters in the fight!
  9. 9/16/19 Monday: Part of my health/wellness goal list is almost done. The extractions were completed quickly on Saturday, and I found I was able to keep most of my teeth after all! Yeah, baby! Turns out I need some composite fillings instead. My next goal is to rebuild my immune system.... Then I can work on other things! Later!
  10. 9/12/19 Thor’s Day: Getting one health challenge completed this Saturday morning; the rest of my tooth extractions (broken molars) will be done and a major cause of a lot of my health issues will be gone. I consulted with a nutritionist and have a healthier version of the ‘soft diet’ on hand to help me recover. More to follow later...
  11. REALLY fell off the wagon this summer when it came to food in general.... But today and every day is a new day to do it right... I have faith.... I will be worthy of Thor's Hammer yet!
  12. 5/16/19: HOW TO EAT UP A MONTH: Help someone move! Egads, we can accumulate stuff over time! It made me want to really live more simply and get rid of as much of my own stuff as possible - and I'm not the one moving! Watched "Avengers: Endgame" last weekend and was proud of myself for not eating any of the candy or popcorn I was offered. Fell off the menu planning wagon for a little while, but am back on track. It truly helps me track what I eat. My goal for now: Just try to eat better, and get back into heavier exercise! Blessin
  13. 4/12/19 FRIDAY It's Friday.... Yeayy......! My goal for this weekend? Try to get my bowling score up to at least 110...120 if possible! But if I don't, I will at least be able to say that I had a lot of fun trying! My other goal is to revamp and tweak my kitchen - a thankless task, but it's a cook's duty to reorganize the kitchen to something resembling order!
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