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    Yraen Gets Smarter

    Thanks SuzyQ. Sorry I stopped checking in. Got really busy then just forgot. Despite not being on the forums I had a pretty good challenge. I didn't really track so I can't say for certain but I'm going to say I met my goals better on this challenge then about any other I've done. To take it week by week, the second week was extremely busy, I was commuting an hour each way to work, putting in 8 hours each day, getting home, grabbing a shower and a quick bite to eat, then going to church for revival services. I made it to each one and I couldn't be more glad I did. I don't kno
  2. Yraen

    Yraen Gets Smarter

    Great to have you here! Swimming is cardio yes. Didn't get my studying or devotions done yesterday. Carbs where good. Got a workout in today. Not feeling 100% so I took it a bit easy 3x5x135 Squat 3x5x95 OHP 1x10x90 Hip Raise 1 Tri-set rear delt raise, lateral raise, front raise, 10,8,6 20 pounds 2x5x45 Weighted pushups 2x4 Pull-ups 2x10x20 Reverse wrist curls 2x10x40 Wrist Curl 2x12x35 Neck Curls 2x15x35 Neck Extensions Carbs good, study and devotions done, and I made it to church tonight. Not too bad a day all
  3. Yraen

    Yraen Gets Smarter

    Thanks Tank. Thanks. I'm looking forward to this one too. Took my measurements today Neck 16 Chest 44.5 Shoulders 51 Waist 35 Bicep 15 Forearm 12.5 Hips 41.25 Thigh 24 Calf 16.5 Worked out after that 5x5x135 Squat 5x5x95 OHP 2x5x40 dumbbell lunge 2xTri-set rear delt raise, lateral raise, front raise 8, 6, 4. 3x5x185 Bent over row 3x5x45 Weighted Pushups 3x5x50 Neck curl 3x8x50 Neck extension 2 15 second plate pinches 25 pounds 2x5x20 reverse wrist curl Not very good but I
  4. Right back at you. I don't really go for piano pieces during pushups, but I have found that Tchaikovsky goes good with jumping rope. Hope your son passes the test. I know how hard it can be to make and stick with a fitness plan.
  5. Goal One For those unaware I am a high school drop out. It made it difficult for me to find a job last challenge so I need to get my GED so I can get a better job. This goal is to study for at least one hour everyday, and to take the test towards the end of this challenge. Goal Two This is the same as last challenge, to read my Bible and pray everyday. This challenge I'm adding not missing any church services barring emergencies. I made some good progress last challenge but I still have a long ways to go. I'm at a turning point in my life and I don't know what the Lord w
  6. Sorry to check out like that again. I've been kinda busy and things have happened. But for now a bit more complete rundown. So last week was just kinda okay. I didn't do much of anything for the first half. Met my goals but in a kind of barely, whatever fashion. I did go and play basketball Thursday night and I did alright. Made some good threes played some good D. Good time and a great workout. I went rock climbing or more accurately bouldering with my friends on Saturday and it was awesome. Had a great time driving there, had an amazing time climbing, grabbed some grub afterwards
  7. Thanks but no thanks. SuzyQ! Great to have you here. More ups would be nice. Didn't train much Thursday, just some stretching and all. Carbs where good. Devotions done. Friday I did 4 sets incline dumbbell press 40 pounds 10, 10, 5, 5. 30/s rest 4 sets dumbbell bent over row 75 pounds 12 across 30/s rest 3 supersets 10 rear delt raise 6 lateral raise 20 pounds 30/s rest 5 sets squats 135 8 across 1 sets dumbbell lunges 40 pounds 4 2 sets incline dumbbell curls 20 pounds 8, 6. 30/s rest 3 sets single arm overhead tricep extension 20
  8. It wasn't really all that bad. I was just very sleep deprived and coming down sick when I last posted. My carbs where mostly low because my overall food intake was low, and my workouts where subpar. They did help though. Thanks for the prayers, I really appreciate them. I want to get my GED but here in Missouri it cost $95 to take the tests. As I said I'm broke. Stupid thing is I could've passed the tests a long time ago but I kept putting it off. Thanks for checking in. Like I told Tank it wasn't really all that bad but everything just pooled together
  9. Thanks. Basketball went okay. I caught an elbow to the ribs so their a bit tinder but other then that good. Weekends going okay all in all I guess. Carbs for Thursday good at just under 100. Got a workout in Friday nothing major to report. Way to many carbs on Friday, somewhere around 200 I'd guess. Got some cardio in today. Carbs good. Devotions every day. Like I said all in all it ain't been too bad, I'm just tired, depressed, and stressed. I'm completely out of money and don't have any job prospects. I've spent far more time crying then I care to admit and put a good sized dent
  10. Had some good devotions today. Went to church for a great missionary service. Good workout in. Probably over did it a bit. Bwx5 45x5 95x5 135x5 205x1(Failed 2nd) 185x2(Could probably have gotten 3 but didn't want to change it) Squat 45x5 135x5 205x5 285x4 Deadlift 205x3x2 Bent over row 45x5 75x5 125x3x2 Overhead Press 40x6x2 Rear delt raise Bwx5 45x5 75x3 Weighted Pushup 40x10 incline dumbbell press 45x5 90x5 125x10 Hip Raise 45 second weighted plank with 45 pounds(for extra points I listened to the Ranger Creed to motivate me while doin
  11. Did my Bible reading and praying today. More cardio type workout today 5 rounds 1 minute jump rope 1 minute rest 5 minutes rest 2 rounds 45 second waiter walk with 40 pound dumbbell per side. 5 seconds rest between arms 2 minutes rest 10 Burpees with push-up 3 minutes rest 30 seconds mountain climbers This sucked. I should've rested less but it still sucked. Carbs at 94.5 total and 67.5 net.
  12. That game sounds awesome.
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