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  1. Owlet Conquers All

    Welcome back!! This is a great list of goals! I'm glad to hear you're having a good time with the running too.
  2. [Sylvaa] Hot Mess

    When I was little, I was TERRIFIED of dogs. Like, I would hear someone's car keys jingle and freak out because I thought it was a dog's collar. I'm over that now, but I still get mad when people let their dogs run around and go up to people when they're outside. Just because YOU'RE comfortable with your dog doesn't mean that everyone else is.
  3. Marauder un-quantified

    Come baaaaaaaaack
  4. Flea Prepares

    Do it for the fooood. Also for the books!
  5. Wobbegong Seeks a New Cave

    Hey there!! Congratulations on the promotion! Also, pokemon and personalities?? Awesome. My two favorites - ditto and milotic - were both accurate.
  6. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    Hey there! If you're looking for more flexibility benchmarks, this thing Nerd Fitness put out a while back might be of interest to you: There were 5 posts total, but the download might just have everything in one place.
  7. NeverThatBored: Action Absorbs Anxiety

    Week 0 Wednesday Update I've had so much energy lately?? Is it my efforts to eat better?? The lack of working out?? Just a coincidence? Fitness Walked for 1 hour +1 point Food So-so. I was acceptable until dinner, when I went to a Mexican restaurant and ate way too many chips. T_T But on the other hand I didn't eat breakfast, so maybe it balanced out? I'm not sure, so 0 points. Work Mornings keep getting away from me but the afternoon was good. I didn't do the things I actually wanted to do, but I worked hard and did a bunch of things to put out fires for other people. +1 for the afternoon One Time Tasks: Found the dongle I needed to plug in my backup drive and backup my computer +1 Measured my torso for a hiking backpack +1 Took a package to the post office +1 Bought my flight to CA +1 Recurring Tasks: N/A - 0 points I should really probably figure out what I'm doing with these points soon...
  8. Ensi - Love!!!

    Following for love!! <3 You might be interested in the Ranger mini this challenge. @Tanktimus the Encourager is running a mindset challenge.
  9. Mad Hatter enters the bronze age

    Hi Mad Hatter! Following! I hope the rib heals quickly. :/
  10. Luciana Valerosa Culming - Let's change the difficulty level!

    Hi Luciana!! Following!! You flower drawings are very nice~
  11. Zeroh follows a new path

    Hey there! Congratulations on becoming a GL!!! Following again.
  12. Flea Prepares

    FOUND YOU. Sneaky sneaky. I was just about to say the same thing. And maybe make sure he has a digital copy of it too?
  13. Kamar-Taj Gonna Ranger: The Doctor Strange Themed Mini Challenge

    Alright, I'll play too. But fire is scary so I'm not so sure about this paper burning activity.
  14. [Sylvaa] Hot Mess

    Please remember that we were friends even before you had power. Ughhh, sounds exhausting! People who don't help around the house drive me nuts.
  15. RedStone Paints The Town

    So much great art here!! I suggest a chibi ghost and black cat in honor of Halloween. Also, congratulations on becoming a GL!!