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    Did you hear back?
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    Yes! I did his week-long mini course a while back. I've tried it a few times, but things like "do one pushup every time I X" aren't quite what I'm looking to do either since I want to do a certain program for increasing strength that involves a certain number of reps/sets at a time. It could definitely be useful for mobility though. Thanks! I'm really digging it. It simplifies things in a way that's really working for me right now.
  3. I really liked my last challenge structure, so I'm going to keep the structure going! I'm keeping it simple again by focusing on areas where I'm the least consistent. I'll be on vacation for week 3, but I'm factoring that into the point goal. Weekly To-Do List Some items will vary week to week (+1 each) Go to Crossfit 3x (+3 all or nothing) Study Japanese (1 point per session) Walking 1 point for any walk at all 2 points for longer walk 3 points for hike (even short ones) Mobility/Stretching 1 point for 5+ minutes of freeform stretching 2 points for a short (<30 minute) yoga session or targeted mobility work 3 points for 30+ minute yoga or GST session Goal: 70 points for the challenge I'm not really sure what I should win if I pass?? I'm thinking maybe a set of my favorite pens (Le Pen!) but I might update that once I think about it more)