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  1. [NeverThatBored] Monsters grow in the dark

    Did my first set of 10 full pushups since the wrist surgery.
  2. Ensi - The End Of The Map

    Awesome news, Ensi!! Congratulations!
  3. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Dude, that's awesome!! It's too bad you're not feeling it, but it's still great.
  4. [NeverThatBored] Monsters grow in the dark

    Week 2 Saturday/Sunday Update On Saturday, I went swimming! It had been a long time since I was taking lessons, so I wanted to get at least one swim in while I was here. I didn't do that much actual swimming vs. hanging out in the water, but I did enough that I remember what I was working on and I don't feel like I've totally lost everything. I'm still struggling with the whole actually breathing while swimming issue, but that's where i left off. I don't feel like I lost too much skill. I also went on a walk on Saturday. On Sunday, I was planning to work out and hike. I went on the hike even though I didn't totally feel like it. At first, it was great! It was super warm out but it felt good. I went .75 miles down a super steep, narrow trail that made me feel pretty badass (even though I had to crabwalk a few sections because downhills are scary). From there, I looped around and saw some cool caves where the trails were pretty flat and easy. But THEN I had to get back UP the hill. I was walking up a trail that was marked as moderate so I wasn't worried about it, but I somehow veered off onto another trail that wasn't actually a real trail you're supposed to use??? Not sure how that happened but my directional skills are garbage so it's not totally surprising either. I realized when I was halfway up the hill and checked google maps that I was in the middle of nowhere and not where I thought I was. I definitely had a moment of panic at that point. I was so far up already and didn't want to go back to the bottom, find the right trail, and then climb all the way back up. Since it was a big ass hill and I did not want to go all the way back down, I kept going since it looked like the trail was still leading up the hill. It was SO STEEP. It was just this narrow rocky trail that went really straight up the hill for A VERY LONG TIME. It was awful. But I made it up! At the top of the hill/trail, there was a sign that said "area closed for habitat restoration." SO I was definitely not supposed to be there. Whoops. After that, I was still planning to work out later for a bit. By the time evening came around, I was just WIPED OUT. My mother said I looked exhausted. So, I eventually decided that was enough for one day and I was going to allow myself to just go lie down and crash instead.
  5. OH MY GOSH. I only had a week to catch up on and it was so many pages! I was keeping a mental list of things to respond to but I've totally lost track of all of them. Nicknames: The best nickname I've ever been given is "dots." I have an "ë" in my name, I have lots of freckles, and I like polka dots. Brilliant. Fitness thing: I'm right there with Tank. I really really really want to be able to do a perfect pullup. (Ideally then more than one, but really just that one would be awesome.) I think your voice is really pretty! I've never thought you sounded particularly young.
  6. Rangers Gonna Grind: The End-of-the-Year No-Hype Ranger Mini

    MAN I keep forgetting that we're ending the rounds on Saturday. These weeks are going by so fast! I might be able to get some more in before midnight.
  7. [NeverThatBored] Monsters grow in the dark

    My parents' house has an open floor plan, so if I'm on the main floor at all there's no avoiding it. I could go hide in my room, but it's on SO OFTEN that I don't really want to do that. Now that I'm more conscious of how it's affecting me I can get out of there when I need to though.
  8. Endor: Return of the Ranger

    Hey Endor! Following!
  9. [NeverThatBored] Monsters grow in the dark

    Week 2 Friday Update So there are all these fires in California, and my parents just have the news on ALL THE TIME, and if I have to see one more picture of burned horses I am just going to spontaneously combust or something. I cannot take any more of this. There was a video of a guy saving a wild bunny and now I just keep thinking about all of the other bunnies who weren't saved and I just....!?!?!? And they're still very far away from where I am, but now I keep thinking about trying to wrangle my cat to take him somewhere in the event of a fire and it's just so stressful even though it's completely imaginary. I hate the news. In BETTER NEWS, I had a decent fitness day. I worked out after I got up in the morning. Later in the day, I went to walk on the hilly road because screw you, hills. My calves were sort of grumpy but I didn't go super far. Then to wrap up the day I did a middle splits session. I've had a solid food day so far but I'm strongly considering having brownies for dinner so WE'LL SEE. Oh boy, the news has moved on from fire to school shootings.
  10. [NeverThatBored] Monsters grow in the dark

    Thanks <3 My calves are reaaaaally unhappy today, so I'm definitely in need of some stretching.
  11. Some stuff Xena wants to do

    You know, I only JUST realized why you call it a sushi list. Whoops?
  12. Jarric Finishes the Year

    Hey Jarric! I'm late to the party, but I'm following now.
  13. Yasha grinds it out

    Hey Yasha! You are doing awesome so far this challenge! Way to grind.
  14. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    I hope you keyed his car after all that. >.<