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  1. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    They came out in the order: Daredevil Season 1, Jessica Jones, Daredevil Season 2, Luke Cage, Iron Fist. I don't think you strictly HAVE to watch them in order. Each one stands alone. There are some crossovers and references in each one to the previous ones, particularly as you get into Luke Cage (Luke Cage first appears in Jessica Jones) and Iron Fist, so it may be worth doing if you want to catch all of those. That said, if you don't like any particular series I think it's also ok to stop watching and just jump to another one and you'll still be able to enjoy it.
  2. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    You've got to get that recipe out of her!
  3. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    So, there are four different Marvel heroes, each with their own Netflix series: Daredevil (2 seasons so far), Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. They're all very different but I enjoyed them all for different reasons. Jessica Jones in particular was phenomenal, though very dark. The acting in Iron Fist was pretty bad, but it was still enjoyable if you can look past that. The other two were really solid. The Defenders crosses over all four of them as they have to come together to defeat a common enemy. I really enjoyed it because I'm a sucker for both Marvel and crossovers, but I wouldn't say it wowed me. It was exactly what I expected but no more, if that makes sense? I enjoyed watching it and I was engaged in the characters and their interactions, but the plot itself felt a tad rushed? It was only 8 episodes compared the usual 13 or so for a series. On it. Kelly Starrett recommends 4 components for a standing desk: a desk of the appropriate height for you, some sort of footrest, bar, step stool, or whatever to put a foot up on so you can shift positions, an anti-fatigue mat (or shoes depending on your setup), and a stool high enough that you can just sort of lean on it but not sit on it. I don't actually expect that I'll be comfortable standing all day right off the bat, but if I really need to I can unplug my laptop from the monitors and just go sit down for a bit as I get used to it. It's enough of a pain that I won't do it unless I actually need to though. Unrelated, there's also a video on YouTube from a class he taught where he talks about the whole box/human test scene from the beginning of Dune. It's pretty great. Good for you! I don't use it much, and I often log myself out of it, but I like to check in maybe once a week to see what my family has been posting. I don't even know why really, because it's usually just nonsense. When I was checking it constantly to deal with all the furniture people, I just kept clicking all of these terrible clickbait articles that pop up. I sunk so much time that way, it was terrible! I hear you. I'm not actually a big cinnamon roll eater in general probably for this reason. They can be good, but store bought ones don't do anything for me. But there's a place at the local farmer's market that makes very good ones, so I got one there. I had it for lunch today and it was SO. MUCH. SUGAR. Whoops? I did not feel amazing after that. I am also an unroller. But last time I was around someone while eating one, they thought that was weird and just bit into theirs?? So I wondered which was the more common way. It sounds like the majority of us are firmly in the unrolling camp, so that's cool.
  4. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    Ooh, they look tasty.
  5. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    Important question: How do you eat cinnamon rolls? Do you unroll them, or just bite into them?
  6. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    Week 1 Sunday Update Went on a walk in the morning Went to the farmer's market later in the morning for probably the last time, so I bought way too many pastries... Hiking minichallenge - success! Went on a hike with my aikido buddy and packed lunch so we could enjoy eating in the woods. I brought some of my pastry trove. After an exchange with @Wobbegong I ended up playing Stardew Valley for a few hours in the evening (after watching some YouTube videos and finding this intense farm layout planner: It was nice. I hadn't played a game in a while. Did a reeeeeally bare minimum workout. Because I'm moving and getting used to running 3x/week, I'll allow these cheater workouts for the duration of the challenge. After this challenge, they will no longer count as workouts. WATCHED GAME OF THRONES HOLY SHIT BEFORE MOVING TO DO MINIQUEST Cancel internet Cancel electricity Do the thing with the forwarding address?? List a bunch of furniture on sale via Craigslist and flyers at my apartment Still need to do the flyers Get letter from Aikido sensei confirming my current number of practice hours Will get on Thursday with last class Figure out what to do with my furniture if I can't sell it, and how the hell to get it out of my apartment anyway (I'm on the 3rd floor of an apartment and there are only stairs) Kind of. Just the couch left Set up a lunch or something with local coworker-types. Get in at least one bootcamp class so I can say bye to peeps there Contact my wrist doctor about anything I need in advance to be able to smoothly transfer info to a doc in the new location Done, but need to get a copy of MRI on a disc. Donate other stuff I'm not keeping Continue with swimming lessons / make sure to inform instructor about move coming up Use my actual apartment pool at least once Hit up some of the items on my bucket list: BBQ pub Plans for Friday Italian place Local bargain store people love Cool burger place in nearby town Out of business Try running at a park that's supposed to have some soft trails Maaaaybe the racetrack? But also apparently there have been a lot of horse deaths there this year so I might just boycott. Decided to boycott French/tapas place right by my house Planned for Saturday Plans for the Week: Overall: Eat through the food I have left, with a focus on freezer/refrigerated items over dry pantry items. Monday Workout Aikido List couch for free and hope that works Call wrist doc about that MRI disc Tuesday Swim lesson Run Free time in the evening that I should probably spend packing and cleaning Wednesday Go to a bootcamp class Swim lesson Free time in the evening that I should probably spend packing and cleaning Thursday Aikido, get letter confirming class count, and a farewell dinner with the peeps Run Friday Dinner at BBQ place with aikido buddy, followed by going to a pub where her band is playing that night Workout Saturday Potential morning hike with aikido buddy Picking up the boyfriend at 1pm from the airport and hitting 2 last food places on my list Final packing / goodwill trips / cleaning of apartment Run
  7. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    An actual liveblog of today's Game of Thrones, courtesy of me.
  8. Wobbegong Moseys Along

    I LOVED Fantasy Life. It was so friggin' good. It's basically a glorified to do list, but I mean that in the best way possible. The story was funny, the skill building was fun, and it's just overall a very enjoyable game. It is 100% a time suck though. Super addictive. Stardew Valley is a PC game. You can play it through Steam! I think they also have it on the PS4 and Xbox One. Also a PC game! It's really short too, only like 3-4 hours to play the whole thing. Yesssss.
  9. Wobbegong Moseys Along

    You know you want to.
  10. Flea Does a Thing

    This is awesome!!
  11. Wobbegong Moseys Along

    If you insist! I'm a HUGE fan of the Fire Emblem franchise in general. That and Pokemon are probably the games I go back to and replay the most. I tend to like most JRPGs in general though. The more unnecessary grinding and skill tree building, the better. I really loved an old DS game called Sword of Mana and it's still one of my all time favorites. And Zelda games, of course. In terms of strategy games, I also love Age of Empires even though it's pretty old at this point. I have a weakness for the Harvest Moon franchise too, so for a while there I got OBSESSED with a game called Stardew Valley, which is essentially an indie version of Harvest Moon (except way better). It's really good and I highly recommend it if you're into that sort of game. Over the past couple of years, I've had a burst of interest in story-based games. I really enjoyed the Telltale Games Walking Dead series (even though I've never seen the show) and a short and moving little game called To the Moon. I'm not sure what genre it is (puzzle?), but I also recommend a game called Thomas Was Alone to anybody who will listen. It's a 100 level game about bouncing rectangles,'s also a storytelling masterpiece? It's about how the rectangles become sentient and decide to escape from their game, and each of them has a delightful personality as told through an amusing British narrator. I played it, and then after I played it I talked my boyfriend into playing it and sat there and watched him play the entire thing because it's just that good. I also love a little gem of a game called Dokapon Kingdom, which markets itself as "the friendship destroying game." It's ridiculously fun and also two of my friends nearly murdered each other when we spent the summer playing through it together. It's on the ps2/Wii though so it's not easy to find copies of that anymore. If you're looking for something completely ridiculous and great, there's a dating sim game called Hatoful Boyfriend about a dystopian world ruled by pigeons, in which you're the only human girl attending a school full of eligible bird bachelors....
  12. Mad Hatter rewrites her story

    AKA the perfect combination. I'm sorry your brain rebelled, but I'm glad to hear you're feeling better now!
  13. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    You and your crazy logic.
  14. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    I mean, this is an equally valid interpretation. This beauty! I bought it from etsy, which has hundreds of excellent pokemon bumper stickers. Unfortunately I can't seem to find this one anymore, even though it seemed to be a print-to-order sort of thing? I may contact the seller because it's driving me crazy not to be able to move it over into the left corner properly.
  15. NeverThatBored: The Tomato Strikes Back

    I reeeeeally did not want to do the kettlebell swings at the end of my workout. But I did them anyway. Because doing hard things is cool! I thought back to my basking challenge and how I was able to bask in the experience of doing the tough unpleasant stuff, and that helped me make myself do them.