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  1. NeverThatBored

    Battle Kitten: Ascension

    I can see why you don't like the NP! Yeesh.
  2. NeverThatBored

    Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Well now I just feel left out.
  3. NeverThatBored

    NeverThatBored : You Are What You Repeatedly Do

    I also made a great cake with those apples I was complaining about:
  4. NeverThatBored

    NeverThatBored : You Are What You Repeatedly Do

    Sooooo, I totally didn't mean to disappear on you! I've been terrible at updating the last few challenges, even though I used to update daily without even thinking about it. IDK man. I also haven't really felt like tracking stuff. Nearly every day, I think "I should post an update on NF" and then I do something else instead or get distracted or just don't feel like it, and suddenly it's been a week! Part of it might be PN (Precision Nutrition) too - I'm also checking off tasks on there every day so it's just one more thing to do. So there were a bunch of things I wanted to post, but I don't remember what most of them were. I've gotten a few things accomplished: Went and filled out an absentee ballot at the election office Went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned! ...then went back to the dentist and had a cavity filled Went to the mechanic and got an oil change! ...then went back to the mechanic because they also found some issues with my brakes. Grumble. My car is with them now. I've been going to Crossfit consistently, and aikido some but much less consistently. I've been pretty much getting in the 20 minutes/day of walking. My stretching has been falling off lately, both the longer sessions and the daily stuff. I finally went to a crossfit endurance (pose running) session on Sunday, and we did about 2.25 miles total of distance plus some drills and warmup. I haven't run much lately, so I was amazed I could do the mileage at all. But also it DESTROYED my calves and after about 24 hours had passed I was limping for a couple of days. Whoops? Honestly, I've just been feeling exhausted lately. You would think with Japanese class ending for the time being, having one less thing to do would give me MORE time. But instead it feels like that was somehow anchoring me and ever since it ended I've just been dragging along. It's not just being sleepy, but sort of general increased clumsiness, less room/energy for spontaneity (yoga, etc.), and things like that. I decided I needed to do something about it, and my gut told me that the solution is to switch to early morning Crossfit classes. On paper, this doesn't make sense?? But by getting the workouts done early, I'm reducing time spent sitting in traffic and basically freeing up my schedule after work 3 days a week. I'm also giving myself something to do when I first wake up, which has been a missing link in my morning routine for a while. I'm only 2 workouts into it, but so far I feel like I'm on the right track. In other news, I'm leaving in about 2 weeks to go to California for the remainder of the year. So it might be pointless to switch my Crossfit schedule now when I'm just going to need to get used to a new one in a couple of weeks. But whatevs. I'm planning to continue going to Crossfit while I'm in CA....or else I'd probably die when I came back to VA and resumed going.
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    NeverThatBored : You Are What You Repeatedly Do

    Thanks for checking in. I'll post an update now.
  6. NeverThatBored

    Battle Kitten: Ascension