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  1. [NeverThatBored] Now Give Me That Fire

    So, my Japanese class is ending soon and I'm already signed up for the next class. But there's ALSO a conversation class happening on Monday nights for people at my level, so I kind of want to sign up for that one too?? But it would mean 2 nights a week, so I'm torn.
  2. [NeverThatBored] Now Give Me That Fire

    Week 4 Monday Update I thought about dragging myself to Crossfit in the morning, but I'm still feeling pretty worn out. The lightheadedness/sleepiness is persisting. My shins are also super tender to the touch, so I've continued icing them. Instead, I did Elements and a bunch of other bodyweight stuff I've been wanting to try out. At the end of the Elements session, a guy came into the apartment gym to use the bike and he just. kept. glancing. at meeeeee. It made me feel so uncomfortable. I get why he would look since I was hopping around on the floor like an animal, but still. T_T That whole session took 90 minutes or so and was basically 2 workouts in one. I also went on a walk and got a good start on mileage for the week even though it was dreadful and hot outside. On the way home, I stopped at the store and bought a watermelon, which I then lugged home in the heat. Whoops? I hit all of my nutrition tasks for the day too. EN FUEGOOOOOOO.
  3. Xena is a hot mess!

    Awesome work on that race!! Even if you could have done it faster, it sounds like you got what you wanted to get out of it.
  4. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    Happy belated birthday!!
  5. [NeverThatBored] Now Give Me That Fire

    Week 3 Saturday/Sunday Update On Saturday morning, I ended up skipping aikido. Once the class start time actually passed, I was kind of sad I wasn't there though. I was also still super sore, so I didn't end up doing nearly as much as I would have liked over the weekend. It was reasonable to hold off and recover and focus on the activities that I did do, but I still get grumpy when I don't stick to the plan. On Saturday afternoon, I went to the cycling class! It was really useful (and 4 hours long!). They went over a lot of basic things that I'm very clumsy at, like how to start more smoothly. We did various drills riding around cones and stuff like that, then went for a short ride on the nearby trail. It was super busy because it goes through several parks, and it was the first nice weekend in a while, AND it was fathers day, so I got lots of practice dealing with obstacles. I'm still not very smooth at coming to a stop or controlling my speed downhill, but I feel comfortable enough to go ride on the trails and practice on my own. On Sunday, I got up and went to the local high school track to run with my Crossfit coach. We did some Pose running drills to work on form and then did some running around the track. My shins were pissed by the end. Again. IDK if it's the track specifically, or they would have been pissed no matter what kind of running I did. I've been icing them, even though I'm skeptical that ice does much for you. And that's about it. I should have done more, and wanted to do more, but between those things and doing other stuff with the boyfriend, and meal prepping, and being sore, I didn't end up getting to them. T_T Week 3 Summary 2/2 crossfit workouts, 0/1 startbodyweight workout 1/1 run 1/3 cycling outings for the challenge 8/12-16 miles walked for the week 1/2 Aikido sessions - becoming the norm ~5/7 mobility mornings Didn't track the dates for Elements super well, but this week was very light on Elements sessions. That one day of volunteering really threw off the whole week. At least 2 points towards my dad goal
  6. [NeverThatBored] Now Give Me That Fire

    Zucchini pizza casserole, y'all. Zucchini. Pizza. Casserole.
  7. [Sylvaa] Judgement

    Mainly the ugly clothes. They also make good food. They tend to flock to gentrifying areas.
  8. Elastigirl : The Mission Continues

    I just saw the movie!! You were great in it.
  9. Ensi: Treasure Map 2018

    Such pure joy~
  10. Raxie Fights in the Keyblade War

    Hillbilly Elegy was so interesting! Also, I'm so amped about the KH3 trailers!! 7 months to go!
  11. Xena is a hot mess!

    Lol, I'm the same way. I guess that's weird or something??
  12. Gah, this is exactly why I'm reluctant to see doctors about things! 75% of the time it's "idk - come back in a few weeks if it's still a thing?"
  13. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    Oooooh, I didn't realize they had fleece hoodies now. *covets* Is this pork a modified kalua pig recipe?? It sounds a lot like kalua pig but with even more tasty things added.
  14. Elastigirl : The Mission Continues

    It's so nice of them to write you a theme song!!
  15. [NeverThatBored] Now Give Me That Fire

    It's no longer there, but I don't actually know what they did with it.