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  1. The good news is that I've been mostly doing this challenge! The bad news is I've been terrible at tracking it or reporting back here. I've done 13/30 of the yoga videos. I did a few before this challenge started, but I don't remember how many, so I'm just keeping track of the total. I haven't done pullups every day, but I've been doing them more. I think I did Crossfit once one week but I've gotten it back up to 2x/week at least 2 weeks in a row now. I haven't kept very good track of how often I'm walking/rucking. My fitbit was irritating my skin, so I stopped wearing it, but it's healed now so I'm going to clean it and try again. That should help keep track of the walking! I'll make an effort to report here more regularly for the rest of the challenge.
  2. Week 1 Tuesday Update 2/2 on yoga 2/2 on pullup attempts 1 crossfit workout Monday, one ~45 minute walk Tuesday WOW am I out of practice - so sore! I'm also experiencing new levels of hip tightness that I'm not used to, so I'm really hoping this yoga goal is enough to help with that.
  3. Yeah, just the act of tracking them makes you start to do them more! I was tracking before, so getting back into that habit should help I hope.
  4. Trying a New Years challenge to get organized! I exercised like a champ all through 2020, but last June I gradually started dropping off and haven't recovered. I walk/ruck pretty regularly but I'm exercising like once/week and not stretching or working on any little things at all right now. Daily yoga with bird or other yoga/stretching routine since I've been neglecting stretching and it is BAD Track what fitness I'm already doing - walking/rucking/crossfit/cycling - to figure out what my current baseline is Do max pullups at least once/day when taking my dog outside - I was doing this really successfully for a while but I've been slacking on it Rewards: Once I complete 30 yoga sessions I can get...some kind of reward, TBD
  5. WHY DO OUR DADS HATE SOAP?? Mine recently confessed "it just seems like more work." SO IS HAVING TO REWASH DIRTY DISHES
  6. I dunno, the girl next to me who screamed "It's happening!" just made the whole experience better! You should totally go!!
  7. No I did not, beyond doing my own and some things around retirement planning. As you might expect, parts of it are interesting and parts of it are incredibly boring It was so cool!! It was Halestorm + Evanescence, so two bands I really like. I didn't realize just how starstruck I would feel seeing Evanescence in particular!! They're still so friggin' cool. Yeah, I'm sure she is doing that therapist cliche thing. And it's part of the process and all.
  8. An assortment of more challenge-related updates: I made a lot of progess on GMAT studying for a while...then I signed up for an 80 hour income tax prep course because I'm a nerd. I didn't realize quite how much work I was signing up for when I did it, but I'm trying to build the muscle of finishing things and seeing them through, so I've been going on with it. @Maigsare you impressed?? That goes until the end of this month and then I'll be freeeeee. I've done a pretty good job of managing and remembering birthdays. I like giving people gifts, and it feels good to acknowledge birthdays! Lately I've been wondering if I can find some sort of volunteer work to do so I can do more thinking about other people instead of worrying about my problems. I've been walking most days without much effort to remember to do it, which is great! My workouts have dropped to like 2x/week, so that's something I need to focus on. Now that I have a little more time, I've been starting to work out more again. I have pretty much entirely stopped stretching or doing yoga, so I need to incorporate that back in too. I've done some exploring/fun! Like going to meetups, going to an asian food fair, going to a random botanical garden, etc. I need to keep it up, but it's a start. It's good for me in general, but I'm also trying to figure out if there are places where I would actually be excited to live. If I were to pick some goals to focus on for the rest of the year, I guess I'd pick: Working out 3x/week consistently again Incorporating stretching Going on some hikes and bike rides Paying attention to meal composition for a while and making that more consistent Find somewhere to take a local swim class Continuing to get out and go places more Schedule some doctor-y things that have been on my list for a while
  9. ...........NTB has entered the chat Still alive, all! Just struggling to engage with the forums. I am back in CA with my dad after the long east coast visit. We had my mom's belated Celebration of Life, which went well. Not that it was a competition, but my speech was totally the best. Afterwards, a lot of people said variations of "Wow! Your speech was so good!" to the point that it was honestly insulting and made me question what people think of me! Literally that same night, the moment I thought I could finally relax and start to think about the future, my dog Charlie hurt himself. We came home to a very horrifying scene that I won't detail here - but basically he tore holes in both of his knees so bad that the vet thought a coyote must've attacked him. He required a ton of supervision and daily wound care and we honestly all thought he was going to die (he IS 17) but he's recovered! Things have finally settled enough that I can start to try to do some activities and make friends around here. I've gone to some board game meetups, and this weekend I saw Evanescence in concert, which was really really cool! I've started looking at apartments around here and testing the waters, but prices are insane. It makes living here feel unsustainable. Like, I want to be near my family, but at what cost?? Having a roommate for the rest of my life?? I can't remember if I've mentioned it here, but I've also been doing therapy to try to help with the "What now?" question. We're trying EMDR therapy, which is cool, and I like my therapist. But I do feel like we talk about my parents too much instead of dealing with the practical questions I'm focused on trying to answer.
  10. For anyone else on this thread, we texted about plans! I'm not a total jerk! Our SPARTAN RACE is tomorrow!!!!
  11. Oooh, what days?? I'm down for something! I'm around VA probably until the Spartan, then maybe a week or so in NJ before I head back.
  12. Plans for the coming week: Get up early Mon/Fri to walk or bike ride...maybe Wednesday? Tu/Thu I do morning Crossfit so I should do an evening walk instead. I took Wednesday off of work to go hiking with Eggs, weather allowing. I'm hoping this will be both fun and satisfy my urge to do some woodsy stuff. Study more...push to get through the rest of the section I'm working on! And read the first chapter of my tax prep textbook. Consider going to that yoga class again on Friday and do at least 2 shorter yoga videos during the week Call my dad back. If that leaves me with any energy, call my cousin who I haven't talked to in a while. Call that stretch place back and actually make an appointment
  13. Still here. Still floundering. Floundering is exhausting! Is it...week 3? Some updates: Studying: I've made some progress on studying. Not as fast as I'd planned, but I'm actually making progress. I signed up for a tax prep course that starts next month. It's mainly for fun 'cause I'm a personal finance nerd. But it is cool that it can also be a side hustle if you want it to be. I've been playing the ukulele when Eggs isn't around, perhaps a bit aimlessly, but practice is practice Walking: When I started this challenge, I was getting myself up in the morning for a walk/exploring/a bike ride. That lasted the first week and stopped, so I'm going to re-focus on that this week. I don't HAVE to get up early to do these things, but I feel better about myself when I do. Calling family: I called my aunt Driving: The driving school I contacted only has time during the workday, which is inconvenient, so I'm going to look for a different one. At this point I might just wait until I'm back in CA. Relaxing/fun: I went to a yoga class on Friday. I can't say I was fully relaxed after, but I was more relaxed than when I started. So I want to do more of that. My friend's apartment complex has a pool, so I went there today. Again, floating is something that helps me relax, so I felt more relaxed after than when I started. It's something! I struggle to have fun by myself. But a lot of my free time right now...I'm by myself. I'm not entirely sure what to do about it. Eggs and I watched a movie together (Burlesque), which was nice. I still haven't even seen Bacon at the gym since my last post. I feel like my stay here is going to end and I'll have barely seen her at all. Exploring: I meant to go on a bike ride or exploring today, but found myself without any energy. I drove to the place where I would bike from...and then turned around and drove back. I didn't have it in me. After that, I hung out at the pool, which woke me up! But it was a little too late to go bike riding at that point. Maybe I can go early one day this week! I'm lagging on the exploration goal. Other Stuff: I got a flat tire this week, had my spare put on for me by AAA, and had it all checked out at a tire place, which took half of the work day to deal with. Then over the next two days the car was kind of loud and I wasn't sure if it was a new tire thing or a problem. But then I checked the tire and realized the bolts were super loose!! It's frustrating because I did what I was supposed to do when I got the flat and it still had to be dealt with a second time. It also made me feel bad because I already have so many car-related issues (parallel parking, maneuvering, terrible sense of direction) that I felt like this was just another thing I did wrong! But several people were appalled when I told them the bolts were loose, since that's such a basic thing, that I've started to feel better about it. I was already in car mode, so I've I started reading Wild, which I'd meant to read anyway but has some weirdly specific things in common with my own life situation - the author lost her mother to cancer very suddenly when she was in her 20s and felt drawn to go on a 3 month hike. I've also been feeling a strong urge to go get lost in the woods or do long endurance things. She writes that she took about 4 years to get through the tunnel of her grief, so it's an interesting window into what might lie ahead for me. I joined 2 grief support groups on facebook, which are good, except that now every time I log in I see tons of posts about people's grief, which is a lot.
  14. Unfortunately, it's not a situation where sharing my feelings would help. She's legitimately very busy right now. She has a 4 year old, a full time job, just started coursework for a new degree that she's adjusting to, and has things like going to Crossfit that she's still maintaining time for. She knows I want to hang out when she can. To complain that I'm lonely because we're not hanging out more when she just doesn't have time would be rude, when I know all that. It's just all really terrible timing. And the way my brain works, unfortunately, is that it starts wondering if people actually like me when I don't pretty regularly confirm that somehow. So I know she likes me enough to want to hang out when she can, but does she still like me enough that she misses me too? Or do I care a lot more about the relationship than she does?? I don't really understand why she WOULD want to be friends with me in the first place. Of course, based on the many ways she's been there for me over the past year, of course she cares about me! There's no reason for me to doubt it, but my brain is like "I dunno, kind of seems like she doesn't like you ANYMORE even if she liked you a few months ago." and the only way to really make that feeling go away would be for us to hang out again. And all of these stupid anxiety feelings are way too much to put on her by sharing them.
  15. Facebook has been pushing facebook memories a lot lately, and apparently 12 years ago I posted "you can't wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time." Which feels weirdly appropriate to this challenge. It's kind of inspirational but kind of unhealthy. Just like me! Today was hard. I was running around yesterday - crossfit to groceries to taking my bike in to have the brakes looked at to a movie night with my friend. But today I didn't have much to do. I wish I'd gone to one of the places on my adventure list but that didn't occur to me early enough. I ran to the mall to buy something, then went on a 30 minute bike ride in the late afternoon. Days like this are hard because they make me face the reality of what it's like to be alone. I feel a strong urge to keep busy. Now at the end of the day, I also wish I'd spent more time relaxing instead of anxiously looking for things to do. Challenge updates: I didn't study every day, but I did several days and that felt good The driving place got back to me but now I need to call them back and I haven't yet I also need to call the stretch place back and make an actual appointment I drove by one of the places on my exploring list and was like "that counts, right?" and I biked on a new trail...from the same park I already counted towards this goal. I did also go to a bike shop, which is a new place technically. Unrelated to any challenge goals, I went to Crossfit 5 times this week. I was only going 2x/week while at my aunt's, so this is a big jump! I did go out in the morning on non-Crossfit mornings for walks. I attempted one bike ride but my brakes were squeaking so badly I quit the ride 5 minutes in. I ordered my cousin some glasses with dogs on them for her upcoming birthday - yay, birthday goal! I am planning a hiking day with my friend and asked for a day off work to do that I didn't call anyone...I mean to call my aunt, but I feel low on the energy needed to do it. I've texted her a few things so I'm not neglecting her entirely, but I do feel guilty that I haven't called her more I'm kind of frustrated about something so I'm going to complain here where it's safe to vent! I have 2 friends in this area, and I came here to visit them mainly. We sometimes call ourselves The Breakfast Club, so I'll call them Eggs and Bacon. Eggs I'm staying with while I'm here. She's got a busy work schedule, but I see her because I'm at her house at least. Bacon I've hung out with like twice, and seen at the gym a little bit. Bacon and I were really close up until about 2 months ago. We were working out virtually regularly, multiple times/week and then at minimum 1x/week when she got a bit busier. Those workouts turned into long chat sessions every time. We both said that if we didn't chat with each other at least once a week, we felt kind of grumpy. She was a big part of helping me get through the last year. And now that I'm here she's gotten super busy! The entire time I was at my aunt's, we didn't do anything virtual once. She's genuinely busy with tons of stuff - it's not personal - but it's deeply frustrating! And lonely, to suddenly feel cut off from a friendship that felt so strong and important to me. I can't be demanding of her time when she has a whole life to manage, and I feel silly, but it's honestly left me really anxious and maybe a bit hurt. Like, she's busy, but has she also decided she no longer wants to keep up our weekly chats because she has so many other things going on? Does she no longer feel grumpy when we don't get to chat? Not being able to chat with her has left a bit of a hole in my life lately. And since there are already so many other holes, I think it's bothering me more than it might bother someone more normal than me. She things her schedule will level out a bit in September, but I'll be leaving in September, and it all just really sucks.
  16. I am sleepy and I just remembered I haven't studied at all today wah. I'm going to do it, because better some than none! I might not get through the full long 3 pages that I'd hoped to, but some is better than none! I went to crossfit this evening and did a little stretching before class. I started figuring out some yoga options, and thought about doing some, but didn't do more than a pose or two in the afternoon today. I also submitted a request for an appointment at this really interesting stretch place where you lie on a table and they stretch you, which sounds really neat and I've been meaning to check out for a long time. I called my sister, which was good though it doesn't count towards the calling family goal.
  17. I think these have become more popular lately, because I'm seeing a lot more varieties everywhere! They're tasty!
  18. So this morning I got up and went to a nearby park. I'd been there before like 2 years ago, but I'm counting it towards my exploring goal. 1/3 for the week. I walked at the park, for my daily walk/run/bike goal. I also realized there's a bike trail connected to the park, which will be a convenient place to ride my bike compared to the other trails in the area.
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