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  1. Oh hey it's new challenge time already! At least I got to 2 pages this time! I just did this yoga video, which was great - very slow and relaxing. Lots of comfy pose holds. I haven't done any other yoga since my last post, but I've been consistently doing quad stretches after crossfit, which has started to have noticeable benefits to how I feel! I've gotten 3 pullups in a row several times recently, so my daily pullup attempts also seem to be working. I've settled into a 4 day/week crossfit routine, and the Crossfit open starts this week! Walking has suffered more lately, since it's been pushed out. Fitting in both workouts and walking has been an ongoing challenge. I really need to schedule in walking breaks from work, but I haven't found the right tactic for making that a thing yet. My sleep issues seem to be under control now too, though I don't really know what changed. I'm waking up in the morning more naturally and consistently now. All in all a good challenge, though I didn't complete all of the yoga videos. I'm going to keep doing pretty much the same stuff next challenge, with maybe a food goal or a to do list goal or a wall walk up goal added in. TBD.
  2. Whoops - didn't mean to disappear for 2 weeks. Some quick updates: I've done yoga only once or twice since my last post, but I HAVE started doing stretches after Crossfit workouts, so I'm not doing nothing there. I've done pullups a lot of days. Not quite every day, but pretty frequently I've gone on 2 bike weekend rides I've been going to Crossfit consistently 4 times per week and I am WIPED. I've been exhausted. But like...more exhausted than I think I should be from just going to Crossfit. Because of the increased workouts, I think I haven't been walking as much. I've walked/rucked some, but not quite as much. I also haven't kept very good track of this one.
  3. My posts in this challenge are kind of boring, but quick and boring seems to be the key at the moment. Yesterday I did crossfit and went on a short walking meeting during the day. I'm going hiking tomorrow so I'm taking today off but will hopefully at least do some yoga later if I can tear myself away from the new pokemon game.
  4. Got in a ruck at lunchtime, went to Crossfit after work, did a pullup, and finally did a short yoga video just now. These extra workouts mean I should really be doing MORE stretching, not less. And yet. I've definitely ramped up the workouts more the past 2 weeks. I wonder if it's because of this challenge, or if I chose this challenge because my brain was getting ready to ramp workouts up more??
  5. Went to Crossfit again yesterday even though I was sore and probably should've just rested...because it was back squat day! Also did pullups. No walk or yoga. Today I took a day off of working out even though I kind of wanted to go. I used the evening to do some chores that had piled up. I did go on two walks - a walk in the am and a ruck after work. And did a pullup. I really need to get that yoga back to happening though!!
  6. On Saturday I did that workout and then went on a 10 mile bike ride. I think I did some pullups and walking but I don't remember anymore. I am SO SORE. But I worked out and went on a walk and did pullups again today.
  7. Crossfit and yoga and pullups, oh my! I'm going in this morning for my FOURTH workout this week. First time even doing a full 3 in a while.
  8. That's a thought! I'm just using the default plasticy material, so a different band is worth a shot.
  9. I've worn my fitbit for like a day and a half. Why dis.
  10. Crossfit, yoga, rucking, and pullup done today.
  11. I rucked today, did yoga, and did one pullup.
  12. The good news is that I've been mostly doing this challenge! The bad news is I've been terrible at tracking it or reporting back here. I've done 13/30 of the yoga videos. I did a few before this challenge started, but I don't remember how many, so I'm just keeping track of the total. I haven't done pullups every day, but I've been doing them more. I think I did Crossfit once one week but I've gotten it back up to 2x/week at least 2 weeks in a row now. I haven't kept very good track of how often I'm walking/rucking. My fitbit was irritating my skin, so I stopped wearing it, but it's healed now so I'm going to clean it and try again. That should help keep track of the walking! I'll make an effort to report here more regularly for the rest of the challenge.
  13. Week 1 Tuesday Update 2/2 on yoga 2/2 on pullup attempts 1 crossfit workout Monday, one ~45 minute walk Tuesday WOW am I out of practice - so sore! I'm also experiencing new levels of hip tightness that I'm not used to, so I'm really hoping this yoga goal is enough to help with that.
  14. @RES @fleaball Did you two plan this??
  15. Yeah, just the act of tracking them makes you start to do them more! I was tracking before, so getting back into that habit should help I hope.
  16. Trying a New Years challenge to get organized! I exercised like a champ all through 2020, but last June I gradually started dropping off and haven't recovered. I walk/ruck pretty regularly but I'm exercising like once/week and not stretching or working on any little things at all right now. Daily yoga with bird or other yoga/stretching routine since I've been neglecting stretching and it is BAD Track what fitness I'm already doing - walking/rucking/crossfit/cycling - to figure out what my current baseline is Do max pullups at least once/day when taking my dog outside - I was doing this really successfully for a while but I've been slacking on it Rewards: Once I complete 30 yoga sessions I can get...some kind of reward, TBD
  17. WHY DO OUR DADS HATE SOAP?? Mine recently confessed "it just seems like more work." SO IS HAVING TO REWASH DIRTY DISHES
  18. *swoops in* Some holiday inspiration for everybody!
  19. I dunno, the girl next to me who screamed "It's happening!" just made the whole experience better! You should totally go!!
  20. No I did not, beyond doing my own and some things around retirement planning. As you might expect, parts of it are interesting and parts of it are incredibly boring 🤣 It was so cool!! It was Halestorm + Evanescence, so two bands I really like. I didn't realize just how starstruck I would feel seeing Evanescence in particular!! They're still so friggin' cool. Yeah, I'm sure she is doing that therapist cliche thing. And it's part of the process and all.
  21. An assortment of more challenge-related updates: I made a lot of progess on GMAT studying for a while...then I signed up for an 80 hour income tax prep course because I'm a nerd. I didn't realize quite how much work I was signing up for when I did it, but I'm trying to build the muscle of finishing things and seeing them through, so I've been going on with it. @Maigsare you impressed?? That goes until the end of this month and then I'll be freeeeee. I've done a pretty good job of managing and remembering birthdays. I like giving people gifts, and it feels good to acknowledge birthdays! Lately I've been wondering if I can find some sort of volunteer work to do so I can do more thinking about other people instead of worrying about my problems. I've been walking most days without much effort to remember to do it, which is great! My workouts have dropped to like 2x/week, so that's something I need to focus on. Now that I have a little more time, I've been starting to work out more again. I have pretty much entirely stopped stretching or doing yoga, so I need to incorporate that back in too. I've done some exploring/fun! Like going to meetups, going to an asian food fair, going to a random botanical garden, etc. I need to keep it up, but it's a start. It's good for me in general, but I'm also trying to figure out if there are places where I would actually be excited to live. If I were to pick some goals to focus on for the rest of the year, I guess I'd pick: Working out 3x/week consistently again Incorporating stretching Going on some hikes and bike rides Paying attention to meal composition for a while and making that more consistent Find somewhere to take a local swim class Continuing to get out and go places more Schedule some doctor-y things that have been on my list for a while
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