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  1. ARGH SO MUCH FAIL! So, it's been a few days. I havent done yoga since Monday, i've had two nights involving booze (one of which also involved mass quantities of really good cheese and oops, were those mini sandwiches? Yeah I ATE THAT. Also, the in building gym I was so insufferably smug about? Currently there's loose drywall all over the floor and dudes in coveralls crawling around the vents in the walls. #HVACIssues. So yeah. Total fail on those counts, though somehow I've come in under calories anyway? I did finish sewing a bolero jacket, and lining it! Which is the weirdest kind of t
  2. First week round up: Gym: 3/3 A Yoga: 4/4 A Balanced Meals: Turns out I eat one full meal a day and a BP coffee. But 7/7 meals were balanced W30 style! A Calorie Tracking: 7/7 A Programming: 5/5 A Job Stuff: 2/1 A+ Weight change: -4lbs A+ I'd better get on it and get my yoga done today! Don't wanna spoil my straight A's!
  3. Got home super late last night, so this is a belated update. Programming: Yes, including a lecture on the history of hash tables. I learned something Workout: Yes (Even though I reeeally didn't wanna go. Mondays are hard. I walked 9k steps too ) Calorie Tracking: Yes Weekly Job Stuff: Not today cals: 1591 fat: 37 (low) carbs: 92 (Alcohol is a horrible horrible thing!) protein: 147 bang on point. Weight: 185.2!
  4. Go Kath! You nailed it! It's hard realizing that you're not *yet* the warrior you always thought you were inside, but you're taking huge steps and they'll get easier as you go on! Loving the story too!
  5. Managed my yoga this morning and hit my protein goal. Other than that my day was eaten by making up a wearable muslin for a bolero jacket. This version is a dark grey pinstripe wool blend. If it works out well I may be able to wear it to job interviews. The "real" version will be made up in embroidered silver satin. I have three weddings to go to this June and nothing to wear, so this will be something dressy and not too warm to wear over my fancy dress in the evenings. I have yet to pick a pattern or fabric for the dress (or dresses?) though. One of my goals for this year was to improve my s
  6. Had family for dinner tonight. Spent the day cooking like a mad thing and didn't eat til 5pm (oops) But I got my yoga done, made beef pot roast, roast sweet potatoes, paleo yorkshire pudding, pannacotta and blueberries with ginger, earl grey infused gin, herb mayo, chipotle mayo, tahini sauce, spaghetti squash, ginger zucchini soup, and steamed green beans. Also walked another 5 miles. And my house is looking pretty clean, so that's nice Also made an easy $40 looking after a neighbors dog for a few hours My legs are still super sore and I'm starting to feel a bit stiff in my chest
  7. Yay me! First technical phone screen scheduled for next week! Also, I weighed in this morning down three pounds! I also got up this morning and lifted even though my legs were super shaky. I ran into two issues today: The first is that the stronglifts 5x5 app defaults to increasing weight by 5lbs each workout. Unfortunately I'm using dumbbells and because I was a fool and entered the weight of a single dumbbell as my weight... Today I jumped by 10lbs instead of 5. Also, it's WAY too hard to lift two thirty pound dumbbells onto my shoulders to do squats! this is what the rack is for! I benche
  8. Yoga is excellent Part of my current challenge is doing yoga for ten minutes every morning. For strength and flexibility and peace of mind. I hadn't actually thought of it in terms of asthma management, but that's awesome That's great to hear that parkour doesn't take so much strength. I watch a ton of videos on youtube of it and always think it looks like the ultimate freedom. Maybe it's time to go try it myself
  9. Lifting taught me that ALL bathrooms should be equipped with those hand rails. Just finished my second StrongLifts 5x5 workout and am in the same boat. It gets better, and weirdly, working out when you're sore seems to mitigate the pain over the next few days.

    1. marvelfangirl


      Congrats, good luck :)

  11. Hey! If you're interested in more low carb recipes/ learning to cook a whole weeks worth of food in 4 hours once a week check out reddit.com/r/xxketo and check out the side bar, or head over to http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2013/12/29/whole30-2014-week-1-meal-plan/ I'm also asthmatic and struggle with breathing while working out or running. Parkour looks like so much fun, but right now I can't run more than a block or two without puffing on my inhaler. When I'm fitter, I will go free running with you and jump over and off of things because man, what's more fun than finding out you live in
  12. An excellent day! Woke up, did my yoga (goal 1), had a modified BP coffee (butter, egg yolk, whey protein) Did some coding practice (goal 2) and then a coding challenge (goal 3) Walked to the bank, not the close one, the one 1.9 miles away, and then back again (goal 4) Ate an excellent lunch (goal 5) of left over burger, avocado and broccoli. Finished sewing a slip cover for our nasty second hand couch. Not actually challenge related, but nice all the same! Got an email from the company who's challenge I completed and they want to set up an interview!! (goal 6) Ate chocolate in
  13. My social life. If I go out to see people it inevitably ends in late night cocktails. If I don't go see people I get sad and depressed and can't be bothered doing anything. So far my solution has been to suggest things like, let's all go for a walk in Central Park, or visit the yarn/fabric store or how about you come over for dinner at my place. I also have an alarm set for 8.30 to tell me to take melatonin/zma which help me get to sleep around 11 instead of suddenly realizing it's 2am and im not remotely prepared for bed.
  14. Great story kath! And great work so far! Good luck with the mental health stuff! Personally my experience with keto/paleo hybrids is that my mood and energy levels sky rocket. Keep up the hard work I'm looking forward to the rest of the story!
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    Challenge accepted! And Done!! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/63942-tansypants-big-adventure/?p=1455670#entry1455670
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