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  1. We most definitely do!! Lol, we may get down, but never for long. Sent from my BLU LIFE XL using Tapatalk
  2. Awww so cool, I am envious of your pull up bar. I'm still figuring out what to do for one right now. Can't wait to see all the action! Sent from my BLU LIFE XL using Tapatalk
  3. After neglecting to post and totally stick to my routine last challenge,this challenge I am endeavouring to pick SMARTER Goals. As always I yearn to increase in strength and flexibility... And if I'm completely honest, I have, however I need to work on consistency. I also need to work on follow through. The latter is of particularly significant importance for my life and the entrepreneurial journey I am embarking on. Let me face the facts, I love hard workouts, and I have a go hard and go home kind of mentality sometimes (not all). So I am going to do a beachbody hybrid workout plan that I will make up systematically as I go along. This is separate from gymnastics, swimming, and other sports related activities that I do as a part of my occupation. I am doing it because I don't want to think too much about my plan, I love company even if it's people on a screen. It will get me increased strength and agility and endurance and improve my dancing skills possibly. For my diet I am trying to lower the intake of sugar, increase my water intake and just listening to my body, not just what it craves but finding out why it craves what it does and tackling issues at the source. I've not been nourishing my spirit, so definitely I want to begin and end my day in prayer, giving thanks always, and reading the Word of God. Over the next four weeks my mission is to read/listen to the New Testament. On the business front reread Raving Fans, Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People and The Greatest Salesman in The World I think it's called. I have my eyes on some other reads but I will start there. On a personal note, spend more time playing with my children, reading to them, praying with them. Lastly my goal is to post more often. More details on this adventure as we go along, but lol all that is above is a pretty big adventure in and of itself Sent from my BLU LIFE XL using Tapatalk
  4. So this challenge was a dismal failure, I have Tapatalk on my phone now lol. That will help me to find more time to be able to update and therefore give me an extra push to push my limits I have been working out just not with the consistency of the first 2 weeks. As I lay here another week is starting and I'm still striving for better. That's it for now, there's so much I've wanted to say, next time. Sent from my BLU LIFE XL using Tapatalk
  5. Wednesday was the bomb diggity I did my entire routine, my push up pyramid only went up to 5 and I maxed at 4 diamonds. As I speak my muscles are tender to the touch, especially my quads. My entire body hurts to some degree. But I am super happy and excited. So one of my childhood dreams is currently being fulfilled. I'm learning gymnastics!!! YAAAAAY!!! ( I would insert some often gifs, but I'm short on time) Like I said, I'm currently learning a level one routine, well I've learnt it, just to perfect it. I just feel like a little girl hahaha, but It's super fun. Actually quite a lot happened yesterday. But I've learnt to take both the good and bad with good grace and confidence. To be joyful in all things. I'm thankful. I also said no to the biscuits which so easily tempt me
  6. I just realized that it has been at least 2 years since I last did a bridge, if I include pregnancy that's 2 years and 9 months, I may have done one or two while pregnant, but I can't remember. My first attempt was a fail, it was further thwarted by my son who took the opportunity to straddle me as I was about to rise, that and my sore arms brought me back down to the ground. I persisted and successfully held two 10 second bridge like formations.
  7. Yes, you are right, I wasn't thinking deep enough at all. If I throw in some jumps lol that'll add more challenge
  8. Guys, I'm a PE teacher, does getting active at work count? I spent about 20 minutes.. and that's being conservative running and walking around in the call of duty. Can I count that? Also pertaining to the squats, that one has me really thinking, I can easily do most squats, unless you're referring to single leg squats.... that means... okay... I'll see what I can do.
  9. I ate a pack of butterkist vanilla sandwich cookies, the one with 5 or 6 can't remember.... I know.... I was hungry though...... I had that and a pack of peanuts, I didn't have any other options. I need to work on ensuring I have healthier alternatives traveling with. A side from needing to drink possibly a liter of water before it's time to go bed, and ensuring I consume something rich in protein before that time, all was well today
  10. When I did the routine last night, I didn't quite reach the numbers listed. This is how I turned out: Pushup pyramid - I got to six reps and went back down the pyramid Diamond Pushups - My hands gave way at 3 Pull ups- These were eccentric on the regular and narrow grips and I did scapula pulls for the wide grip. I need to find a better way,, not sure what I can use yet to modify so I get to actually do some form of proper pull ups. Dips- I did 4 x 8 Lunges - 20/16/20/20 in the sets that I did 20 I was stationary moving up and down for 10 and then switching legs for the remaining 10. I was alternating in the one that I did 16 The rest of the routine went as is written. It was really fun and I got to get deep, deep into some of my stretches afterwards which I haven't been able to do in a very very long time. It's still there deep down. Today I felt some soreness in my body and it's actually gotten worse through the day but by the time I'm finished with tonight's movement and stretch I should feel awesome tomorrow.
  11. So Sunday night/ Monday evening I came across a sweet little workout that I am excited to do over the next four weeks, 3 times a week. I really like to mix it up, and I think this allows me to do that, I can flutter around like a butterfly but three times a week and will be grounded in the strength workout below. I want to thank Body by Fish, this is a real gem . I will do this routine one Monday, Wednesday, Friday UPPER BODY: 20-30 SECONDS REST BETWEEN SETS REGULAR PUSH-UPS: Pyramid up to 12 and back to 1. TRICEPS/DIAMOND PUSH-UPS: Until failure. PULL-UPS*: REGULAR GRIP: Pyramid to 2 and back to 1. NARROW GRIP: Pyramid to 2 and back to 1. WIDE GRIP: Pyramid to 2 and back to 1. DIPS: 4 sets of 8-10 LOWER BODY: 20-30 SECONDS REST BETWEEN SETS SHOOTFIGHTING/HINDU SQUATS: 4 sets of 25 BOOT-STRAPPERS*: 4 sets of 25 LUNGES: 4 sets of 20 AB WORK: 10-SECONDS REST PERIOD BETWEEN EXERCISES CRUNCHES: 20 SIDE CRUNCHES: 20 SIT AND TUCKS: 10 SIT AND TUCKS EACH CHEEK: 10 V-UPS: 10 FLUTTER KICKS: 25 6-INCH CRUNCHES: 10 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday I'm still figuring out. These are the days I'll most likely be able to update this post as well. Tonight is Tuesday and I will dance, and focus on some stretching. Work my handstand and bridge, and work on my lessons plans. What I love most about this forum is being able to join in with challenges, I just love it!!! so I hope to participate in all that is to come.
  12. Quick Introduction I'm Natalee, fun, funky, fabulous mother of 2 sweet little boys charting her course in waters rough and rugged. I've been struggling to get my fitness, specifically bodyweight fitness in order these last few months and it came to mind to visit this wonderful haven and lo and behold a challenge is about to start, so here I am. For the next four weeks my aim is to do all of four things Bodyweight train 6 days a week, actively rest on Sundays, a part of this bodyweight training will be a focus on improving flexibility. Improve my eating habits; I need to make healthier choices, increase protein intake and decrease the consumption of cookies. (Cookie monster Alert!!} Develop the program outline for my proposed physical education program. Listen to Bible and personal development audios daily. I'm short on time at the moment... working on work... but this is the outline and I will add an in depth breakdown of my goals, adding my workouts and diet plans when time permits. I feel really excited, NerdFitness has helped me before, and I have all confidence that sharing with you all will help me to LEVEL UP! Can't wait to meet you!
  13. Finally catching up, I've completed Genesis, I'm almost done with Matthew. I missed my push ups yesterday, but I'm going to get them done after today's workout. I have been continuing with the foundation program, I'm sorry I can't give a more colourful update, I'm just trying to get it done at the very least for now. Trying to keep up.
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