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  1. (Sorry for the uncreative title, but I don't have it in me today.) It has been a whirlwind (I think I'm spelling that right) of mayhem since my last challenge, especially this month with the publishing of my first book 🤭 and mental health-related family situations 😭 . My goals for this challenge are simple: 1) Get through the next 3-4 weeks without harming myself. I'm doing a sleep routine starting today...hopefully (it's hard to say, I have a lot of anime to watch tonight)...and will reward myself if I get a certain number of points through my tracking system. Maybe a 3D puzzle. Or maybe a Lite Brite. I loved the one I had when I was a kid, and I miss it. 2) I have signed up for a diabetes prevention program. My blood sugar has been high for years, and even though I've cut out all juice and soda out of my life, my doctor keeps saying not to drink them and it'll be fine. Then I do a blood test and he tells me it's "still high" (without giving me the actual number) and that I should stop drinking juice and soda when I already don't drink either. My first interview with my coach is tomorrow. I'm basically just going to do whatever she tells me. Might create a point system for that too. 3) Stand up to my family doctor about the fact that I can't breathe after one minute of more-than-moderate exercise and figure out what is going on. I've had this issue since I was a teenager. I know he's going to say it's because I'm overweight and just need to push through it and build up stamina. I've lost twenty pounds over the past two years and this has been a problem throughout that time. It's not my f**king weight, Doc. If I can do at least two out of the three, I'm throwing myself a freaking party and whoever reads this, consider yourself invited. Sorry for all the ranting. I'm just done with feeling like crap and being told I deserve to feel like crap. Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.
  2. Okaaaaay I think I’m done. Until I can figure out what the f*** I’m doing to gain EIGHT POUNDS IN THREE DAYS I’m giving up. I’m exercising, I’m drinking water, I’m intermittent fasting so I only eat two small meals a day; it’s not like I’m eating blocks of fried cheese or Good Morning burgers. I had one handful of tortilla chips yesterday and the day before. Apparently that was enough to add 2.5 pounds each time, because that’s the only “potentially unhealthy” thing I’ve done since Sunday afternoon. So I think I’m good. Taking another NF hiatus because I’m already dealing with a ton of BS and this was the last thing I needed. (Apology if you were looking for a happy or motivational post - I have four projects due between Friday and the next two weeks, so I am in a mood. 😒)
  3. Lol here's hoping! It's funny because I track my health and fitness in a Mokeskine in addition to the forums, but it's only when I forget to post on the forums that I see any significant changes. Like this time. When did I make this post, three weeks ago? (I can't tell time anymore) And I somehow gained three pounds, then lost five pounds, and now I'm right back at my starting weight. I - don't - understaaaaaaand. 💢 Definitely going to look for this PvP challenge, though. I must level up! 😤 Thanks for suggesting it!
  4. The past two months have been going pretty darn well, and of course I didn't post my challenges that whole time. 😬 Here's hoping I don't jinx my weight-loss streak by posting this one. 1) Lose another 3 pounds over the next three weeks by taking a break from my Easter candy stash, drinking green tea (saving the yummy coffee for the weekends), and doing more bodyweight exercises on top of my daily walk 2) Update my Nerd Fitness app every day for three weeks 3) Read every day to relax instead of bingeing on snacks Bonus: at some point before May 1, I want to get in on this spring cleaning challenge too, but this is the week where I have to catch up on a buttload of work, so commitment pending. Let's see how this one goes. Good luck on your challenges, everyone!
  5. Awww, thanks Rhovaniel! 🥰 I do fusion belly dance. I'm part of a small student troupe, but due to the 'rona I've been doing most of my dancing through online classes. They're tons of fun, but I've been so busy with writing I kinda fell off the practice wagon.
  6. 😈 As long as I don't polish off whole bags of snacks, every day will be an accomplishment!
  7. Ten days before Christmas to squeeze in some goals - eh, why not? (FTR I started the challenge on the 7th but completely forgot to post anything) And yes, I'm aware that I'm aiming low. Aiming so low, no one will even care if I succeed? Maybe. (I don't know, I just couldn't leave that last sentence hanging in the air without the proper Simpsons quote to follow it.) Main goal: to weigh as much on the morning of the 24th as I do today by doing the following: refraining from eating all the chocolate, chips, Christmas candy and everything else I enjoy (with the exception of the 18th, when I'm allowed one Christmas cupcake) finish 7 Datura or Blogilates cardio videos in 7 days (taking the 20th off, I might just do yoga that day) ✅ plan dance routine for dance troupe performance in January ⚠️"Treat Yo' Self Sunday" (I'm pampering myself and doing my nails for Christmas!) - due to the sudden arrival of "KRAMPUS" (😠), Treat Yo'Self Sunday will hereby be known as...I don't know...Wine it Up Wednesday? Good luck with your challenges, everyone!
  8. Sorry to answer so late, but I've been doing fusion belly dance regularly since 2015 I think?
  9. Sorry, thank you for your patience! But I'm afraid I will disappoint you, for the hooping has not been happening. 😢 I'm so out of practice, and after three weeks of writing and therefore sitting, I'm afraid I'm out of shape, too. Tag on some family stress, bingeing on coconut-chocolate-almonds, and overnight bloating, and Cherry Bomb is the saddest of pandas. 🐼 I know there's one more challenge before this craptacular year is over, but I'd be lying if I said I made any progress this month. Well, maybe with NaNo, I still have a few days so we'll see. November was going okay up until this week, and then I broke down and spent the whole day crying. I'm nowhere near where I'm supposed to be in life and every day it shows more and more. I don't know, s***'s rough right now. In the past I would have said a bit of both, or doing the first in order to prevent the second, but in light of the past week I'd say doing anything at all to avoid tunneling back into depression would be great. I think I work best with having concrete strategies or even a list of things to do when my mind is flooding with negative thoughts.
  10. Happy Halloween, y'all. I'm BACK...again! 🤣 The past couple of months have been nuts. Like, super nuts. And with NaNoWriMo on top of all the madness, I think I need to keep moving as much as possible. My progress has really slogged to a slow zombie crawl, so although it'd be awesome to lose some more weight, I'll settle for seeing improvements on my mental health. No idea how to measure that and put it into a succinctly-worded goal. Any tips? Overall goal: keep my sanity Goal #1: Maintain current weight (at LEAST) Walk, dance, or hoop for at least 30 minutes three times a week Drink green tea during the week, save the yummy coffee for Fridays - Sundays Lots of stretch and Pilates breaks between the hours of sitting and writing Goal #2: Finish a Datura Online program by the end of the challenge - to make life easier I'll probably just do this one Goal #3: Work up to dancing a full four minutes without rest or letting arms droop Goal #4: 50K words or a complete story for NaNoWriMo (so write at least 1667 words every day) Goal #5: clean and organize the heck out of my workspace
  11. LOL. They haven't been lately. Soooooo bogged down with projects these past two months. But here's hoping to get back into it regularly by next week!
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