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  1. You're precious...have a wonderful weekend Cheers, ~ C
  2. Yep, surfing is a lot of exercise (for the full body) so that's great...because I've been doing so much...and the weather/water has been warm so it's really nice. I love living close to the ocean....but I hear you...lovvvve the mountains as well. Feel blessed that Mother Nature has given us sooooooooo many options. How's everything coming along? Cheers, ~ C
  3. Update: It's been going slow....got the flu, recovered, been busy with stuff (read: excuses, excuses, excuses!!!) 1. Improve strength, stamina, & flexibility – haven't done too much, except a whole lot of surfing and SUP 2. Go more paleo – not happening at all. :nightmare: Too many summer parties and activities happening. 3. Drink 2L Water – yes (it's been crazzzzy hot and so at least, am happy to report that I'm chugging boatloads of water...yay) Not sure how to get back to focusing on the challenge and being consistent. Any ideas will be much appreciated... Cheers, ~ C
  4. Thank you. At the moment, not making too much progress (read: too much effort) into eating paleo. Summer is on full-swing and there's so much happening (read: excuse). Ah well, I have to remember to take small steps instead of trying to do too much. How do you feel that giving up grains has helped you? Cheers, ~ C
  5. BerBer..... It's been.....tough! I got the flu (a couple of days into my challenge) then when I was better.....I did way tooooo much of stuff (all at once). Now, I feel like I'm losing focus ( It's crazy hot here (so, at least I'm drinking a lot of water), exercising ...isn't happening too much. How's it going for you? Hope you are well... ~ C
  6. Seems like its coming along great .... Following for inspiration...similar goals to mine. Cheers, ~ C
  7. Day2: Sunday/21June2015 Update: 1. Improve strength, stamina, & flexibility – yes did the BBW x2. Still can’t do the plank for more than 45 seconds L 2. Go more paleo – not so great as I had a huge sub for lunch. Dinner was better with just a salad! 3. Drink 2L Water – yes! Total: 2/3
  8. Day1: Sunday/21June2015 Update: Surf lesson. What a tiring yet fun fun day. It was glorious sunshine all day. Went for a nice, long beach walk with my Honey in the evening and found two sand dollars...YAY...they are sooooo pretty
  9. Yay...sounds awesome. Have a wonderful week ahead. Cheers, ~ C
  10. WOW...what an awesome week!! The spa day sounded great. Not sure how you were able to resist the Amarulla...I don't think I can ..... Here's to many new possibilities this week.... Cheers, ~ C
  11. Belated birthday wishes…sounds like you had a purrrfect time indeed! Yay for you
  12. Happy Sunday lovely peeps Am off for my surfing lesson now.... and will also try to get in some yoga today....In the spirit of International Yoga Day Have fun ~
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