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  1. Thanks. Haven't posted in a while, but nothing new really. I've been sticking to the workouts every other day in the morning and hills on the opposite days, with Sunday to rest. I've brought chicken and veggies with a half baked sweet potato for lunch every day. I'm thinking of doing another amrap push-up test this Friday. I'll post how it goes.
  2. Thanks Lightning! I'm back on track. Did 4 rounds of bodyweight workout as Rxed after work, changed the push-ups to 10 diamond and 10 regular per set. Made chicken and veggie kabobs and steamed broccoli for my lunches. Got 7 hours of sleep and did a hill workout this morning... 10 times up at 80%, trotted down. It's not the longest hill, but pretty steep; enough to get my legs a little shaky by the end!
  3. This weekend was a little rough. I fell off the wagon, or climbed back on the wagon. I don't know the phrase, but the wagon and I are not friends. I didn't get sleep as Rxed on Friday (only about 5 hours), helped my brother move on Saturday, so took Sunday as a rest day. My healthy eating kind of went out the window. My brother paid me in the traditional pizza and beer for moving help, so that was a bit of a set back. I then found out my mom is back in the hospital, so after spending time with her on Sunday I wanted something quick and easy... a PF Chang's frozen stir fry meal, not the best, but could have been worse. I tossed and turned a lot last night and couldn't fall asleep until about 1. This morning I missed my workout in order to fulfill sleep requirement, so I've got to get back on the horse right after work and make meals for lunches tonight! Also after reading the article on the main blog about what to do on rest days, I'd like to start doing a hill workout on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. Week two and I'm getting back at it.
  4. BBWW is the way to go! Life happens, so at least we can get a workout in first. Also the great thing about tuna is it's super budget friendly.
  5. Keeley, it's already helped tremendously. I'm a big workout before work kind of guy and motivating myself to get out of bed early enough to get that done without enough sleep is quite arduous. So far it's keeping me on track! Plus I'm relying less on coffee and caffeine in general, so that's a plus.
  6. Oh no, the banana is on the side hahaha! My lunch dessert. I use the celery and carrots as a vehicle to get the T-Sal in my mouth. The recipe is as follows... I'm not big on specific measurements, just kinda throw things in a bowl and mix to taste... FYI i like spicy. 2 cans of tuna, however your preference, shredded with 2 forks. 2-4 spicy peppers diced or minced (I mix and match between jalapeno, habanero, or whatever I can get my mitts on) A squeeze of harissa (I like the tubes, not the cans. Better for mulit-use. 1/4 large red onion diced or minced 1-2 hard boiled egg diced 1 avocado diced roasted red pepper flakes to taste aleppo pepper powder to taste extra virgin olive oil to taste, so it's not too dry. Also if I've got it around some giardiniera for more texture, veg. and heat!
  7. Hey everybody... another future assassin here! Hope all is well you your challenges. As for my inspiring assassin I'd have to say Jason Bourne, from the movies. Don't get me wrong I love the books, and have read most of them, but Matt freakin' Damon! Plus the awesome parkour chase scenes are freaking awesome! Lovin' this site btw!
  8. Hey everybody, just poping my head in. I'm new to these parts, so I'm just a Recruit, but totally an assassin type of guy. Just started my first 6 weeker a few days ago and am super excited about it. You guys have a lot of awesome stuff here and just wanted to say thanks for all of it and for letting me in this community. Hope to be hearing from some of you!
  9. I'm sure food prices are much more manageable in St. Louis, but I've already save a decent amount just this week! Tuna salad and leftovers FTW! It's never too late to declutter. I wouldn't hold it against you if you did it outside of the 6 week challenge. That's what my Sunday is dedicated to, then just maintaining the cleaner space for the next 5 weeks! As for my challenge: I got my workout in this morning as Rxed, brought my lunch the last two days ( my own tuna salad recipe with celery, carrots, and a banana) and gotten at least 6 hours of sleep a night. Almost one week down! Thanks for reading!
  10. Thanks Thanks for all of the support and links Lightning! I'll have to drop a line in with the assassins guild. I got through four rounds of the beginner workout, while upping the push-ups to 20 and adding in some ab work (15 leg lifts and 10 reverse crunches each round) with a 2.5 minute rest between rounds. I really wanted to test myself, so after about 10 minutes rest I did push-ups to failure to see where I stand and hit 40. I didn't have anybody watching my form, so I'd guess it got dicey after 36 or so. I may need to up my goal, hitting more than 50. As for the food, usually I grill a bunch or chicken and veggie, or steak and veggie Kabobs on Sundays and it lasts for most of the week. I've just been a little lethargic lately. As for today I brought in a some leftover brisket and coleslaw, not the healthiest, but better than a burger a fries. So far so good with the challenge. Thanks for reading!
  11. Into: Hey guys I've been reading this site for a few months now and am quite addicted. Love it here! It's about time I get my butt in gear and do a 6 week challenge already! I love all things adventure... rock climbing, hiking, running, etc. Recently I've let myself go athletically, so to speak. So for my first challenge I've got a few goals line up... Main Quest: Get Stronger... measured by ability to do 50+ push-ups in one set. Goals: 1) 6-8 hours a sleep a night. I stay up reading far too much. 2) Do Beginner body weight workout, tailored to my level, 3-4 times a week. 3) Bring my lunch to work and school every day. Not bringing my lunch is what holds me back in terms of healthy eating. Side Quest: Get rid of clutter in my place. I need a clean, open space to clear my mind and focus on my goals! Thanks for reading!
  12. I'm a total newb and would love to start this 6 week challenge a day late. I've read though the rules and set up my goals, just not sure where to post them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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