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  1. my college nickname was not belushi for nothing...although that was 20 years ago and I am still living with the consequences of that lifestyle...
  2. Would you consider daily biking to have the same advantages as walking?
  3. My wife and I both got Electra Townies in October. Took them out a few times before winter hit and loved them. Can't wait for spring. We got the 7 speed cruising style. No road races or major off road here, but then again our town (Fishers, IN) is very bike friendly with extra wide sidewalks and bike lanes on the major roads so we looked for something that can A) hold my weight, sit comfortably and upright C) make biking enjoyable...Townies fit the bill. Our Bike Shop was great and we tried out several makes and models.... Good luck!
  4. Let's Do This! http://nerdfitness.com/community/entry.php?4055-1st-6-Week-Challenge-of-the-Year "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son"
  5. I posted in main thread but here are my goals: Red 5 Standing By.... DIET: - log everything I eat! FITNESS: - re-Start Workout Level 1 Rebel Fitness Guide - walk 3x per week for 30 minutes each LIFE: - Clear off "To-Do" List and "Later Pile" on my desk I've started by getting a calorie counter on my Android Phone... I have several and will try them all out. My Fitness Pal seems to be the one my friends use, so that is first! Got a FitBit to track steps and activity. Keeps me honest with a few goals on there as well! I need a day off to just WORK! I know if I can get 24 hours free
  6. Red 5 Standing By.... DIET: - log everything I eat! FITNESS: - re-Start Workout Level 1 Rebel Fitness Guide - walk 3x per week for 30 minutes each LIFE: - Clear off "To-Do" List and "Later Pile" on my desk
  7. it has a nice web interface that includes workouts and food logging...I am finding it very useful.
  8. Thanks Dan, I work in Downtown Indianapolis and live 20 miles north...will make for a hell of a walk
  9. WOW, great idea AND an actual time saver. I get so little time with the family at night, the thought of disappearing for 30+ minutes was becoming an easy reason to NOT do it...trying to avoid ALL of those. Thank you Gowaduv!
  10. To start with: - smaller portions - visited a nutritionist and said 1800-2000 should be my goal - cut back on carbs, more protein but not atkins crazy...I need my pasta...but wheat and a cup instead of a pound I used to write a lot, still carry my journal in my bag...haven't opened it in some time though.
  11. Goals: Get back on the band wagon!!!! Walk, Write, Count Calories Specific Way of Eating: Terrible, which is why I am here Any Other Piece of Info Useful for Team Creation: looking for encouragement, and help! Weight loss (100lbs) is main goals...starting it what I am focusing on now... Team or Alone: Team me up!
  12. I have been off the wagon and tired of feeling like this, I've tried to jump start my life and have failed time and again... With the help of my family, friends and fellow Nerds....I will do this and be healthy and lose this weight! Goal 1: - Walk 3x a week. I plan to walk 30 minutes 3x a week. I will do it either before work or when I get home at night. I am hoping for an early rise and walk as the weather warms up. Get me in the habit of getting up early so that when I do not walk, I will work out!!! Goal 2: - Journal! I have several moleskeins that I stopped using. I blog and twe
  13. I am not looking at scales...so one of my short goals was to move one notch in the right way on my belt. That happened today It's a little snug, but was not a struggle to get it down one notch YIS Bryan
  14. Thank you all for the kind words...McDonalds won 3 days later and I paid for it, upset stomach and all the extras that come with grease and junk. Yesterday the wife and I made lunch for the week. Pre-made salads, granola snacks, cold cuts, cottage cheese portioned out... then today a co-worker brought cookies in...WILLPOWER 2 McDonalds 1 Cookies 0
  15. So I am going full bore this year and making 2011 the year I get under 300lbs...I have a LOT of work to do (about 80lbs) but I WILL do it! I brought an unsweetened tea, one apple, a bag of nuts and a prepacked chicken salad with 6 crackers meal for lunch. The boss is not in and with my coat on to go to McDonalds I stopped myself and went and ate the lunch I brought. Might not seem like much, but for me this is a HUGE win... Thanks for letting me brag a little YIS Bryan
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