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  1. She LOVES to lick my toes when I'm lying on my back stretching my legs. SO HELPFUL
  2. Aug. 9 Workout 0/2Stretches 1/7Music 7/7 Aug. 16 Workout 0/2Stretches 1/7Music 7/7 Downside - I totally didn't workout at all and hardly did stretches. Upside - I'm in love with my harp and play it every day. Time to look forward! Starting with the NF flexibility benchmarks, I'm going to measure my flexibility tomorrow with Bastian's help and challenge myself to complete stretches every day for the next 4 weeks so that when I measure myself again, I can see how worth it it is! Thank you to Bastian for always helping me look on the sunny side.
  3. The way I see it, if Jayde can lick her own foot and I can't, I need to stretch more.
  4. Report Card Jul 27- Aug 2 Workout 2/2Stretches 5/7Music 7/7You always feel better when you do stretches. Stawp slacking off. DO IT FOR YOUR CAT.
  5. Keeping this challenge post very simple so I actually DO it. Here we go! Fig 1. Inspirational Photo #1 Weekly Goals Workout Tuesday and ThursdayStretch routine every dayPlay music every dayGet to bed by 11 because my cats will wake me up at 7 no matter what time I go to bedReport cards for the week will be every Sunday! Notes to self Remember to listen to music you likePut your yoga mat down for stretchesHave fun!! Fig 2. Inspirational Photo #2, my baby
  6. Did 10 consecutive pushups, first time in years!!!!!

  7. I found Bastian resting at the crossroads that night, cleaning his sword. "Need someone to take a look at that wound?" I called out, noting the bandages wrapped around his leg. Surprised to see me, he turned and smiled. We shared stories over dinner, both healing in our own ways. We talked of fear, and the darkness it wrought. We talked of love. Of magic. He told me Dark Seb would be back. But next time, he'd have to get through my sword first.
  8. Second challenge going great - woop!! No amount of work/school can stop me!!

  9. THIS POST WILL NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS!! Finding the Name of the Wind A 6-week challenge put forth by Kat al'Anka Latze "You see, there’s a fundamental connection between seeming and being. We all become what we pretend to be." For my second challenge, I'm taking inspiration from my favourite book series, the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. No posts here will contain any spoilers from books 1 or 2, so if you haven't read them don't worry. If anyone wants to talk about Kvothe or artificing or names or anything with me, you are more than welcome to post here or PM me Goals: To come out of this a more confident guitar player, singer, and general musicianTo build lasting muscles and enduranceTo be stronger mentally 1. The Lay of Sir Savien Traliard "It was only about fifteen minutes long, but those fifteen minutes required quick, precise fingering that, if done properly, would set two voices singing out of the lute at once, both a melody and a harmony." The biggest focus of this challenge is my guitar playing, as I'm not concerned with my ability to complete the other goals. I love playing music and these books are a huge inspiration for me to keep up with it. I struggle with practice sessions; my confidence when other people are listening, what to practice, not stressing out when I don't sound as good as I hope to... No longer. One day my fingers will play a song such as this, and grown men will weep at the sound. 30 minute+ guitar practice sessions, 3/weekPractice singing difficult songs, 2/weekAny additional practice sessions count for bonus points at the end of the challenge 2. The Heart of Stone "Ben said a man who truly mastered Heart of Stone could go to his sister’s funeral without ever shedding a tear." Learning the Heart of Stone incorporates two steps - first is to continue my daily yoga sessions which is first a test of discipline, and second, healthy for my body. Second is to meditate on the idea of separating emotions from thoughts - keeping calm while dealing with a difficult subject. I still succumb to being slave to my emotions when a stressful thought fills my head, and to correct this I will consider the value of being able to see such a thing from the outside with a clear mind. Yoga/stretching routine, 7/weekDuring stretching, focus mind on this topic 3. Physical Abilities "Still it was no great feat to make it to the roof of the inn where I collected my boots." Kvothe is constantly climbing up buildings and walking for miles like it's no big deal. I will continue my fitness habits and introduce some exciting & interesting additions. Continue my 2-month+ Pushups/Pullups challenge, 6/week (Every day of the week excepting Tuesday, do 1 more pushup and pullup than I did the session before, in however many sets as necessary. This is my main entrance into fitness right now as I really enjoy it)Supplementary thorough workout, 1/week (Bonus points awarded for any extra sessions)Something out of the ordinary, 1/week (Climb a tree, climb a mountain, sprint at top speed, race my friends, do an exercise I've never tried before, go swimming, etc. Get my knees a little dirty. Bonus points awarded for any extras)Weekly Grading _/3 [WIS +4] Guitar _/2 [CHA +3] Singing _/7 [DEX +3] Yoga _/6 [sTR +2] Push/Pull ups _/1 [sTR +1] Workout _/1 [sTA +2] Interesting workout __ Bonus points (Can be spent on rewards, which I will decide on at some point...)
  10. GREAT challenge, feeling very inspired... -- I think you've done a great job choosing your goals, and I can't wait to read your journal entries I'll be with ya for Mt. Fin, let's wait til a cooler day though! LOL!
  11. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is cosplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Stretches: 4/6 C+ Workout: 2/2 A Paleo: 5/5 A 15m Guitar: 4/3 A+ Overall grade Week 6: A And with that, it's over. Been pretty exhausted and busy this last week but still (barely) managed to kick out 2 workouts and all my guitar practice. Stretches suffered a bit this week and I don't even remember why, LOL. My log says I didn't do any until Thursday. Wtf! Challenge was a huge success for the most part!!!
  13. Thanks a lot. In retrospect sticking with 2/4 new habits is better than totally throwing the whole thing! I always love a good stranger-conversation experience. They're like little magical stories within the overarching plot of my life.
  14. On the upside, accidental workout? Hahahaha. My old roommate had his tire pop half way to work, and then upon repairing it, popped it AGAIN a few days later... ugh!!
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