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  1. I suppose I should give an update of my progress. Week 5 was much the same as the previous weeks, with the exception of my logging being totally on point. I should thank Iceburner for that, since I was introduced to HabitRPG and that has kept me on track with my logging. I did replace one of the bodyweight workouts with a 3 mile hike up the local mountain. Was lovely and I should do it more often. And for the actual BBWW, I am now doing 2 sets of push ups, girl-style. It is a struggle (oh, what an understatement) but I am proud of myself for the progress I've made. I hope everyone else is doing great as well!
  2. This recipe is a favorite of mine. I make sure to double it since it always goes fast. Soy Citrus Scallops with Soba Noodles. I've made it with shrimp instead of scallops a few time (when scallops are dear) and it tastes just as good. Could probably sub with chicken as well.
  3. Ok, this isn't really an update, but more of a completely unrelated rant... I took my little guy to see the Avengers 2, which was a good movie but... Please don't click unless you've actually seen the movie, I don't want to spoil anything. Ok, had to get that off my chest. Looking forward to the next Avengers movie!
  4. Hey, half of a pull-up is awesome progress! Keep it up!
  5. Week 4 status report... Doing good on logging and water as usual. As far as the BBWW goes... I've also moved to "girl" push-ups, rather than on my bedframe like I had been doing. I know that's still not anywhere near a real push-up (I tried one of those. Going down to the ground was fine, pushing myself back up was not.) but I'm pleased with what I see as progress. Also holding my plank 30 seconds now. Yay, progress. Maybe I'll make the push up my goal for the next 6 week challenge. Also, I joined Habitrpg. So I'm really enjoying leveling my little character. So satisfying to click off on a task now. Very motivating. I also lost a bit more weight. I have less than a 1/2 lb before I reach my main challenge goal!
  6. Omg, that habitrpg website is effective. I just drug myself out of bed because I remembered that I hadn't completed all of my dailies.
  7. Ok, so I did my first workout of the week (I know, super late) yesterday. I have to modify my pushups, since from the ground would net me exactly 0 pushups. Not exactly the multiples of 10 I'm looking for. I ended up doing the pushups on a folding chair braced against the wall. Was kinda rickity and I had to stabilize myself a lot more than normal. Today, my triceps are killing me. So sore and painful, but chest and biceps feel just fine. What is up with that? Was it the rickity chair?
  8. Ok, so Mini Quest 4... Goal allocation: Q1: Workout twice a week = 3 STR / 3 DEX Q2: Drink 60 oz. of Water a day = 2 CON Q3: Log meals in MFP at least 5 days a week = 2 WIS Mid Challenge Summary: Q1: Workout twice a week = Pass Q2: Drink 60 oz. of Water a day = Pass Q3: Log meals in MFP at least 5 days a week = Pass Signature Updated!
  9. I'll join. Username is the same, Bookwormdee. User Id should be bdeb50b8-ce20-47ec-8280-44bf2048763b
  10. Oh, boy. I can sympathize. I do this, especially for baked goods. I have to just not buy them at all. Like Steve said, I consider that a boss battle I'm too low a level to survive. Other than the snack binge, sounds like things are going pretty good.
  11. What's Mooyah? Sounds like a super yummy shake.
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