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  1. Right, no crawls for me because I hate them with a burning passion, but here's the apple meal I "made" (there was no actual cooking involved, as I don't have any cooking implements and I totally just bought ready-cooked chicken): https://www.dropbox.com/s/wpnqxhqp7z159ey/applesmeal.jpg?dl=0 and here's the recipe: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/108235360133/whole30-day-16-madras-chicken-salad Also, how do all the rest of you get pictures up? I have to upload it to google drive or dropbox, and then they don't even show.
  2. Same as the rest. I come check out the forum here (and I'm doing the jumps), but I don't follow it. If I'm ever not active enough though, feel free to PM me xD
  3. Right, so I did like three challenges successfully-ish, but then I moved and started college and it all sort of fell by the wayside, but midterms are over and Christmas is soon and I'm back! Unfortunately I've lost most of my progress and am starting from square one again, but at least I know I can do it now. Goals will be updated in the progress bar, and here. They are: Sleep: 7-8 hrs sleep every day Food: 1200 kcal, 16 hr IF 5 days a week, and one day of 24 hr IF. every meal has fruits/veggies (1st week), cut out pastries, chips, chocolate, cookies (2nd week), cut out all other junk f
  4. Week 5: This one's not going to be good at all. I'm moving this week. Need to pack, get a new place, and finish up all the things I need to do around here. Monday: Sleep: Got the 8 hrs, but very late. So fail. Exercise: Did 10 min tabata, but that's it. Fail. Food: Steak with fries and salad, and lots of pastries. Fail. Tuesday: Sleep Fail. Exercise: Success! Did a 1 hr FitnessBlender workout. Food: Buffet dinner. Fail. Wednesday: Sleep: Fail Exercise: Fail Food: Not unless mushrooms count, so fail. Thursday: Sleep: Fail (I keep getting 7-8 hrs, but not sleeping before like, 2 am) Exe
  5. Yay, a full hour done yesterday, thanks to a Yoga Flexibility video that really did what it said. I wonder what's going to happen when all the teams reach 100 percent, everyone's going through it real fast and we're only a little more than halfway through.
  6. Week 4: Monday: Sleep: success-ish, I took naps so it was kinda screwed up, but got 7 hrs. Food: Salad with chicken, grilled coconut paddies, 2 apples, cup of yogurt, crackers and tuna mix. Success. Exercise: Wanted the new WOW, but it's not out yet, so yoga it is! Success. Tuesday: Sleep: Fail Food: Salad w/ chicken, two pastries, and ice cream. Success. Exercise: None today, fail. Wednesday: Sleep: Success. Food: Chicken madras salad, and a pack of Lays. 24 hr IF. Success. Exercise: Did a 30 min strength video, and also a warm-up and cool down, so I'm counting it as a success. T
  7. another 30 min of yoga, but no pics this time, as I have exhausted my limited knowledge of stretching poses that are possible to take selfies of
  8. Thank you! I think the skirt makes it look like I'm further down then I actually am, but I shall take the compliment anyway xD You're doing great too. 5 cm in 6 weeks is awesome, especially if you were injured and not actually working on it Oh good, I thought I saw you say that somewhere else, but I couldn't find it so I wasn't too sure. Thanks!
  9. For yesterday (only getting around to logging it now though), I did another hour long yoga video, so I'll count 30 minutes. Also, some side split beginning pics (were not actually taken yesterday, but hopefully they'll still count). Left and Right sides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8SpTGA0Gs8rb29IX0Y4dVc5Zlk/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8SpTGA0Gs8rU3NLYmVMSEVQdjg/view?usp=sharing
  10. Week 3. Monday: Sleep: went to bed by 12 and got 8 hrs. Success. Food: 16 hr IF. chicken, rice, bread, snacks. Fail. Exercise: None, fail. Tuesday: Sleep: Argh, sleeping at 2:30. Fail. Food: Bread and apples. Started 24hr IF at 12:30 though, so will be a success if I manage it through to tomorrow. (edit: Did, so success) Exercise: walked 19000 steps, but also did a 1 hr yoga video. Success. Wednesday: Sleep: Amwhaahhaha, yes! Success is mine Food: Lays chips, sweet chips, 8 cookies. Packaged fries. Salad. Two pastries. So, had veggies. But fail, b/c over calorie limit. Exercise: this
  11. Did a Travis Eliot yoga workout, it's an hour long, so I logged 30 minutes, since at least half of it was some serious stretching. Also, more beginning pics! Still have no idea how to put pics in here though (normally I can just copy and paste, but it doesn't seem to work with my photo pics), so need to link. I needed one hand to take the pic, so instead of one pic showing both hands, here's my left and right sides for toe touches (though I'm past the toe touching point). I'll still log it as just one progress image though. Left side: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8SpTGA0Gs8rRFlKTXA0ZDJy
  12. Ahhhh! That's exactly what I was wondering about. THANK YOU!
  13. Heya, I'm joining the medbay today. After yesterday's WOW + tribble pushups my arms and shoulders/upper back could use some stretching. Ah, I think Starsapart said beginning pics also count? If so, here's mine for splits, but for some reason I can't get the picture to actually post in here, so here's a link. Hope that's fine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8SpTGA0Gs8remZadFE5Rm5TSms/view?usp=sharing
  14. Yeah, gotta agree with Kagetsukai on this one. Nasty DOMS for the arms and shoulders/back (and even that might've been the pushups I did after too), but the rest is fine. Mostly coordination stuff. Go for it xD Pssst: Kagetsukai, how many unfortunate souls do you think we can lure in?
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